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Alisso/Alyssum Dwarf "snow c..
With a sweet fragrance, this Alyssum variety is a mixture of cream, purple, pink, rose and white flowers. The flowers are about 20cm high and they are ideal for creating white carpet of flowers. This variety...
Artichoke Green Globe
This Artichoke is a traditional reliable green heritage variety. Sow: from February - May and August - September Horticultural name: Cynara Cardunculus
Cosmetically Damaged Red 70x..
Pizza Oven Wood Burning/Smoker. 70x70cm/ 55KG, Portable - Metal Door. Slight cosmetic damage on roof edge. Sold as seen. Otherwise brand new and in perfect condition. Please see image. Mainland UK only...
Courgette Greyzini F1
C23 - Hybrid courgette. Light green with slight dark green stripes. Pick when medium sized for best flavour. Fruit Size: 13 - 15cm Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@16 Sow: from February...
Extra Copy Of Our New 2017 C..
Get your first copy free by emailing your address for you, your friends or family and if you would like extra copies just order your additional copies here. 72 pages of seeds and...
Ferrari Farms Organic Artisa..
L'agricultura e l'arte di saper aspettare Agriculture is the art of knowing how to wait.- (Riccardo Bacchelli Il Diavolo al Pontelungo 1929 I had no intention to include a jam in my catalogue. Then I tried...
Giant daisy Carinatum
MARGHERITA CARINATUM Perennial Giant multicoloured daisy in stunning colours. 70cm tall. Resists low temps. 1.99 Recommended for cutting and pot Sow: Spring and Autumn Horticultural name: Chrysanthemum...
Green Cabbage Golden Star
Early and vigorous plant of good production. The head is well closed, smooth and medium size. Leaves are green and slightly creased at the borders. Sow from February to July Harvest from June to Decem...
Gysophila elegans white
GYPSOPHILA ELEGANS WHITE Biennial traditionally used in bouquets and highly decorative. Sow Mar-Sept. 2g. 1.99 Horticultural name: Gypsophila elegans Recommended for cutting
Italian Tarts with Apricot j..
Small Italian tart with apricot jam. 6 tart single wrapped, 40g each.
Lemon Wafer cookies Loacker ..
Lemon cream filled wafer cubes. 250g Wafers, light and crispy, four layers of delicious cream.
Marigold patula dwarf
Dwarf Tagete Patula Marigold in mixed colours. Long lasting flowers ideal for creating coloured spots in the garden. 30cm. Recommended for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@300 Sow: from April - mid...
Olio di peperoncino - Chilli..
Chillies have been eaten by humans since at least 6,000 years BC in Ecuador and Cristoforo Colombo brought them to Europe in 1493, straight into Spain and Italy before then heading into India and the East....
Swiss Chard ‘Liscia Barese’ ..
Chard is used throughout Italy where it is highly prized due to its reliability, ease of cultivation and flavour. Harvest it by cutting and new shoots will spring up. Chard makes a great tart filling along...
Tetragonia Perpetual Spinach
V69 - A good spinach from Down-Under. Unusual shaped, pointed rosettes. Fashionable in Italy right now. Approximate seeds quantity:@65 Sow: from February - August and harvest until the end of November
Tobacco Ornamentale
Perfumed flowers which open at sunset. Nice mix including yellow. Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:@20,000 Sow: from March - May Horticultural name: Nicotiana Affinis.
Whole drum wheat semolina Pe..
Whole durum wheat semolina pasta with durum wheat germ. 500g