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Paolo Arrigo 01/09/2016

How to hermetically seal a jar - Always sterilize your jar and don't forget to do the lid too. Bomioli Quattro Stagioni lids come already hermetically sealed and clean for use straight from the packet. Once filled to the start of the neck and not all the way to the top of the jar or bottle, simply put the lid on hand tight, place jars into a deep saucepan with cold water (always cold jars into cold water!), place a tea towel in between and bring to a rolling boil and simmer for 20 mins. Turn the gas off and then allow to cool before removing the jars from the water and store in the larder or a cool dark airy place.

Passata - Now we're talking. THIS is what growing San Marzano tomatoes is all about. Passata is NOT liquidized tomatoes nor passed through a mouli both of which will be cloudy and bitty. It should be velvet. You could do it the traditional way and dip the toms in boiling water, removing the skins and passing them (passata) through a seive, the seive blocking all the time. Or you could get one of our passta machines which will process about 50kg of tomatoes per hour. Simply fix it using the large sucker to a work top, put the tomatoes in the hopper, turn the handle, the passata comes out one side, the dry skin and pips the other. Order yours now in two sizes regular and large (the larger one has a larger hopper and can process more easily.

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