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Bean Zolfino di Pratomagno - the Noble bean. 350g Pack. UK Only *endangered va..
This variety is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' which means it is endangered. Almost extinct in the 1970's, Zolfini are...
Black Chick Pea FLOUR from Sicily 500g *Gluten Free*
Made from the rare Sicilian Black chick pea from Mussomeli near Corleone with its unique flavour, this chick pea flour is top end, not the normal quality you would expect in the stores. It is milled by...
Black Chickpea from Mussomeli Sicily - UK Only
(for eating!!) Based in Mussomeli between Corleone and Caltanissetta in Sicily, Calogero Bonfante grows these local black chickpeas himself which date back to the last century. They are unique with an...
Black Lentils By Mussomeli 250g *UK ONLY*
A long tradition remains of producing the black lentil of Mussomeli. Just 20 mins soaking required before cooking. Delicate and tasty, 250g packet. Produced in very small quantities only in this region,...
Calabrian organic citrus 'Fruit Cheeses' Jam 350g *82% fruit* UK only
These jams BURST with flavour. If you can taste a region, then it is in this product. They are outstanding in that they specialise in Clementines, oranges, bergamot and lemon and of course, liquorice and...
Castagnaccio Cake mix - UK Only. Gluten Free
Gluten Free. A traditional and extremely good Tuscan dessert cake, the mix consists of Italian chestnut flour, pine nuts and raisins in the correct proportions and is suitable for Vegans. It is made with...
Chickpea piccino del Chianti, Tuscany 350g Pack - UK Only
A very old regional variety grown ONLY in the Tuscan hills of Chianti, Valdarno and Pratomagno, it is of small size, harvested by hand with exceptional flavour characteristics and balance of proteins,...
Food Dryer Seccatutto GHIBLI By Novital *UK ONLY*
Dryer par excellence! It replaces the function of the sun in order to dry mushrooms, fruit, vegetables, pasta and any other type of food without being bound by weather conditions. The particular heating...
Gnocchetti Sardi Pasta *UK ONLY*
Gnochetti sardi are not gnocchi at all but a small pasta generally eaten with lots of tomato sauce or ragu. Not available in the supermarkets. 500gr. Limited quantity
Italian lemon salt from Tuscany UK Only
A Tuscan tradition, Sea Salt, simply flavoured with Italian Lemon. Use it with any fish or seafood, great with mozzarelle or tomatoes, with seafood or fish pasta or risotto and more. This flavoured salt...
Italian Pine Nuts Pinoli 20g Packet
As Featured On Food Unwrapped 02/03/15 & 23/11/15 with Jimmy Doherty (from the Supplier featured in Rome) . Buy 2 or more, pay only 3 each It is almost impossible to find Italian pine nuts in the UK and...
Italian Pine Nuts Pinoli 50g Packet
AS FEATURED ON FOOD UNWRAPPED 02/03/15 AND 23/11/15 with Jimmy Doherty (we buy from the producer shown in Rome) Buy 2 or more for 6 each . It is almost impossible to find Italian pine nuts in the UK and...
Italian Red wine salt - UK Only
A Tuscan tradition, Sea Salt, simply flavoured with Italian red wine. Use it with any red meat or game, in stews and casseroles, with hearty pasta and tomato based sauces, coq au vin and more. This flavoured...
Italian Salt with Basil - UK only
Sprinkle onto tomato with some mozzarella, or put into a tomato sauce, use in a summer salad. Italian sea salt, basil, nothing else, all natural. This is an artisan product. 100g packet
Italian salt with Porcini Mushroom - UK only
Italian salt with 5% porcini mushroom to enhance any mushroom dish, but especially risotto or pasta. Use to lift a steak and mushroom pie or your tomato sauces and a classic of Emilia Romagna. 150g pack...
Lentil of Colfiorito, Umbria 350g PACK. UK Only *CROP FAILURE* Order for Autum..
Crop Failure for 2019 Spring Buy two or more for 4.75 . Produced ONLY in the high plains of Colfiorito in Umbria in the fertile earth once a lake which slowly dried leaving a unique micro climate and soil...
Ligurian capers in salt
A regional caper from the Northern Coastal Ligurian region by olive oil and pesto producers Ghiglione. A 180g jar goes a long way. Small capers which should be washed before use. No ogm. Ingredients: Local...
Mostard of Cremona Frutta Mista Traditional Fruit Mustard *UK only
A tradition of Cremona in Lombardia, this mustard was traditionally served with 'Bollito misto' and is indeed very good with any cooked meats. Candied in mustard syrup - peaches, kiwi, clementines, pears,...
Paluani GLUTEN FREE Panettone 600g *UK only*
Paluani are a great make from Lucca in Tuscany dating back to 1921. They do these great traditional Panettone with dried fruits which are completely gluten free and are a little more cakey than bready...
Passata Machine By Rigamonti Of Lecco - UK Only
1 Year Guarantee. Full Spare Parts Back Up. Made in Lecco (Lombardia) to restaurant standards in food safe Polypropylene with full spare parts back up. UK Only See a review by Steve Ott of Kitchen Garden...
Red Pesto By Ghiglione 1920 180gr
Using local tomatoes that have been dried in the sun, Ligurian olives and herbs, this red pesto is superb on Trofie pasta, gnocchi or bruschetta toast. 180gr Jar (enough for one packet of Trofie)
Ribollita campagnola from Tuscany
THE classic dish of Tuscany which you can recreate using this authentic mix from.... Tuscany! And you only need to pre soak for 2 hours before cooking for a further 45-50mins. A rustic dish with beans,...
Vegan Body Treatment in a Tin box
Body Treatment in a Tin box comes in this attractive collectable tin and includes a Shower mousse 100ml, a body Cream 100ml and a soap Bar 100g. - Argan Oil : it is an anti-aging, antioxidant and smoothing...
Vegan Croissants With Apricot Jam By Misura
Milk and egg free, palm oil free, these jam filled croissant are suitable for a vegan diet. 6 individually wrapped croissant. Ingredients: Wheat flour, apricot jam, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and...
Vegan Panettone 750g from by Paluani *UK Only*
Based in Verona where the Panettone was invented, Paluani have been producing cakes since 1921. This VEGAN Panettone respects all the traditions of panettone making but uses only vegan ingredients. New...
Wild Fennel pesto from Sicily - UK Only
The only ingredients are Sicilian locally grown wild fennel, sunflower oil and salt. Pour over pasta, it is excellent with fish and on pork Roman style, in minestra and in sauces. 180g. It contains absolutely...