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** OUR RARE WELSH FRUIT TREES WILL FOLLOW UNDER SEPARATE COVER, FROM WALES where they are produced in a windswept and exposed area**

You will find Italian Melons, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Italian fig and grape varieties, suitable for growing in the UK. We are so used to seeing Turkish brown figs and German grapes in the UK, but the varieties below have been chosen for ease of growth and flavour, but are also classic Italian varieties. The figs and grapes are at least a year old with 8 months growing in the 2 litre pots and they come from Raggi Vivai nurseries in Emilia Romagna. Figs are very rustic and need no interventions, except removing dead or diseased branches - thats it. UK only.

We only send trees out Mon-Thurs to  avoid them sitting in the post over an entire weekend, especially in the dry summer months.
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RWFT1 M26 root stock. Bardsey Island Apple (Afal Ynys Enlli) is the rarest fruit tree in the world .Discovered as a single gnarled old tree in 1999 near the remains of a 13th centuryabbey on the windswept...
Black Fig Brogiotto
MAINLAND UK ONLY. A Northern Italian variety particularly suited to colder areas. Low productivity of extremely good quality figs which are purple/black in colour, mid to small and very aromatic and tasty....
Bears excellent fruit found again in 1984 on the side of Snowdon in a garden which had once been the Vaynol estate. Shiny yellow green pears with pinkish flesh and sweet perfumed juice and rosewater aroma....
Cantaloupe Melon
Cantaloupe melon from Charentais in France. Sweet yellowy-orange flesh. It was originally grown in the Papal gardens of Cantalupo near Rome during the Renaissance period. Approximate seeds quantity:@120...
Concorde Grape / Uva Fragola Mainland UK only *pre order for the Autumn
Mainland UK ONLY. (red variety pictured) Introduced from the US in the 19th century, this grape tastes of strawberry and is used to make the Italian aperetivo 'Fragolino' which is a sparkling wine. Online...
RWFT2 MM106 root stock. Cox Cymraeg, a Welsh Cox like apple in flavour and aroma, hails fromGoetra Bach, near Felinheli, from the garden of Anne Jones, Bangors first motorised milk lady. A medium-sized...
Fig Panino Plant - Pre-order for the Autumn
Mainland UK only (except Scottish Hghlands). Vigorous tree, very rustic and of medium production, producing 'Fioroni' figs (the first production) around the June, with the real figs arriving mid Aug and...
Fumasi 1935 Professional Pruners For Green Wood *UK ONLY*
These are tough tools up for the job. Replacement blades are available to order. Not only are they beautifully designed, but they are also up to the job and well calibrated.
KAKI TREE PERSIMMON DIOSPYROS KAKI *Mainland UK only* 2 year old potted trees.
MAINLAND UK ONLY. The kaki tree is an ancient variety originating from China, it expanded out to Japan and even into some European countries including Italy. The Caco or Kaki is also called the lotus of...
Lemon Trees from Tuscany, edible 'Citrus Limone' *UK Only*
Italian Citrus Lemon trees from Tuscany. Will produce lemons, even in London outdoors if kept in a sheltered spot in full sun. My brother in Islington/holloway has them on a sunny balcony, full of fruits.!...
'Pineapple melon'. Vigorous and productive plant with fruits of good dimensions. Netted fruit with yellow, perfumed, sweet flesh. @22 seeds.
Yellow skinned variety, with honey greeny/yellow flesh full of juice. Sow Feb-May.
A reliable, juicy, good sized hybrid melon variety for the greenhouse. Netted yellow skin and orange sweet sweet sweet flesh! Sow early spring.
Melon Rampicante Zuccherino
Literally translated 'Climbing Sugar'. Thick yellowy/green skin with a deep orange sweet flesh. Ideal served with Parma Ham. @25 seeds. Sow from Feb-Jun.
Gardeners melon with 'netted' skin and sweet orange flesh. @150. Sow Mar-mid Jun.
A late oval melon from Valencia in Spain with soft, sweet white flesh and green ridged skin. @30 Seeds.
Melon Zatta
Called 'Brutto ma Buono' in Italy, or Ugly but good. Scalloped, scaley skin, but sweet orange flesh from Padua. Described by Giaccomo Castelvetro in 1614 in his book The Fruits, herbs and vegetables of...
RWFT3 Pig Aderyn (Birds Beak), an old Welsh variety perhaps of Norman origin,are still found growing at St Dogmaels near Carmarthen. A mid-season eating apple with sweet and juicy flesh. The fruit also...
POMEGRANATE TREE 'DENTE DI CAVALLO' *mainland UK only* Pre-order for Autumn
MAINLAND UK ONLY. 'Horses Teeth'! Apart from being an ornamental tree, the edible fruits are in great demand at the moment. Usually the tree will flower around June with the fruits appearing around September....
What could be better than some sweet stewed Rhubarb with fresh cream. An Italian variety. 2g. Sow mid Jul-end Sept.
Vigorous and heavy cropping tree from Bassaleg in Monmouthshire. The flavour of the juicy and intensely aromatic fruit is said to be at its most exquisite on St Cecilias day. Pick in October and use Dec...
Strawberry Attila - available from Feb2018
STRAWBERRY ATTILA: A new creeping variety of Alpine Strawberry. The plants which are very vigorous, produce long runners up to 1.5 metres. The oval, red aromatic ruits will appear on the mother plant and...
As seen with Monte Don on BBC GW August 2012. Strawberry called 4 Seasons which produces two crops per year of small alpine strawberries. @400. Sow Jul-Aug. Horticultural name: Fragaria Vesca
Table Grape Uva Italia Plant - Pre-Order now for the Autumn
Uva da Tavolo 'Italia' - Table grape. White variety with seeds and the most widely and preferred variety in the world. Excellent characteristics - large bunches with a medium weight of 8-900g each of golden...
Tuscan Olive Trees Olea Europaea Frangivento *Mainland UK Only*
Directly from Tuscany, we are really pleased to offer you some cracking olive trees 'Olea Europaea Frangivento' which are hardy enough to stay outside in a sheltered uk garden (frangivento means wind break!)...
Watermelon Asahi Miyako
Very early with medium fruits. Striped green skin with thirst quenching red, sweet flesh. @10. Sow mid Mar-Jun.
An oval shaped fruit, juicy with sweet red flesh. 180 seeds. @180. Sow Mar-May and harvest Jul-Sept.
This early variety produces large fruit with thick light green stripy skin and a red/pink juicy sweet flesh. Sow protected March - May and plant out in full sun (in the UK in a heated greenhouse). Harvest:...
Early variety. Round fruit of medium size. Consistent thick, dark green thin with sugary, intense red flesh.
X Power Soluble Fertiliser for Soft fruit NP 13:10:23 Made in Italy
A complete fertiliser which has been formulate to provide the correct nutrition from germination and root formulation of your Fruits of the forest, especially strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, red...
Yellow Watermelon Janosik
A very unusual and highley prized Polish variety which has pure yellow flesh inside, is very sweet and not only tastes great, but looks fabulous too. 5g packet. Sow Feb-Apr protected.