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Welcome to Seeds of Italy

Is your seed company ethical ? Read this eye opening review by Ethical Consumer Magazine. Franchi voted 'best buy'

We have traditional Easter 'Colombe' (Doves), Organic Puglian olive oil and other amazing treats for you Easter table, all regional and including many Gluton Free and natural - see our deli page. 

Download a copy of our new 2015 Franchi Seeds 50's chic inspired catalogue by clicking on the link below.
Download the 2015 50's chic inspired PDF catalogue

By the time of the mutiny on the bounty in 1789, Giovanni Franchi was already 6 years into his business of selling seeds around the market squares of Parma from his horse drawn cart, and the company is still in the same family 229 years later with Giampiero Franchi at the helm. 1783 also witnessed the death of the landscape architect Capability Brown, the end of the American War of Independence and the flight of the Montgolfier brothers balloon over Paris. Franchi are the oldest family run seed company in the world and are much more than just seeds in a packet – they are a story of tradition, pride, experience, quality, passion and excellence handed down over 7 generations that continues today alongside state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Do you know which country the seeds in your packet come from? With Franchi seeds you can rest assured because we are seed producers and we commission over 90% of our vegetable seed range ourselves, locally. They are traditional regional varieties which have provenance and some come from the Alps, Dolomite or Apennine areas of Italy, so they are used to much colder climates than the UK can throw at them.

Every region of Italy has its own varieties, which like its recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. They are not globally available varieties which are found worldwide but instead are regional with a unique heritage. Go to an Italian market and you can buy tomato seeds, tomato plants, tomatoes and everything made with the tomatoes. There is no separation between gardening and food – there’s just food, RY and the tomato will vary in shape, size and flavour depending on the region, along with all the other vegetables. It is common for offices, factories, railway stations and even hospitals to have an ‘orto’ or allotment. Many schools do too and children who grow veg, eat veg!

‘From Seed to Plate’ is not just the name of our new cookbook, but it is our philosophy. Our catalogue features everything you need to achieve this so for example you can grow your Franchi San Marzano plum tomatoes, use a Rigamonti passata machine to make your passata and then bottle them in our Bormioli Quattro Stagioni passata bottles which once hermetically sealed, will sit in your larder for at least a year. It is really easy to do lots of things badly, so we only deal with a few suppliers, all of which still produce traditional quality goods in Italy.

We have always included signed recipes in our centre pull-out section so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and this year we are thrilled to have signed recipes from a variety of chefs and restaurants to inspire you.


What you sow you, you will reap !! So ‘Buon Appetito’ and thanks for choosing Franchi seeds. 229 years experience at your service.
Paolo, Alessandra and family

Watch the new Franchi video at 

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