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A range of premium products from Franchi launched in 2006, many of which are exclusive to Seeds of Italy. Products of particular interest, highly selected seed, locally produced seed in some cases. As a result, some of the seed quantities with the chilli's are less than you would normally expect with a regular Franchi pack, but only because the seed is rare because it is only locally produced and hence can only be given in limited quantities. For instance, out of 12 chilli's half are Italian and 9 in total are traditional, genuine European varieties.

Some of the varieties are very hard to get or highly sought after and we may have limited stocks and we have new varieties added each year. Keep a look out this year for Stevia, mixed colour beetroots, bayam, the African horned melon and many more. Happy hunting!
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Arabica Coffee
UK/EC Only - This is an indoor tropical variety in most European countries and in the UK a superb collection of coffee plants can be seen at Kew botanical gardens. Coffee is grown widely in South America...
Arnica - A mountainous herb. Ointment made from dried flowers is used to treat sprains and bruise. For use as a topical treatment only. Germination can take weeks. Best to chill the seed first before sowing....
Aubergine Pianta Del Uovo Al..
This mini aubergines are called 'tree of eggs' because they are not only the same size, but are white and yellowy/brown in colour and very productive. Sow from Feb-May and grow them exactly the same way...
Barley - Orzo seeds for plan..
Orzo - Barley Can be toasted to make a delicious drink with hot milk, as an ingredient in beer and for baking. 100g box. Mid-Early. Upright plant, vigorous grower, producing an ear of about 15cm containing...
Basil Al Limone
Lemon Basil. Early, upright variety which is easy to grow. Light green leaves and like all basils, protect from cold but can be grown protected all year. Really good with fish, tomatoes. Sow on a sunny...
Basil Alla Cannella
Cinnamon basil. Mid/early rustic, upright variety with green leaves tinged with violet. Sow Mar-Jul or all year protected. 2.49
Basil Dark Opal
Mid early upright variety with bushy foliage producing mid sized smooth leaves, dark purple colour with intense aroma. easy to cultivate, especially in containers. Sow from Jan to July
Basil Largo Dolce Per Vasi
'Large sweet for vases (containers)'. Mid/early rustic variety. Sweet large leaf basil with aromatic, bright green leaves. Sow Mar-Jul or all year protected. This is the one we grow at home.......
Basil Red Rubin
Mid/Early. Vigorous plant with reddish/purple strongly scented leaves. East to cultivate and ideal for containers. Sow Mar-Jul or all year protected.
Basil Thai Siam
Early, rustic variety. Vigorous and easy to grow. Highly perfumed, mid sized green leaves and purple flowers. Mainstay of Thai cooking. Sow Mar-Jul or all year protected and ideal for containers.
Black Podded Pea Desiree
By popular demand a 1m high variety with dark pods and green peas! Sow Spring. New 2.49
Broom - Saggina
An annual with very long stems which are then used to make traditional brooms. large 100g box. It is sometimes used also as a food source for some animals and has flat leaves with red flowering. Sow Spring...
Butternut Squash Liscia
Mid-late. Good foliage and a good producer. The long pear shaped fruits have a smooth skin with sweet, meaty yellow-orange flesh. Much easier to peel than scalloped varieties.
Chickpea Principe
Mid-early. Dwarf plant 40-60cm tall, vigorous and of good production. The pod is of medium dimensions and contains 2-3 chickpeas. Much used in Florence and Tuscany in general. From the bean family, so...
Courgette Da Fiore Toscana
We Italians love eating courgette flowers (my father in law throws away the courgettes and eats only the flowers!) and they are still impossible to buy in the greengrocers especially because they must...
Extra Copy Of Our New 2017 C..
Get your first copy free by emailing your address for you, your friends or family and if you would like extra copies just order your additional copies here. 72 pages of seeds and...
Farro Spelt
Spelt is one of the oldest grains. It's used to make pasta and breads, this is a fashionable grain with roots in peasant dishes and has been used since Roman times. 100g Box.
Florentine Cicerchia
Florentine Cicerchia aka Blue Sweet Pea/Grass Pea/Chickling Vetch (Lathyrus Sativus) Cerchia / Almorta (IF you can find them) are very expensive despite being easy to grow. It produces a beautiful blue...
