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Seeds sown onto a biodegradable tape, pre spaced at the correct distance so there is no need to transplant or thin out which is especially useful to help avoid carrot root fly. 

Franchi have always supplied professional farmers and growers for market and restaurant growers with clay coated pelletted seed which are easier to handle and give very good results. The coating protects the seed and keeps them fresher.
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Basil Tigullio Of Liguria - ..
Tigullio basil is a typical basil from the Portofino area of Liguria. Sow Mar-Jul. Taped basil is best sown in the ground .
Carrot Berlicum - *Seed Tape*
Mid/late with long, crunchy root. Stores well. Sow Mar-Jul. Horticultural name: Daucus Carota
Carrot Flakkee Gigante - *Se..
Sometimes called Flak. Large, thick carrot. Good flavour. Sow Mar-Jul.Taped seed for easy sowing.
Carrot Nantese Of Chioggia -..
Carrot Nantese of Chioggia 2, on a paper tape of 5m. The seeds are evenly spaced and you need do nothing except lay the tape 1cm down. As the tape rots, it feeds the seed. May also help give limited protection...
Carrot Parisier Market *Seed..
Pre-spaced at the right distance so no thinning out and more chance of avoiding carrot root fly. Golf ball size carrots, easy to grow and especially loved by children. Horticultural name: Daucur Carot...
Carrot Tellus F1 - *Professi..
A very good, reliable and consistent carrot variety. Sow in spring till about July.Pelleted seed is easy to handle. Horticultural name: Daucus carota
Chicory Pan Di Zucchero *See..
TAP9 - 'Sugarloaf'. A long variety from the alps, tightly wrapped with blonde green head. sow Jun-Aug.Taped Seed is easy to use.
Mixed Carrot And Radish *See..
Mid early variety. Seeds mixture of Carrots and Radish. First it will produce the radishes and after the carrots.
Parsley Comune - *Seed Tape*
TAP2 - Common flat leaf. Cut and grows back again. Sow Mar-Sep. Taped Seed is pre spaced for ease of use. Ideal for beginners.
Radish Rapid Red Sanova - *S..
TAP6 - Round, red radish. Slow to go woody. Sow Feb-Jun & Sep-Oct. Pre spaced for ideal growing.