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Bright Colour Flower Mix
This selection of Flowers was choose thanks to they amazing bright colours. This collection include: - Flax Blue Sky - Sage Scarlett Red - Gaillardia - Carnation Chabaud - Portulaca Double flowers It shoul...
Edible Flower Collection
This is a selection of varieties from our Edible Flower Range. Enchant your kitchen with a touch of colour! The collection contains: - Sweet Williams - Calendula orange - Sage - Marigold - Swiss Pansy...
Light Tone Flower Mix
This Collection put together varieties that have light colour petals, creating a relaxing mix for your garden. The selection include: - Nigella - Balsam - Dimorphoteca - Iberis - Honesty Should be 11.45,...
Perfect for pollinator Flower mix
Everyone know how much the pollinator are important for our planet, so turn your garden into the perfect habitat for them. This is a selection of some of the "perfect for pollinator" varieties that we...
The colorful bouquet collection
This is a selection of cutting flower, perfect to give a touch of colour in every house. We choose these varieties because together they are perfect for a bouquet! It includes: -Giant daisy Carinatum -...
The Quick to grow Flower Collection
We have selected for you 4 of our quickest varieties to flower. They take about 1 month from sow to flower. The collection comes in a nice deli bag and it cost only 7.99 instead of 9.99. It Contains: -...
Tuscan Hills flower mix
Beautiful collection inspired by the Tuscan hills, where these flowers grow naturally. The price should be 11.45, but can be yours for only 9.99. It contains: - Eden Project Calendula - Eden project Lavender...