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Carnation of Nice
Carnation of Nice in mixed colours. Medium sized flowers in a variety of colours. Also suitable for cutting. 50cms. Online only. This variety is perfect for cutting and can be grow in pot Sow: from July...
Cavolo ornamentale - Ornamental cabbage
Beautiful multi-coloured ornamental cabbage. Sow from June for colour outside all winter. This variety is perfect for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@250 Sow: from June - August Height: 30 cm
Double sweet William
Biennial Sweet William with double flower. Grows to about 30cm tall. Recommended for cutting Sow: from July - end August Horticultural name : Dianthus Barbatus
Forget me not
F14. Or Forget-me-not in mixed colours of lilacs, pinks and white. Tolerates cooler climates and is suitable for borders. 20cm. This variety is perfect for borders Sow: from April - May and flowers next...
Giant daisy Carinatum
MARGHERITA CARINATUM Perennial Giant multicoloured daisy in stunning colours. 70cm tall. Resists low temps. 1.99 Recommended for cutting and pot Sow: Spring and Autumn Horticultural name: Chrysanthemum...
Gypsophila elegans white
GYPSOPHILA ELEGANS WHITE Biennial traditionally used in bouquets and highly decorative. Sow Mar-Sept. 2g. 1.99 Horticultural name: Gypsophila elegans Recommended for cutting height: 60 cm
Lavender ‘Vera’ - Lavandula angustifolia
The gorgeous scent and colour of lavender flowers make it one of the most relaxing, evocative plants in the garden. Lavender attracts butterflies and bees lavender honey is delicious. In Italy and all...
Lupin multicolor mix
Mixed colour tall Lupins. Great for creating tall spots of colour in the garden. A personal favorite of ours. 120cm. Recommended for cutting Approximate seeds quantity:@150 Sow: from Spring and flowers...
Pansy viola del pensiero mix grandi fiori
PANSEY VIOLA DEL PENSIERO MIX Biennial with a wide range of colour variations. Sow Jun-Aug. 1g. 2.49 Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:@800 Sow: from June - August Height: 15 cm
Primula dei giardini - Mixed colour primula
Primula dei Giardini a Grandi Fiori - Mixed colour Primula (viola) in purple, yellow, red, pink, salmon and white with yellow centres. Tender Perennial which blooms again in the Autumn. 30cm. Recommended...
Speronella - Delphinium thrift mixed
Annual. About 90 cm Tall, upright and easy to grow. Numerous flowers which cover the upper part of the stem for about 30cm. Ideal for cutting and for borders. Sow from March to May and from Aug to Oct....