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Basil Classico Italiano
Basil Classico Italiano - Classic style basil which is also used for making 'pesto' but has a million other uses in the kitchen. The ideal windowsill herb too. Approximate seeds quantity:@4000 Sow: from...
Chervil is an Annual plant. The leaves can be harvest about 20/30 days after the sowing, and fresh can be used like the parsley to add an excellent flavour to salads, soups and omelettes. The minced leaves...
Cress is an annual plant that can be grown the whole year and is ready a month after sowing. It has a strong flavour perfect in salad and it compliments eggs exceptionally well. The leaves can be used...
Lavender spiga vera
Perennial plant to be sown from March to September. Use the dried flowers to flavour homemade biscuits, with pork and for perfume pouches. Lavender oil can relieve headaches. As a flower is perfect for...
Perennial Plan to be sown from March to September and can be harvest all year round. Origano can be used fresh or dry. The dried leaves are indispensable on Pizza's and Breads. . 1g. Approximate seeds...
Parsley comune
Flat leafed parsley 'Comune'. National variety used all over Italy. Approximate seeds quantity:@6600 Sow: from March - September
What could be better than some sweet stewed Rhubarb with fresh cream. An Italian variety. 2g. Sow mid Jul-end Sept.
Rue is Perennial plant to be sow from February to the end of August. It is used in Italy to infuse with Grappa and other spirits or can be used in salad. The taste is an bit bitter and sharp. 1g. Approximate...
Sweet Marjoram
This is a Perennial plant to be sown from March to June and ready to be harvest usually in June and July. The leaves can be used both fresh or dried and they are ideal to be used in fruit salads, to garnish...
Thyme of Provence
This perennial plant was introduced to France by the Romans and then onto the UK; Thyme from Provence is one of the most renowned. Sow it from March to June and is ready to be harvest in summer. Prefers...