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(All products are UK Only). An Agriturismo is a farm which opens itself up to passersby offering them a fixed menu at a fixed price but using only their own home grown or local regional ingredients and then home cooked. So in this year’s catalogue, we have decided to focus on a very few but very special regional foodstuffs from only the best quality producers and tell you their amazing stories, the story of traditions forged through nature, through toil, dedication, passion but overall with pride. And we too are proud, proud to be able to introduce you to these artisan products and we hope you will be proud to serve them to your family and friends.


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Aceto Pedroni Anniversario B..
Real Balsamic Vinegar is made with love and with good ingredients and with time, lots of time. It is not cheap vinegar which is thickened but instead the thickness comes with age in barrels. This IGP vinegar...
Aceto Pedroni 'Dote' Balsami..
Real Balsamic Vinegar is made with love and with good ingredients and with time, lots of time. It is not cheap vinegar which is thickened but instead the thickness comes with age in barrels. This IGP vinegar...
Aceto Pedroni 'Sigillo Oro' ..
Save 1 The finest of all the IGP balsamic vinegars signed Giuseppe Pedroni whose family has been making fine balsamic the traditional way, aged in barrels since 1862. The finest gift, a bottle will last...
Agnesi Pesto alla Siciliana ..
Made with olive oil, salted ricotta, tomato, walnuts, Grana padana PDO, basil, pine nuts and salt. Very good with pasta, with tomatoes, in canelloni.... 185g jar is enough for 4 people. Use within 5 days...
Almond "Mandorle" Biscuit mi..
For biscuits and cakes with no gluten and only made with natural ingredients and 47% almond flour, sugar, mais starch and 3% almond kernels. A big hit with the children, but also makes a refined Italian...
Amaretti dry biscuit ingredi..
All the dry ingredients needed to make your own home made Italian amaretti from Borghini of Arezzo in Tuscany including the crucial almond and apricot kernel flour. Eat them warm from the oven and they...
Authentic San Marzano Tomato..
The most famous variety of all Italian tomatoes, from the most famous region for producing them which is near Vesuvius and ONLY then can it earn the DOP status (like Champagne can only come from a given...
Balsamic vinegar DOP 'Italo'..
Only Real DOP vinegar made in Modena can and must be sold in the GIUGIARO Italian car stylist designed bottle but it is also what is inside that is so special. The vinegar lays in oak and then chestnut...
Balsamic vinegar PGI gift se..
Pedroni are based in Modena and they do things properly, the way things have been done for over 150 years. This 150th anniversary set contains 1 bottle of their 150th 'Anniversario' Silver aged IGP balsamic,...
Bean Zolfino di Pratomagno -..
Almost extinct in the 1970's, Zolfini are considered by some as one of the finest shelling beans in the world, picked by hand in Tuscany and ONLY found in Pratomagno in a given geographical region. You...
Black Chickpea from Mussomel..
(for eating!!) Based in Mussomeli between Corleone and Caltanissetta in Sicily, Calogero Bonfante grows these local black chickpeas himself which date back to the last century. They are unique with an...
Brutti ma Buoni biscuit mix ..
'Ugly but tasty' literally translated, these are a classic of Tuscany where these biscuits hale, this mix contains almond flour, hazelnut flour, sugar and vanilla sugar, so all the dry ingredients needed...
Calabrian organic citrus 'Fr..
These jams BURST with flavour. If you can taste a region, then it is in this product. They are outstanding in that they specialise in Clementines, oranges, bergamot and lemon and of course, liquorice and...
Calabrian Organic Fruit Jam ..
These jams BURST with flavour and even though they are 82% fruit, they taste like they are 50% sugar so perfect the climate for growing fruits. Serve with good bread and a cappuccino at breakfast or a...
Canino 'Estruscan flavours' ..
Olive oil has been produced in this area for 2,500 years since Etruscan times. Supplied in this lovely little ancient Anfora, the olives used (Canino, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino) produce an oil of...
Canino 'Etruscan Flavour' 1 ..
Olive oil has been produced in this area for 2,500 years since Etruscan times. Supplied in this lovely little ancient Anfora, the olives used (Canino, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino) produce an oil of...
Canino etruscan P.D.O. extra..
Oil has made made in this region for 2,500 years since the Etruscan period. This oil is made only from the Canino olive variety and made to strict D.O.P. rules on quality and regionality. Intense green...
Carnevale Italian Luganica S..
Delivered Fresh to us every Thursday in limited numbers. Vacuum packed. They don't have long dates (usually 5 days+). Suitable to freeze. Made in the UK since 1966 using British pork to an Italian recipe...
Castagnaccio Cake mix - UK O..
Gluten Free. A traditional and extremely good Tuscan dessert cake, the mix consists of Italian chestnut flour, pine nuts and raisins in the correct proportions and is suitable for Vegans. It is made with...
