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*SHORT DATE* Pea ‘Petit De Provence’ - Pisum sativum
Expiry Date: December 2018 This top quality petit pois from Provence has intense colour and real sweetness. They are superb on their own and in dishes like the Venetian risi e bisi which is a risotto made...
Beetroot Bikores
V10b - Early variety that produces large round bulb. The bulb has a smooth thin skin and bright red tender, tasty flesh. Resist bolting!! Approximate seeds quantity:@480 Sow: from March - June
Broad Bean Packet
This Broad bean is ideal to be used with a short pasta shape for 'Pasta con le fave' or pasta with broad beans. This is a productive variety for both spring and autumn sowing, reliable and midsized. Approximate...
Chicory Da Taglio Foglia Larga
R10 - A large leafed cut-and-come-again Chicory with 'Blond' leaves. Approximate seeds quantity:@6000 Sow: from March - September and harvest mid April -mid November. Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel,...
Climbing Pea Telefono
B24 - Late variety with an intense green, straight pods. Climber. Approximate seeds quantity:@200 Weight: 70g packet Sow: from February - May and September - November Pods: 11cm
Corn Salad Verte De Cambrai
L23 - French Corn Salad, Mache or Lamb's tongue Verte de Cambrai: The best-quality and most famous variety, which comes from north-west France. This region has made lambs lettuce its own. Soft leaves which...
Easy Salad Radish
A good red radish for dipping into salted butter and eating fresh. I like radishes quite a lot, but you don't think of them as being Italian, but then you don't think of roast chicken as being Italian,...
Endive Escarole Scarola Verde
L42 -Scarola Verde a Cuor Pieno: Classic escarole. This is one of the better cooking varieties, in my opinion, and has a large head with a golden heart that melts in the mouth. The most widely known scarola...
Endive Romanesco Save 46p
L40 - Endive Romanesco da Taglio: Roman cutting endive with thin, jagged upright leaves that grow in small bunches. This is a very easy variety to grow and use and it has a long sowing season. Dont be...
French red garlic - UK only preorder for Autumn
G4. UK ONLY. Soft neck Red garlic bulbs from Drome in Rhone-Alps, France in 500g (1/2kg) bags (about 5-6 large bulbs). Sow from Oct-Apr . French garlic is the most renowned and my mum still tells me stories...
French white garlic - UK only pre-order for Autumn 2018
G3. UK ONLY Sold out this season, please pre-order for Autumn 2108. White hard neck garlic bulbs from the Rhone-Alps region of France in 500g (1/2kg) bags (about 5-6 large bulbs). French garlic is the...
Garlic bianco veneto Soft Neck - UK only- preorder for Autumn 2018
G1. UK only - 'Venetian White'. A small-regional mid sized white garlic with excellent flavour from the coldest region of Italy which is not by accident! Its all about provenance and you will have a variety...
Garlic rossa di Sulmona Hard Neck - UK only pre-order for Autumn
G2. UK only. 3 heads per bag. A wonderful red garlic from the Abruzzo region for planting from Oct - Apr and harvesting Jun - end Aug. Red garlic tends to be a little sweeter. Sow 5cm down in a sunny spot...
Lettuce Lollo Bionda Green save 46p
L16 - Classic green lettuce with ruffled leaves. Mid sized open head. @4000 seeds. Sow Mar-end Oct.
Onion Ramata Di Milano
V38 - Very big golden onion from fashionable Milan. Neither round nor long, but 'Egg' shaped. Stores well. Horticultural name: Allium cepa L. Approximate seeds quantity:@1400 Sow: from Spring - Autumn
Salad Onion Barletta
S10 - Small round 'Cipolline' white salad onion which is suitable for pickling. Horticultural name: Allium cepa Approximate seeds quantity:@840 Sow: from March - June
Spinach ‘Merlo Nero Astigiana’ - Spinacia oleracea
This variety is typical of the alpine region of Italy in Piemonte. Spinach is not considered to be Italian, like the tomato or basil, but Italians love it and use it with ricotta, to make ravioli and cannelloni...
Swiss Chard ‘Liscia Barese’ - Beta vulgaris L
Chard is used throughout Italy where it is highly prized due to its reliability, ease of cultivation and flavour. Harvest it by cutting and new shoots will spring up. Chard makes a great tart filling along...