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5 product stars
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B23 - Shelling bean with large white kidney shaped beans. Plant 180-200cm tall of good production. Flat green pod of 13-18cms containing 3-5 large beans. Can be used as a French bean if picked young. 100g box.
Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
A palpable triumph in South Wales - Mike Newth - 09/09/2013
We've tried these for the first time during this first reasonable summer(2013) in a while. Very vigorous plants - probably would have gone to 12 feet had my poles been longer . Heavily flowered and podded. The beans themselves are tasty and very large - harvesting has (early Sept) only begun but we'll surely be trying these again next year. Never having eaten a fresh butter bean before (though always a fan of dried and tinned ones ) I was delighted.

5 product stars
The most delicious, creamy beans - Anne - 02/23/2014
I utterly adore these. The fresh beans are nothing like dried or tinned butter beans - the flavour and texture is divine. I think of them as an autumn treat (you can pick them into November) - wonderful in hearty winter casseroles with sausages, tomatoes, root veg, etc. They grow well in my garden (London, but with a cold microclimate) and the flowers look pretty on wigwams.

5 product stars
An amazing multi-purpose Bean!! - Judy - 10/21/2014
If I could only grow one type of bean it would be this one. I can recommend this from young pods, through fresh beans to dried. Be warned though. This is a very vigorous grower if it likes your soil. On our rich light sandy soil this bean plant reached a height of around 5 meters and branched vigorously to give multi-stemmed plants!!! I would recommend planting 50cm apart and provide a good sturdy framework for support.