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Butterbean Stangenbohne Spagna Bianco large packet Leben
Classic butterbean with white seeds. Sow in the spring and early summer. 80gr packet. @40 seeds Horticultural name: Phaseolus coccineus Partnership plant: Chard, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Cucumber, Chicory...
Dwarf Bean Borlotto Rosso leben
Classic dwarf Borlotti variety about 60cm high. The pod is discarded for the mottled reddish/brown and white bean inside, which is used for risotto, thick warming winter soups etc. This variety is suitable...
Dwarf Green Beanbuschbohne Linera large packet Leben
Early variety fo dwarf green bean which produces stringless and tasty pods, suitable for freezing. This variety produces plants about 50cm tall. Bean Linera is rich of vitamn A-B-C-E. Sow: From April to...
Dwarf Yellow Bean Berggold Leben
Thin yellow stringless French bean with pods of 12-13cm. Round 'pencil pod', meaty and very productive. Suitable both for the hobby gardener and for mechanical picking. The plants are about 50cm tall....
Pea – Erbsen Lavagna large pack Leben
Peas can be sown in the spring for the same year and autumn for the following year. Easy to grow. 80g packet. @300 seeds.
Pea Mangetout – Erbsen Carouby large pack Leben
Great for stir fry and boiling to serve as a vegetable. Eat the pod. Sow spring for same year and autumn for following. 80g packet. @ 300 seeds .