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Aka 'Perpetual Spinach' or Spinach Beet save 40p Chard Costa Verde
Light green, smooth leaves which are cooked liked spinach. If you like to eat the legs of the chard then we recommend the Swiss chard above as they are larger. This variety can be harvested 1.5 months...
Artichoke Green Globe
This Artichoke is a traditional reliable green heritage variety. Sow: from February - May and August - September Horticultural name: Cynara Cardunculus
Artichoke Violetto
V2 - Purple/Violet coloured with a delicate artichoke flavour. Likes a rich-heavy soil. Artichokes are a classic of Rome - ask for them on your next visit there. They are heavenly. Approximate seeds quantity:...
Asparagus Of Argenteiuls Seeds
V1 - Early variety with tasty, tender tips. Forms the crowns the first year and starts to produce asparagus the following year. The first year, these should be left, the 2nd year cut half and the third...
Aubergine Black Beauty save 54p
V4 - Medium sized, black round variety. Round egg plants are said to be the sweetest. Vigorous plant. Approximate seeds quantity:@660 Sow: from February - end May
Aubergine Irene Hybrid F1
Mid-Early productive plant. The fruits have few seeds inside making it easier to cook, clean and sweeter. Dark purple, mid sized round fruits. Sow: from February - May and Harvest July - October
Aubergine Prosperosa
V5 - Mid-early variety. This variety produces round, large, light mauve eggplant, the one you often see at the greengrocers. This aubergine is very productive and has very few seeds inside. Approximate...
Aubergine Spany/Linda Ex-Gitana F1
V6 -Early variety that produces plant with long, slightly curved fruits. This variety is very strong and can be grow in a green house or even directly in the ground. Good storing aubergine! Approximate...
Aubergine Tondo Bianca White
V7 - Large white variety with slight pink tinge, by popular demand. Also called Romanesco. Approximate seeds quantity:@25 Sow: from February - May
Aubergine Violetta Lunga
V3 - This is the classic Italian eggplant. This is a mid-early variety, very productive. It produces long, dark and slightly curved aubergine of medium dimensions with very few seeds inside. Approximate...
Beetroot Bikores save 40p
V10b - Early variety that produces large round bulb. The bulb has a smooth thin skin and bright red tender, tasty flesh. Resist bolting!! Approximate seeds quantity:@480 Sow: from March - June
Beetroot Cylindra
V10a - 'Cylindrical' - a long beetroot of medium dimensions with deep red colour Sow 2cms down from Spring till late summer. Approximate seeds quantity:@480 Sow: from March - June
Beetroot Detroit
V8 - Early variety with red, extra sweet flesh. Beetroots are not recommended for diabetics due to it's high sugar content. Approximate seeds quantity:@480 Sow: from March - end June
Beetroot Detroit 100G
V8 - Early variety with red, extra sweet flesh. Beetroots are not recommended for diabetics due to it's high sugar content. 100G Sow: from March - end June
Beetroot Egitto Migliorata
V10 - 'Dark Flat Egyption'. Early round variety. Semi flat of medium dimensions with purple red flesh. Dates to around 1850. Approximate seeds quantity:@450 Sow: from March - June
Beetroot Of Chioggia Of Venice
V9 - From the Venice region and used on the 23/10/07 on Jamie at Home. Round red root with alternate white and red stripes on the inside. Approximate seeds quantity:@600 Sow: from March - June
Broccoli Gentleman F1
V12A - This is a high grade variety, reliable and consistent, producing good sized restaurant quality florets. Approximate seeds quantity:@ 120 Sow: from May - July
Broccoli Of Calabria
V12 - Compact and mid sized with several lateral sprouts. Delicate flavour. Smaller florets will grow back after harvesting. Approximate seeds quantity:@1800 Sow: from May - end July
Brussels Sprouts
V11 - Brussels Sprouts. Christmas dinner wouldn't be the same without them - even in Italy. Approximate seeds quantity:@1800 Sow: from May - August and harvest Aug-Dec.
Cabbage Copenhagen Save 40p
V14b - Mid-Early variety that produces grey/green round head. The head have a good dimension and it is close and wrap tightly. Approximate seeds quantity:@1500 Sow: from May - July Partnership plant: Chard,...
Cabbage Cuor Di Bue Grosso
V14 - Early variety with a mid-sized, upright, conical head. Looks much like a Romaine lettuce. Approximate seeds quantity:@1500 Sow: from May - end July Partnership plant: Chard, Cucumber, Bean, Lettuce,...
