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This section covers salad accompaniments like radish, celery, spring onion, red onions (including the Tropea Rossa shown on BBC Gardeners World 22/12/06), cucumber and of course, Rocket (wild and cultivated). Please note that Italian cucumbers are very different to English ones. They are all for indoor cultivation and have a cucumber taste when smaller and like melons when larger. They are great, but don't expect them to taste like the one's from your local greengrocer!!
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Camomille Edible Flowers For..
The flowers are sweet when picked young and in fact, every part of the dandelion is edible. The leaves are eaten like chicory and in France are called 'Pis en lit' due to their diuretic effect. Sow in...
Chicory Edible Flowers For T..
Beautiful blue colour, pleasant bitter flavour. Risotto, salads. Sow in Spring and summer.
Marigold Tagetes Edible Flow..
Citrus flavour, great with salads and fish. Sow in Spring and summer or all year if growing in an indoor farming system.
Nasturtium Edible Flowers Fo..
Spicy flavour for salads, use as a garnish and they are excellent with cheese. Sow Spring and Summer Horticultural name: Tropaeolium Majus
Radish Organic Sprouting seeds
We are pleased to introduce back into our range a selection of sprouting seeds, and not just the same old suspects either. New varieties like sunflower, onion sprouts, leek and pea are more foodie whilst...
Radish Tondo Bianco
NEW VARIETY FROM THIS YEAR! SPECIAL PRICE!! Early white radish, uniform round bulbs with good resistance to going woody. To sow from Sow: from February until September.