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Artichoke Green Globe
This Artichoke is a traditional reliable green heritage variety. Sow: from February - May and August - September Horticultural name: Cynara Cardunculus
Basil piccole foglie
Small leafed basil which has an intense flavour. Basil can be grown all year protected if cold and outside if warm. The Romans never ate basil - they thought it would make you go mad!! But we love it !!...
Campanula Carpatica Blu "Bell Flower"
Perennial 30 cm tall. Produces many lovely intense blue chalice shaped flowers. 1g. 1.99 This variety is perfect for borders and can be grow in pot Approximate seeds quantity:@4000 Sow: April - October...
Carnation of Nice
Carnation of Nice in mixed colours. Medium sized flowers in a variety of colours. Also suitable for cutting. 50cms. Online only. This variety is perfect for cutting and can be grow in pot Sow: from July...
Cauliflower Palla Di Neve Adige
V26 - 'Snow Ball' cauliflower from Alto Adige in the Italian Dolomite mountains. Early with white, meduim sized heads with good resistance to the cold. Approximate seeds quantity:@750 Sow: from May - end...
Chickpea piccino del Chianti, Tuscany 350g Pack - UK Only
A very old regional variety grown ONLY in the Tuscan hills of Chianti, Valdarno and Pratomagno, it is of small size, harvested by hand with exceptional flavour characteristics and balance of proteins,...
Chicory Bianca Of Bergamo Sel. Franchi
Mid-early plant with round closed head, medium dimension. leaves are light and green, tender and crunchy with the white borders. Sow from May to July . Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel, Lettuce,...
Chicory Pan Di Zucchero 'Borca'
Mid-late Sugar Loaf chicory. This variety produce very long, upright, tightly wrapped substantial head, of notable weight. Sow: from May to August Harvest: from August to December
Chicory Selvatica Da Campo
R32 - 'Wild Chicory of the Fields'. Open, splaying head, with spindly leaves. Great in a salad and also pan fried in olive oil with garlic, lemon juice and salt. Approximate seeds quantity:@6000 Sow: from...
Courgette Greyzini F1
C23 - Hybrid courgette. Light green with slight dark green stripes. Pick when medium sized for best flavour. Fruit Size: 13 - 15cm Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@16 Sow: from February...
Extra Copy Of Our New 2017 Catalogue UK Only
Get your first copy free by emailing your address for you, your friends or family and if you would like extra copies just order your additional copies here. 72 pages of seeds and...
Ferrari Farms Organic Artisan Extra Fruit Jams 175g *save 79p on a single orde..
L'agricultura e l'arte di saper aspettare Agriculture is the art of knowing how to wait.- (Riccardo Bacchelli Il Diavolo al Pontelungo 1929 I had no intention to include a jam in my catalogue. Then I tried...
Gaillardia - Blanket Flower
Easy to grow, perennial rustic plant that produces flowers of different colours of great decorative effect. recommended for borders. Horticultural name: Gaillardia grandiflora aristata Approximate seeds...
'Green Paradise'. This deliciously scented 150g soap bar is crafted in the stylish city of Milan and free from colorants and SLSs. Wrapped in Eco-friendly paper. You can choose between six different messages...
Green Cabbage Golden Star
Early and vigorous plant of good production. The head is well closed, smooth and medium size. Leaves are green and slightly creased at the borders. Sow from February to July Harvest from June to Decem...
Iberis multicolor
Annual plant 40cm tall. Plant in a sunny position for blooms all summer. Ideal for borders and cutting. 2g. 1.99 Recommended for cutting Approximate seeds quantity:@800 Sow: from Spring
Italian Salt with Basil - UK only
Sprinkle onto tomato with some mozzarella, or put into a tomato sauce, use in a summer salad. Italian sea salt, basil, nothing else, all natural. This is an artisan product. 100g packet
Juicing seed Collection
We get an organic juicing box each week, and it is not cheap. So why not get our juicing seed collection and just grow the same varieties, and save a fortune! The varieties have been chosen specifically...
Leek – Porree Lungo Della Riviera Leben
From the Ligurian Riviera, a good Leek for winter harvest. Mid-Early variety, really long and with a good production. Sow in the spring and early summer. @1500 seeds.
Lettuce - Kopfsalat Kagraner Sommer 2 Leben
A traditional Austrian variety with crunchy and tender leaves of a bright green colour. the head is round and compact. Sow: from April to June Harvest: approx. 70 days after sowing Approximate seeds quantity:@6400...
Linea Chef - France, Onion With Recipe For French Onion Soup
Ingredient - Golden Onion. Recipe - French Onion Soup (France). Sow Spring and Autumn. 15% of all packets sold will go to Gardening Leave to help soldiers cope with their invisible wounds. Approximate...