Cabbage Golden Acre
V14C - Round cabbage of medium dimensions and tightly wrapped. Smooth leaves, light green in colour with slightly pronounced veins. Approximate seeds quantity:@1500 Sow: from May - July and harvest until...
Cabbage Langedijk
V14a - This is a late variety from Holland that produces round closed head of medium dimension with tightly wrapped smooth leaves with a light green colour. Approximate seeds quantity:@1200 Sow: from October...
Cabbage Red Testa Nera
V57 - Frost resistant. Firm, deep red. A Christmas favourite braised sweet and sour. Approximate seeds quantity:@1500 Sow: from May - end July Partnership plant: Chard, Cucumber, Bean, Lettuce, Pepper,...
Cardoon Bianco Avorio
V83 - Mid-Late variety. Giant, vigorous plant with crunchy, large white ribs. Serrated leaves without spines. Blanche before eating. Approximate seeds quantity:@1000 Sow: from March - June Horticultural...
Cardoon Gobbo Di Nizza Monferrato
V16 - 'Hunchback'. Large plant producing strong celery flavoured cardoons from near Asti in Piemonte. Approximate seeds quantity:@ 125 Sow: from March - end June Horticultural name: Cynara cardunculus
Carrot Berlicum
V19 - This is a mid-late variety vigorous and productive. The plant produces long, cylindrical, crunchy root with a bright orange colour. Approximate seeds quantity:@7000 Sow: from March - July Horticultural...
Carrot Chantenay Save 54p
V20C - This is a medium sized stubby French carrot from the next town along to Nantes, which is of course also famous for it's carrots. Sow Feb-May. Approximate seeds quantity:@6000 Sow: from February...
Carrot Flakkee Gigante
V88 - Late variety that produces large, long carrots. This popular variety is also known as a Flak carrot. The root has an bright orange flash with lighter core. This carrot can be grown in heavy soil....
Carrot Jaune De Doubs save 40p
V82 - Rustic yellow carrot variety from the beautiful French town of Doubs. Once used just for forage, but now prized for it's culinary quality. Approximate seeds quantity:@4000 Sow: from February - July...
Carrot Nantese Bulk 50g Growers Pack
Classic Nantes carrot, Mid/early Venetian variety @45000. Sow Mar-Jul. Share with other allotmenteers to save money! Horticultural name: Daucur Carota
Carrot Nantese Of Chioggia
The nation's most popular carrot. This variety produces long roots, crunchy, solid, consistent and reliable. This variety do not taper. The roots have a red/orange colour with a small heart. Approximate...
Carrot Nantese Of Chioggia - *Seed Tape*
Carrot Nantese of Chioggia 2, on a paper tape of 5m. The seeds are evenly spaced and you need do nothing except lay the tape 1cm down. As the tape rots, it feeds the seed. May also help give limited protection...
Carrot Parisier Market Also Ideal for Indoor Gardening Systems
V18 - Featured on BBC Gardeners World 20/04/07. Round French Parisian carrots with good flavour. It's a classic case of the carrot changing to suit it's environment, and is basically a clay carrot. Easy...
Carrot Saint Valery
Carrot San Valerio mid/early variety from Northern Italy. This plant produces long, large and conical roots with bright orange flash. Approximate seeds quantity:@4000 Sow: from Spring into Summer Horticultural...
Carrot Tellus ex Calade F1
V20 - Hybrid variety. Fine carrot, heartless with a crunchy texture. Early cylindrical root, smooth with good colour. Length 15/16cm with dark green medium foliage. Sow protected/heated in cooler climate....
Carrot Touchon
Carrot Touchon this is an old French variety of superb quality and flavour. Ready in 65 days, this plant produces roots about 17cm long, crunchy and tender. Easy to grow and vigourous. Approximate seeds...
Cauli Romanesco
V21 - This is a green cauliflower from Rome with unusual spiral patterns over each floret forming an unusual head. Early variety that Requires fertile soil and frequent even watering to grow well. Approximate...
Cauliflower Gigante Di Napoli Marzatico save 40p
V22A - This is a Neapolitan variety. The vigorous, tall plant produces a large, compact, ice-white head. Resistant to low temperatures. Approximate seeds quantity:@1500 Sow: from May - July harvest Feb...
Cauliflower Macerata
V22 - An unusual green cauliflower with compact head from Macerata. Keeps it's colour when cooked. Mid early variety that produces mid-sized head with large outer leaves. Approximate seeds quantity: @1200...