Garlic Chives
Long season, easy to grow, versatile in the kitchen and excellent for making quick garlic butter and seasoning meat, fish and potato salad. Horticultural name: Allium Fistolosum
GL Popcorn Mais Box
GL1 - The kernals on this corn variety are smaller and are used to make popcorn. After harvest, dry the cobs and remove the kernals, melt a layer of butter/oil until it just starts to smoke. Turn down...
Goji Berries
NEW FOR 2015 - PRE-ORDER NOW. GOJI Berries are a SUPERFOOD alright and as I recently found out, they are also very expensive so growing your own seems to be an obvious idea! They are high in vitamin C...
Habanero Orange
Hot hot hot, then hot hot hot again. Use with caution. Sow Feb-May. New 2.49 @25 seeds
Kiwano Aka Jelly Melon Or Af..
AKA Jelly Melon, Hedged Gourd or African Horned Cucumber. Hints of cucumber, lemon, banana and eaten green or ripe. Sow spring and grow protected.
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi 'Actinidia Chinensis'. Italy is the largest producer of Kiwi fruits in Europe. One of the highest amounts of vitamin C of almost any other fruit, sweet and very tasty. Vigorous perennial plant. Productive...
Lentils for planting - UK Only
Sow Mar-Jul. Prefer a cool climate and dry soil. Sow 3-5 cm down. Small Italian green lentils. Traditionally eaten at New years with Cotechino (cooking salami) or Zampone (Pigs trotters) - each one you...
Liquirizia Liquorice
Liquorice seeds - Native to the Med and Pontefract since about 1600. Add sand to the soil and start harvest after 2-3 seasons in the autumn. Sow Spring / Autumn. 2.49
Luffa / Loofah
A gourd which is dried and then used as the well known bath sponge when cleaned out. Sow in the Spring and early summer.
Lupini Beans
Lupini beans are a speciality of Puglia and often served with a beer. They are boiled in salted water and have little jackets around them. Squeeze them and out they pop, you eat them, the salt makes you...
Mixed Basil Pack
A specially selected mixture of green and red, from small leaf to large. Sow protected all year or seasonally Feb/Mar - Jul/Aug
Mixed Colour Beetroot
By popular demand and new for 2013, mixed beetroots, white, golden and red. Sow spring and early summer.
Mixed Colour Carrots
This pack contains white, orange and yellow carrot varieties. Sow from about Feb-Jun. Horticultural name: Daucus Carota
Mixed Colour Radish
An interesting mixed colour pack of white, yellow, red and purple radishes. Sow in the Spring and early summer.
Mixed Colour Swiss Chard Als..
Mid-Early. An attractive mix of variety white, red and yellow Swiss chard. vigorous plant which are easy to grow producing large, meaty stalks with green leaves and pronounced veins. Sow from Feb to S...
Oats - Avena
UK ONLY. Scatter the seeds in the spring and when they are ready, trash them to release the oats, dry, husk and use to make flour, rolled oats etc. Sow in the spring.
Ornamental Stevia
AKA the sugar plant used for centuries by native S.American Indians to sweeten their foods. Not passed in the UK by the Food Standards agency hence sold strictly as an ornamental.
Peanut Somala
Annual, mid-early. Plant 50cm tall producing numerous pods each containing 2-3 peanuts. Think of peanuts and I think of the deep American south along with cotton, but they can be grown easily at home and...
This indoor variety for the UK is of course a tropical plant and would be suited in a warm conservatory or a sunny windowsill. The peppercorns are the classic ingredient to make Steak in green peppercorn...
Phacelia / Facelia for Bees
319/50 Annual plant both rustic and resistant. The plant is about 30cm tall and produces a purple/blue flower with numerous leaves and a large number of flower heads over a long period in the summer which...
Physalis Alkekenghi
Edible Physalis producing small sweet, tart orange fruits. Classic to dip in chocolate and serve as petit-fours. PERUVIAN PHYSALIS ALKEKENGI. Easy to grow, upright plant with light green foliage. Produces...
Polenta Mais
B32 - Corn for grinding into polenta. During Roman times, it was called Puls or Polentum and was made with grains, but when the first shipments of sweetcorn mais came from the new world into Venice, Polenta...