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What to sow in December & January

I think the UK is the best in the world at sowing in the spring, but we are not as good as sowing seasonally right throughout the year. One of the big benefits of Franchi is that being alpine seeds, they are used to a much colder and wetter climate and so some are much hardier and ideal for this country.

The general rule is that when you pull something up, you should put something in. This guide has suggested some great varieties too - not all of them, so have a look through and any questions please dont hesitate to contact us.
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"What to sow now" Collection December & January
This collection is specially create with 5 varieties you can sow now, for a special price of 10. It contains: - Pepper giallo Asti - Aubergine - Tomato - Celery - Petunia If you want to see more varieties...