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Cavolo ornamentale - Ornamental cabbage
Beautiful multi-coloured ornamental cabbage. Sow from June for colour outside all winter. This variety is perfect for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@250 Sow: from June - August Height: 30 cm
Crown of Thorns ornamental squash
Beautiful in mixed colors and sizes with a king crown. Sow in the spring.
Large mushroom ornamental squash
Amazing colors and shapes. Sow them like courgettes or pumpkins Feb-Jun and harvest when their colours have set.
Large speckled swan ornamental squash
Elegant necks similar to a swan. Sow Feb-Jun
Nest egg pumpkin
Looks exactly like white eggs forming small, oval fruits which are very decorative. Sow Feb-Jun.
Ornamental chilli fiesta
Compact bushy plant producing numerous multicoloured ornamental chilli's. 30cm tall so ideal for balconies and window boxes on terrazza's. Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:150 Sow: from March...
Ornamental mais Corn
Kernals range from black to red to yellow and keep their colour when dried. Approximate seeds quantity:@40 Sow: from April - June
Regular ornamental Gourd Flask/Bottle
Grows the same as a traditional pumpkin, but these ornamental bottle/flask shaped gourds are excellent for drying, centrepieces etc. Sow Feb-end Jun.
Regular ornamental gourd Mushroom
Grow like a traditional pumpkin. These ornamental mushroom shaped gourds have a long life and can be dried and used as centrepieces etc. Sow Feb-end Jun.
Regular ornamental squash mix
Mixed small Ornamental Squashes. Non edible but very attractive. 5cm. Sow: from March - end May and 'fruits' mid July - end September
Small Baby boo pumpkin
Very cool, mini white pumpkins. Sow from Feb-Jun.
Small fruited bicolor pear pumpkin
Striking 2 tone pear shaped squashes. Sow Feb-Jun and harvest when the skins have coloured.
Small Fruited mix pumpkin
Ideal for painting faces on with the children. Sow in the spring.
Small indy mixed pumpkin
Misshapen and interesting colors. Sow in the spring. Ornamental.
Small mini bottle pumpkin
Classic bottle shaped gourd, but small. Sow in spring.
Small Sweet Dumpling Pumpkin Edible
Green and white striped variety. Very cute and a personal favourite of ours and either grow ornamentally or to eat as it is delicious. Sow in the spring.
Small Yellow Crookneck Pumpkin
A real ugly duckling with curving neck but eye catching! Sow Feb-Jun.
Squash Verracusa
Annual bush variety of squash produced for ornamental purpose. Produces oval fruits with very rough/warty yellow skin which are excellent for flower arrangements and table centre compositions. Online ...
Turks turban pumpkin
Classic ornamental gourd. Sow from Feb to Jun.