Centonze organic sicilian ex..
An outstanding oil, outstanding. The trees are ancient, growing from in between Etruscan stones and the oil is truly unique, not to mention the beautiful tin. The best olives are harvested by hand in the...
Cheese Gran cru di grotta 'C..
Gran Cru di Grotta 18 th Century Cave Aged Cheese, Brisighella. The Gran Cru di Grotta cheese is a semi matured Pecorino type cheese which is aged in the restored 18 th Century Cave of Villa Corte where...
Cheese la tentazione del fra..
A semi-seasoned sheep cheese with delicate and very agreeable taste which goes well with pears or honey. It is paler, drier and more crumbly, the interior open-textured with many cracks. It smells of cheesecake...
Chick Pea Flour from Borghin..
By Borghini of Arezzo (Tuscany) this is top end Chick pea flour and a different product to Indian Garam flour. Used to make recipes like Farinata, Crepes, Gnocchi and more, this is a large 500g bag and...
Chickpea piccino del Chianti..
A very old regional variety grown ONLY in the Tuscan hills of Chianti, Valdarno and Pratomagno, it is of small size, harvested by hand with exceptional flavour characteristics and balance of proteins,...
Chilli and Meat Seasoning Gr..
Not only a wonderful gift packaged as it is, but also great to have in your own home. Indispensable when eating pizza's but can be used on a whole range of other foods from pasta and gnocchi to roasts,...
'Cocchini' Coconut Choc Chip..
Following the success of our cake mixes, you've asked us for biscuit mixes. 6-8 portions (250g) you simply mix in the whites of two large eggs, shape your biscuits and bake. Ingredients Grated coconut,...
Dried Porcini Mushrooms by C..
The king of Mushrooms, the Porcini or Cep or in English the Penny Bun. Strong flavour, meaty and great in a stew or a sauce for pasta, or use with risotto or polenta. Ceruti are based in Arezzo in Tuscany...
Eat All Natural Edible Fruit..
Now here is something very special. A heaped teaspoon of the NATURAL fruits into boiling water for 7 mins, you can eat the 'tea' with a spoon and also enjoy the tea. The leaves and fruits burst with flavour,...
Eat all Natural Edible Fruit..
The most amazing tea where you eat the fruit pieces after. Juicy, fruity and completely natural, just put a heaped tsp into a cup and steep for 7 mins. When you've tried this tea you will be back for more.........
Edible Acacia Flowers
Acacia flower frittas are just amazing but they can also be used in soups, stews and teas. 10g bag
Edible Chamomille Flowers
Chamomile flowers are naturally calming and have a soothing apple like flavour. Use them to make teas and for use in cakes and soft biscuits. 10g bag
Edible Cornflowers to enhanc..
The most beautiful purple flowers indicated for use with cheese sauces, risottos, soups and with gnocchi in particular. They add colour and subtly flavour your dishes. You could also add a little to a...
Edible Jasmine Flowers to en..
Jasmine has the most delicate and fragrant flavour. Jasmine flowers can be used in cakes and are traditionally used for tea. Be aware that these are safe edible flowers unlike the False Jasmine which is...
Edible Lavender Flower
Lavender has been used for centuries to flavour and enhance dishes. It is strong so use this top quality edible Italian lavender sparingly to flavour jellies and jams, pork and lamb, biscuits, sugar and...
Edible Mallow Flowers 'Malva'
'Fiori in cucina' - flowers for culinary use. These beautiful mauve flowers add delicate flavour and colour to your dishes. Use by 31.12.15 an excellent in soups, omelette's and with red meat in particular....
Edible Orange Flowers Fiori ..
Orange blossom flowers from Tuscany for use in cakes and biscuits, custards and creams, chocolate sauces, with cheeses and in panettone and other pastries including Middle Eastern, Neapolitan, Sicilian...
Edible Rose Flowers
A gentle flavour for use in cakes, risotto and with long pasta shapes, in pastries for aperitivi, Cakes, biscuits, jams and jellies are the best use for the rose flowers and for use in Middle Eastern and...
Ferrari Farms Organic Artisa..
L'agricultura e l'arte di saper aspettare Agriculture is the art of knowing how to wait.- (Riccardo Bacchelli Il Diavolo al Pontelungo 1929 I had no intention to include a jam in my catalogue. Then I tried...
Ghiglione classic pesto geno..
Real Pesto Genovese made in Liguria by olive oil producer Ghiglione of Liguria with Italian pine nuts. Use with our Trofie pasta (Pesto is never eaten with spaghetti, only with Trofie with some cubed boiled...
Ghiglione 'Ligurian riviera ..
SAVE 1 Founded in 1920 in the Medieval village of Dolcedo, this is the creme-de-la-creme of Ligurian oils. Not only typical of the region, but at the top end as being both a PDO (Protected Domination of...