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Paolo Arrigo 08/11/2016
Now listen - there are a lot of chefs out there who just chuck olive oil over everything they pull out of the oven and I wouldn't advocate that, but there is definitely a time and a place for a good olive oil to be used. Here are a few suggestions for some of the best ways and remembering that a good oil is like a good vino - each will have their own characteristics and flavour.

Tomatoes - olive oil and tomatoes go together like 
mailout passata pot.jpgtruffles and dogs. There are very few dishes i can think of where a slug of olive oil wouldn't lift it, make it velvety and add flavour. Especially good on sliced toms with basil and mozzarella, in a sugo (a tomato sauce) to use with seafood, pasta, a meat of vegetable sugo to serve with polenta or 

Hummus - One of the ingredients is of course olive oil and whilst you would usually use a Greek oil along with the chickpeas, lemon and Tahini (sesame seed paste), the robustness of this oil makes a really good strong hummus. Add some water - don't just use oil as the only liquid or the olive oil will become the overriding flavour.

Soups and Minestrone - a glug of good oil in a soup or minestrone is not a national pastime in Italy as it depends what region you are in, but I think it should almost be. It just adds to dish, dunk your bread in and you get velvet, pepper, a squeeze of olive, depth.

deli1.jpgVinaigrette - This is where Olive oil excels really, on salads, potato salads, on roasted peppers and aubergines, in a Salad Nicoise, a tuna salad and almost every cold salads. Other oils can be too light or not have enough flavour but olive oil's add so much. 

'Carta di Musica' or Pane Carasau - a thin unleavened crispy bread from Sardinia which has a delicious flavour. It is split, drizzled in olive oil, fresh diced tomato is added often, fresh origano. Great stuff. Share it and enjoy.

Don't use olive oil for frying - other oils are more stable. Recommend any of the oils from Seeds of Italy. Click here
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