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Paolo Arrigo 24/11/2018
Real Agretti from the Medietteranean basin, not Japanese Okahijiki

Agretti (Salsola Soda) is found ONLY in the Mediterranean basin and is NOT Japanese Salsola Okahijiki which is much harder to grow. As sought after as truffles,  and we may ration supplies if demand outstrips supply. Sold on a first-come-first-served basis. **Featured in the Independent in this great article and **As seen on Masterchef 10/4/14. Agretti / Roscano / Barba di Frate  Also called Roscano or Barba di Frate (Salsola Soda), this is very popular in Italy and has become the latest in vegetable in fancy Italian restaurants. 

agretti.jpgWhen mature(50 or so days) they are a 12 inches wide, 24 inch tall bush that looks like a huge chive and they are used mainly in Rome and Umbria. Really good with fish and seafood, it is a mild flavoured green which is a little bit bitter, a bit sourish, but a lot wonderful !! Almost impossible to find in the UK and very, very gastronomic. You can just braise them in some olive oil w/ garlic and serve as a side dish. Can also boil them and dress with some olive oil. 

Plant as soon as the ground can be worked. Sow and cover with 1/2 inch soil. Space seeds 4-6 inches apart. Thin to one plant 8-12 inches apart in row or raised bed. Germination time: 7-10 days Start cutting from the plants when they are about 6-8 inches tall. Cut the green tops or sections of the plant; it then will re-grow. It has a very short sowing window and the seed will NOT keep, hence it's rareness.  Customer advice - please compare the price per g of this variety very carefully when shopping around. Order HERE
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