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Aster Alpinus
Plant 20cms tall which is ideal for rockeries and borders. Simple, but expansive flowers. 0.5g. This variety is perfect for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@220 Sow: from April - June Horticultural...
Campanula a grandi fiori
Mixed colour Campanula Bell flower. A favorite on Italian balconies. 60cm. Horticultural name: Campanula medium This variety is perfect for cutting Approximate seeds quantity:@8000 Sow: from April - May...
Carnation of Nice
Carnation of Nice in mixed colours. Medium sized flowers in a variety of colours. Also suitable for cutting. 50cms. Online only. This variety is perfect for cutting and can be grow in pot Sow: from July...
Cavolo ornamentale - Ornamental cabbage
Beautiful multi-coloured ornamental cabbage. Sow from June for colour outside all winter. This variety is perfect for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@250 Sow: from June - August
Celosia Cristata multicolor
Annual, rustic, ornamental plant about 50cm tall with a cocks crest shaped flower in mixed vivid colours. Ideal for borders and flower beds but also good for cutting. 1.6g of seed. This variety is perfect...
Double sweet William
Biennial Sweet William with double flower. Grows to about 30cm tall. Recommended for cutting Sow: from July - end August Horticultural name : Dianthus Barbatus
Forget me not
F14. Or Forget-me-not in mixed colours of lilacs, pinks and white. Tolerates cooler climates and is suitable for borders. 20cm. This variety is perfect for borders Sow: from April - May and flowers next...
Lavender ‘Vera’ - Lavandula angustifolia
The gorgeous scent and colour of lavender flowers make it one of the most relaxing, evocative plants in the garden. Lavender attracts butterflies and bees lavender honey is delicious. In Italy and all...
Mirabilis jalapa Bella di notte
Mixed colour Mirabilis Jalapa. The bell type flowers open at sunset. Reds, pinks, yellows and white. This is a bush variety approx 70cm tall. Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:@80 Sow: from...
Morning glory - Ipomea
Mixed colour Morning Glory bell flowers. Vertical coverage of wide surfaces. 250cm. Sow mid Mar-end May . Recommended for climbing Approximate seeds quantity:@200 Sow: from March - end May and flowers...
Nasturtium dwarf
Mixed colour dwarf Nasturtiums which are suitable for both pots and flower beds. 35cm. Recommended for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@40 Sow: from March - end May a nd flowers Jul-end Oct. Horticultural...
Pansy viola del pensiero mix grandi fiori
PANSEY VIOLA DEL PENSIERO MIX Biennial with a wide range of colour variations. Sow Jun-Aug. 1g. 2.49 Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:@800 Sow: from June - August
Portulaca a Fiori Semplici
Single mixed colour Portulaca which tolerates even gravelly soil. 15cm. Sow Mar-end Jun and flowers Jul-mid Oct. Recommended for pot
Portulaca fiori doppi
Annual with vibrant coloured flowers with robust leaves. rustic plant and suitable for most soils, prefer full sun. flowers all summer and is suitable for borders and rockeries. Sow from March to June....
Primula dei giardini - Mixed colour primula
Primula dei Giardini a Grandi Fiori - Mixed colour Primula (viola) in purple, yellow, red, pink, salmon and white with yellow centres. Tender Perennial which blooms again in the Autumn. 30cm. Recommended...
Regular ornamental squash mix
Mixed small Ornamental Squashes. Non edible but very attractive. 5cm. Sow: from March - end May and 'fruits' mid July - end September