Linea Chef - Germany, Cabbage, Recipe Saurkraut
Ingredient - Cabbage Cappuccio Langedijk. Recipe - Saurkraut (Germany). Sow in summer for a winter harvest. 15% of all packets sold will go to Gardening Leave to help soldiers cope with their invisible...
Linea Chef - Great Britain, Pea With Recipe For Mushy Peas
Ingredient - Wrinkled Pea. Recipe - Mushy Peas (Britain) on rear of packet. Sow Spring and Autumn. 15% of all packets sold will go to Gardening Leave to help soldiers cope with their invisible wounds....
Marigold patula dwarf
Dwarf Tagete Patula Marigold in mixed colours. Long lasting flowers ideal for creating coloured spots in the garden. 30cm. Recommended for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@300 Sow: from April - mid...
Morning glory - Ipomea blu
Climbing plant reaching 250cm with many leaves. Bell shaped flowers fading to white centre. Ideal for balconies, pergola's and wall covering. Recommended for climbing Sow: from March - end June
ONION SET RED BARON 500g bag *UK only
UK ONLY. By popular demand and in limited quantities, you can buy this onion set for sowing now. The onion has a high sugar content and can be cooked or eaten raw. Sow spring for the same year and autumn...
Orogiallo Spaghetti pasta - UK Only *save 50%, now only £1.49
Classic Neapolitan Spaghetti for Carbonara and tomato based sauce, vegetarian or with meatballs. Really excellent flavour enhances your dishes. Each packet comes with a recipe. Proper pasta from Salerno,...
Poppy ‘Rhoeas Semplice Rosso’ - Papaver rhoeas
The red poppy is found in profusion all over Europe and North Africa. In U.K it became a symbol of remembrance after World War 1. Incidentally in France it is La Bluette (the corn flower) and in Italy...
Poppy glaucum red
A single mix variety producing the classic red poppy. Sow Mar-May and Aug-Oct.
Poppy mission bells
Californian poppy with light green leaves. Brightly coloured mixed cup shaped flowers make it ideal for decorating borders. Sow Mar-May and Sept-Oct. Horticultural name: Eschscholzia Californica
Poppy oriental Scarlet
Easy to grow from Mar-May and Aug-Oct for sowing. Produces red cup shaped flowers. Horticultural name: Papaver Orientale.
Preserving Funnel for jars with reducer
A wide neck with attachable refining nozzle at the base allows you to fill large jars with even thick liquids and sauces with no spillage. Simple but practical. 5.99 including VAT
Pumpkin Berrettina Piacentina
C4 - 'Berret of Piacenza'. A rustic heirloom variety from the Piacenza region of Northern Italy. Knobbly, green - ash grey skin with tasty orange flesh. Approximate seeds quantity:@9 Sow: from March -...
Pumpkin Padana
C3 - From the NW of Italy, this pumpkin has vertical Grey/Green and Orange ribs. Beautiful as an ornamental vegetable, but delicious to eat too. Approximate seeds quantity:@12 Sow: from March - end Ju...
Radicchio with Blue Chicory Flower ‘di Treviso’ - Cichorium intybus
With its tall stature and clusters of bright blue flowers, chicory makes a beautiful garden plant. Treviso chicory is also delicious to eat (if you sow from July to September for harvesting the leaves...
Salsify Scorzobianca Leben
White Salsify 'Blue Flower'. Long, white tapering root. Ideal for use in stews. Also known as Vegetable Oyster. The roots are about 20cm long wirh a tender flash. You can use the leaves as well, row or...
Savoy Cabbage - Welschkohl Mantovano Leben
Typical for those classic alpine winter dishes due to it's hardiness. Late variety with a good production of very large head with thick, blistered , dark green leaves. This variety is cold resistant. Approximate...
Schizanthus multicolor
Mixed Schizanthus in pastel colours. This is an annual variety, tall and green, with an height of about 50cm. Good for cutting is also suitable for borders. Sow: mid Mar-mid May Flowers: mid Jun-end A...
Swiss Chard ‘Liscia Barese’ - Beta vulgaris L
Chard is used throughout Italy where it is highly prized due to its reliability, ease of cultivation and flavour. Harvest it by cutting and new shoots will spring up. Chard makes a great tart filling along...
Tall Mallow ‘Malva Sylvestris’ - Malvia sylvestris
This beautiful Mediterranean plant grows to a metre tall and carries a profusion of bright mauve-purple flowers marked with dark veins. The flowers can last from April to October, making it a great plant...