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Italian food is regional because the varieties are regional. This is typified by courgettes. We have varieties from Italy (National), Genova, Florence, Rome, Milan, Sarzana, Bologna, Piacenza, Nice, Naples, Albenga, Friuli and Sicily. There are others too, that we just can't carry them all !! Talk about provenance !!

In Italy, the flowers are always eaten as well as the zucchino. Just remove any flowers not attached to a courgette in the morning when they are open, remove the stamen and crown and wash carefully. They can then be battered and fried, stuffed or used in 'frittata'.
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Buttenut Squash Rugosa
C26 - Peel and boil the squash until soft. Then simply mash it with some butter and freshly grated nutmeg. Please note that the butternut liscia we sell has a smooth skin and this variety is slightly scalloped....
Courgette ‘Striato Di Napoli..
This highly prized and productive zucchini variety often produces over 5kg of stripy fruits per plant. The fruits are full of flavour, and if left on the plant make great marrows too. Courgette flowers...
Courgette Alberello Of Sarzana
C16 - 'Little tree of Sarzana' (near La Spezia). Light green fruits with a slightly bulbous end and a delicate flavour. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@50 Sow: from February - July
Courgette Blackjack F1
C15 - Mid-early variety. Very dark green fruits look almost black. Hybrid. Fruit size: 18 - 20cm Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@18 Sow: from March - July
Courgette Bolognese save 56p
C17 - Plump, oval fruits from Bologna. Make nice round slices for frying. Light green with a good flavour. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@40 Sow: from March - July and harvest mid June...
Courgette Custard White
C10 - UFO shaped courgette which has a firmer consistency when cooked (more like white fish). Just cut into 'steaks' or slices and fry. As seen on BBC Gardeners World on the 2nd of June 2006. Growing habit:...
Courgette Genovese
C11 - An early, productive courgette from Genova with light green fruits. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@45 Sow: from mid February - August
Courgette Goldrush F1
C21 - A hybrid yellow variety which is vigorous plant. Thick skinned and a great variety for using raw in salads. Featured by Carol Klein on the BBC series 'Grow your own veg' 09/02/07. Fruit size: 18...
Courgette Greyzini F1
C23 - Hybrid courgette. Light green with slight dark green stripes. Pick when medium sized for best flavour. Fruit Size: 13 - 15cm Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@16 Sow: from February...
Courgette Lungo Bianca Of Si..
C20 - 'Long White'. This courgette is very light green, to the point of being 'white'. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@30 Sow: from March - July
Courgette Lungo Of Firenze
C12 - 'Long of Florence'. This courgette is a long, light green variety with light ribs along it's length. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@50 Sow: from February - July
Courgette Nero Di Milano
C14 - 'Black of Milan'. This variety has a very dark green skin, making it look almost black. Regionally found in the Lombardia area of Italy. Productive plant with open plant habit making it easy to harvest....
Courgette Novodiamant F1
C22 - A hybrid courgette variety. A very productive plant with long intense green fruits. This plant has a long vegetative cycle. @20 seeds. Sow Mar-mid Aug. Fruit Size: 18 - 20cm Growing habit: Bush Approximate...
Courgette Romanesco
C13 - Small/mid sized lightly ridged zucchino from Rome, of good quality and flavour. Nutty flavour, restaurant quality courgette. Highly recommended. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@45...
Courgette Rugosa Friuliana
As seen on BBC Gardeners World TV on the 15th of Sept. This very ugly courgette variety has one of the best flavours, and is virtually the only variety you will find in the local shops and markets in the...
Courgette Striato D'Italia
C8 - The classic striped Italian Zucchini. A productive, bushy plant with medium sized fruits, producing up to 5kg of fruit per plant. Featured by Carol Klein on 'Grow your own veg' BBC2 09/02/07. Growing...
Courgette Tondo Di Nizza
C19 - An early bush variety which has light green skin and it's round shape makes it ideal for stuffing. Medium size fruits with white consistent flesh. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@40...
Courgette Tondo Di Piacenza ..
C18 - A round variety from near Parma. It's shape makes it ideal for stuffing. Bake them whole and they stay firm on the outside and go soft and creamy inside. How can you resist? Growing habit: Bush Approximate...
Courgette Verde D'Italia
C9 - The classic green courgette of Italy. Used Nationally and a good reliable variety. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@54 Sow: from March - mid July
Extra Copy Of Our New 2017 C..
Get your first copy free by emailing your address for you, your friends or family and if you would like extra copies just order your additional copies here. 72 pages of seeds and...
Mixed Pumpkins And Squashes
C1 - A selection of 10 pumpkin and squash varieties mixed together in the box consisting of pumpkins - Marina of Chioggia, Padana, Long of Naples, Berrettina Piacentina, Quintale and squashes - Butternut...
Pumpkin Berrettina Piacentina
C4 - 'Berret of Piacenza'. A rustic heirloom variety from the Piacenza region of Northern Italy. Knobbly, green - ash grey skin with tasty orange flesh. Approximate seeds quantity:@9 Sow: from March -...
Pumpkin Delica F1
C7 - A hybrid pumpkin variety with real flavour. Round, uniform small-mid fruit with dark green skin. Approximate seeds quantity:@6 Sow: from March - end June
Pumpkin Edible Flowers For T..
Grown especially for the large flowers this variety produces. Sow in the spring or early summer and harvest the male flowers in the morning when they are open. Batter and fry, stuff or use in an omele...
Pumpkin Marina Di Chioggia
C2 - Very old, rustic pumpkin from near Venice. Thick, knobbly skin and sweet yellow/orange flesh. Rich in Vitamin A which helps keep eyes and skin healthy. Also contains mineral salts (Calcium & Phosphorous)....
Pumpkin Padana
C3 - From the NW of Italy, this pumpkin has vertical Grey/Green and Orange ribs. Beautiful as an ornamental vegetable, but delicious to eat too. Approximate seeds quantity:@12 Sow: from March - end Ju...
Pumpkin Quintale save 50p
C5 - 'Tonne'. Can get extremely big. Orange skin. Approximate seeds quantity:@12 Sow: from April - end June
Pumpkin Zucca Of Napoli save..
C6 - The same shape as a butternut squash, but mottled green outside with thin skin, yellow flesh and a delicate flavour. Can grow to 1 metre in length. Made in Naples. Fruit Size: Can reach 1m Approximate...
Small Sweet Dumpling Pumpkin..
Green and white striped variety. Very cute and a personal favourite of ours and either grow ornamentally or to eat as it is delicious. Sow in the spring.
Spaghetti Squash
C27 - As used by Toby Buckland on BBC Gardeners World 23/4/10. The inside of this squash is a mass of 'spaghetti' like strands which are used in exactly the same way. They are boiled whole, the flesh scooped...
Squash Serpente Di Sicilia
Featured 22/3/14 James Martin on Saturday Kitchen C29 - 'Sicilian Snakes' - obvious to see why this unusual squash got the name. Commonly known in the US and by Sicilians as 'Cuccuzze'. Cook like a courgette....
Squash Tromba Of Albenga
C28 - Long, curved fruits. This variety is from Liguria in the alpine North of Italy. The seeds are in the bulbous end, which means you get a neck of pure meaty flesh. This variety has boomed in popularity...
Tris Of Zucchini
C30 - Dark, light and striped bush varieties mixed together in one packet from Genova, Milan and Naples. Sow in spring from summer and autumn harvest. 1.99 Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@40...