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Our garlic seed bulbs are seasonal only, white from Venice and the red is sweeter, from the Abruzzo region. order now for this season or if out of stock, for next season.

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British Elephant Garlic - UK only in stock mid Sep
UK Only Grows a massive bulb which is related to leek so not as strong. Traditionally roasted. Sow in Autumn. 5 Cloves. Really good quality stuff this year as we've changed our supplier. Produced in the...
French white garlic - UK only
G3. UK ONLY White hard neck garlic bulbs from the Rhone-Alps region of France in 500g (1/2kg) bags (about 5-6 large bulbs). French garlic is the most renowned and my mum still tells me stories when she...
Garlic bianco veneto Soft Neck - UK only
G1. UK only - 'Venetian White'. A small-regional mid sized white garlic with excellent flavour from the coldest region of Italy which is not by accident! Its all about provenance and you will have a variety...
Golden onion set 500g
UK ONLY. A good storing onion also called Stuttgarter Reisen. Strong, flat. Sow now. 500g of onion sets in this value pack on a first come first served basis. Available from mid Sep. Horticultural name:...
POTATO SPUNTA Also Ideal for Container Growing Systems - preorder for 2019
Mainland UK ONLY. Blister pack of 25 mini tubers enough for a 25sqm area. 2nd early/Main crop. Yellow flesh and prized for its flavour from Messina, Sicily. Ideally suited for salads and frying. Sow F...
X Power Soluble Fertiliser for Garlic/Onions NPK 12:6:11
A complete fertiliser which has been formulate to provide the correct nutrition from germination and root formulation of your ornamental flowering plants. The addition of vegetable extracts enhances growth...