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Aubergine Black Beauty
V4 - Medium sized, black round variety. Round egg plants are said to be the sweetest. Vigorous plant. Approximate seeds quantity:@660 Sow: from February - end May
Beetroot Bikores
V10b - Early variety that produces large round bulb. The bulb has a smooth thin skin and bright red tender, tasty flesh. Resist bolting!! Approximate seeds quantity:@480 Sow: from March - June
Broad Bean Packet
This Broad bean is ideal to be used with a short pasta shape for 'Pasta con le fave' or pasta with broad beans. This is a productive variety for both spring and autumn sowing, reliable and midsized. Approximate...
Celery Gigante Dorato
S32 - Golden legs of celery. Use raw, for dipping in 'Bagna Cauda' and as a base for pasta sauce (with carrot and onion). Not self blanching. @5000 Feb-end Jun.
Climbing Pea Telefono
B24 - Late variety with an intense green, straight pods. Climber. Approximate seeds quantity:@200 Weight: 70g packet Sow: from February - May and September - November Pods: 11cm
Courgette Lungo Of Firenze
C12 - 'Long of Florence'. This courgette is a long, light green variety with light ribs along it's length. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@50 Sow: from February - July
Easy Salad Radish
A good red radish for dipping into salted butter and eating fresh. I like radishes quite a lot, but you don't think of them as being Italian, but then you don't think of roast chicken as being Italian,...
Fennel Montebianco
V28 - 'Montblanc'. Mid-late variety that produces large round bulb, well closed and crunchy. Vigorous plant with intense green leaves. Good to be eaten raw or cooked. Horticultural name: Foeniculum vulgare...
Garlic bianco veneto Soft Neck - UK only
G1. UK only - 'Venetian White'. A small-regional mid sized white garlic with excellent flavour from the coldest region of Italy which is not by accident! Its all about provenance and you will have a variety...
Leek Gigante D'Inverno
V31 - Giant of Winter. Late variety indicated for winter harvest. This variety produces large, long white stem. Excellent resistance to low temperature. Approximate seeds quantity:@1520 Sow: from February-...
Lettuce Alpine Ciucca
L98 - Ciucca: Mid/early variety with round, semi-open head of good dimensions. The ample leaves are blistered, tender and crunchy and an intense green colour with red smoking. This variety doesnt like...
ONION SET RED BARON 500g bag *UK only from Spring
UK ONLY. By popular demand and in limited quantities, you can buy this onion set for sowing now. The onion has a high sugar content and can be cooked or eaten raw. Sow spring for the same year and autumn...
Pea ‘Petit De Provence’ - Pisum sativum
This top quality petit pois from Provence has intense colour and real sweetness. They are superb on their own and in dishes like the Venetian risi e bisi which is a risotto made with cooked peas and diced...
Pepper Giallo Of Asti
V50 - Classic square yellow pepper from Piemonte in Northern Italy. Large, meaty, sweet flesh and considered to be one of the finest Italian peppers. Approximate seeds quantity:@260 Sow: from February...
Salad Onion Barletta
S10 - Small round 'Cipolline' white salad onion which is suitable for pickling. Horticultural name: Allium cepa Approximate seeds quantity:@840 Sow: from March - June
Spinach Andhalu
Mid-early variety with rounded, bustered, consistant leaves. Good resistance to summer heat and quite slow to bolt. Sow: from February to April and from August to October. Approx 900 seeds
Tomato Scatolone Of Bolsena
T22 - A superb cordon San Marzano type tomato from Lazio (Rome area) recommended by Pippa Greenwood in BBC GW Mag March 2008 of good size and an excellent storer. Sow Feb-May and harvest the last tomatoes...