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Alyssum Dwarf "snow carpet"
With a sweet fragrance, this Alyssum variety is a mixture of cream, purple, pink, rose and white flowers. The flowers are about 20cm high and they are ideal for creating white carpet of flowers. Sow from...
Ariosto for fish 2 x 10g Sac..
Made using only fresh herbs with absolutely no additional ingredients or preservatives. No need to use any salt. Use 10g of seasoning per 1/2kg of fish sprinkle inside and out before cooking (for grill/bbq...
Ariosto potato seasoning 10g..
Ariosto is THE seasoning brand in Italy, made using only fresh herbs with absolutely no additional ingredients or preservatives. No need to use any salt. Spinkle the potatoes half way through cooking whether...
Aster - Astro Unicum multico..
ASTER UNICUM Annual 50cm tall with mixed colour feathery flowers for beds and cutting. 2g. 1.99 Horticultural name: Callistephus chinensis Approximate seeds quantity:@900 Sow: from late Spring
Aster Alpinus
Plant 20cms tall which is ideal for rockeries and borders. Simple, but expansive flowers. 0.5g. Approximate seeds quantity:@220 Sow: from April - June Horticultural name: Aster Alpinus
Buttenut Squash Rugosa
C26 - Peel and boil the squash until soft. Then simply mash it with some butter and freshly grated nutmeg. Please note that the butternut liscia we sell has a smooth skin and this variety is slightly scalloped....
Campanula a grandi fiori
Mixed colour Campanula Bell flower. A favorite on Italian balconies. 60cm. Horticultural name: Campanula medium Approximate seeds quantity:@8000 Sow: from April - May and September - October and flowers...
Carnation Chabaut white "Gar..
CARNATION CHABAUT DOPPIO WHITE Double flower about 50cm tall. Easy to grow. Ideal for cutting. Biennial. 1g. 1.99 Approximate seeds quantity:@600 Sow: July - September
Carrot Tellus F1 - *Professi..
A very good, reliable and consistent carrot variety. Sow in spring till about July.Pelleted seed is easy to handle. Horticultural name: Daucus carota
Eden Project Borlotto Beans ..
Borlotto Bean Saluggia - Phaseolus vulgaris Borlotti beans, from northern Italy, are shelled before eating. For freezing, shell when the pods are still leathery, for drying, shell when the pods are completely...
Ferrari Farms Organic Artisa..
L'agricultura e l'arte di saper aspettare Agriculture is the art of knowing how to wait.- (Riccardo Bacchelli Il Diavolo al Pontelungo 1929 I had no intention to include a jam in my catalogue. Then I tried...
Forget me not
F14. Or Forget-me-not in mixed colours of lilacs, pinks and white. Tolerates cooler climates and is suitable for borders. 20cm. Sow: from April - May and flowers next year September - mid November Horticultural...
Giant daisy Carinatum
MARGHERITA CARINATUM Perennial Giant multicoloured daisy in stunning colours. 70cm tall. Resists low temps. 1.99 Sow: Spring and Autumn Horticultural name: Chrysanthemum Carinatum
Green Cabbage Golden Star
Early and vigorous plant of good production. The head is well closed, smooth and medium size. Leaves are green and slightly creased at the borders. Sow from February to July Harvest from June to Decem...
Gysophila elegans white
GYPSOPHILA ELEGANS WHITE Biennial traditionally used in bouquets and highly decorative. Sow Mar-Sept. 2g. 1.99 Horticultural name: Gypsophila elegans
Lobelia nana crystal palace
LOBELIA CRYSTAL PALACE Annual. Ideal for borders, flower beds and rockeries. Compact blue carpet. 0.3g. 1.99 Approximate seeds quantity:@7500 Sow: from Spring
Marigold patula dwarf
Dwarf Tagete Patula Marigold in mixed colours. Long lasting flowers ideal for creating coloured spots in the garden. 30cm. Approximate seeds quantity:@300 Sow: from April - mid June a nd flowers Jul-end...
Much cheaper, lighter, easier to clean and safer than the metal versions. Sturdy and robust. Includes attachments for making biscuits, Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Maccheroni and sausages. Cheap at the price...
Morning glory - Ipomea blu
Climbing plant reaching 250cm with many leaves. Bell shaped flowers fading to white centre. Ideal for balconies, pergola's and wall covering. Sow: from March - end June
Passiflora cerulea
Passiflora Caerulea - Passion flower, Perennial, rustic climbing plant producing abundant vegetation and round flowers blossoming from spring to summer. Approximate seeds quantity:@200 Sow: from February...
Pepper Giallo Of Asti
V50 - Classic square yellow pepper from Piemonte in Northern Italy. Large, meaty, sweet flesh and considered to be one of the finest Italian peppers. Approximate seeds quantity:@260 Sow: from February...
Poppy naudicale excelsior mix
Produces single cup shaped mix and brightly coloured flowers ideal for borders. Sow Mar-May and Aug-Oct.
Poppy Oriental mix
As seen on BBC Gardeners World 15/09/09. Mix coloured pack with bright petals and black 'eye' in the centre. Sow Mar-May and Aug-Oct. Horticultural name: Papaver Orientale.
Poppy Rhoeas a fiore doppio
A poppy variety with double, and quite full cup shaped flowers with thin green stalks. Sow Mar-May and Aug-Oct. Horticultural name: Papaver rhoeas
Portulaca a Fiori Semplici
Single mixed colour Portulaca which tolerates even gravelly soil. 15cm. Sow Mar-end Jun and flowers Jul-mid Oct.
Portulaca fiori doppi
Annual with vibrant coloured flowers with robust leaves. rustic plant and suitable for most soils, prefer full sun. flowers all summer and is suitable for borders and rockeries. Sow from March to June...
Strong White Bread Flour Whe..
Broadcast the seed and when it is fully mature, thrash, dry and clean before grinding into flour to make Italian loaves like the Campagnola, Ciabatta, Foccaccia etc.
Sunflower Nanissimo Sunsport..
This is an annual dwarf variety of Sunflower. Flowers are only 40cm tall. This variety is ideal for containers and balconies in full sun. Flowers have an intense yellow colour and large head. Sow from...
Tobacco Ornamentale
Perfumed flowers which open at sunset. Nice mix including yellow. Approximate seeds quantity:@20,000 Sow: from March - May Horticultural name: Nicotiana Affinis.
Wheat - Strong Pizza Flour -..
UK ONLY. Scatter the seeds, when ready just thrash to release the grains, dry and clean and then grind to make the strong white flour traditionally used in Italy to make Pizza. Sow in the winter months...
Zinnia thumbellina
Suitable for all soils. Long lasting flowers in a mixture of colours around 20cms tall. Approximate seeds quantity:@300 Sow: from April - mid June and flowers July - end October. Horticultural name: Zinnia...