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Cosmetically Damaged Red 70x70 Pizza Oven *Reduced, sold as seen
Pizza Oven Wood Burning/Smoker. 70x70cm/ 55KG, Portable - Metal Door. Slight cosmetic damage on roof edge. Sold as seen. Otherwise brand new and in perfect condition. Please see image. Mainland UK only...
Juicing seed Collection
We get an organic juicing box each week, and it is not cheap. So why not get our juicing seed collection and just grow the same varieties, and save a fortune! The varieties have been chosen specifically...
ONION SET RED BARON 500g bag *UK only from Spring
UK ONLY. By popular demand and in limited quantities, you can buy this onion set for sowing now. The onion has a high sugar content and can be cooked or eaten raw. Sow spring for the same year and autumn...
Preserving Funnel for jars with reducer
A wide neck with attachable refining nozzle at the base allows you to fill large jars with even thick liquids and sauces with no spillage. Simple but practical. 5.99 including VAT
'Green Paradise'. This deliciously scented 150g soap bar is crafted in the stylish city of Milan and free from colorants and SLSs. Wrapped in Eco-friendly paper. You can choose between six different messages...
Pea Mangetout – Erbsen Carouby large pack Leben
Great for stir fry and boiling to serve as a vegetable. Eat the pod. Sow spring for same year and autumn for following. 80g packet. @ 300 seeds .
Wild Rocket ‘Foglia D’ulivo’ - Diplotaxis tenuifolia Olive leaf rocket
The leaves, which resemble olive leaves (hence the Italian name), have the strength and flavour of wild rocket and the meatiness of cultivated! Rocket is used in every region of Italy and across the Mediterranean...
Linea Chef - Great Britain, Pea With Recipe For Mushy Peas
Ingredient - Wrinkled Pea. Recipe - Mushy Peas (Britain) on rear of packet. Sow Spring and Autumn. 15% of all packets sold will go to Gardening Leave to help soldiers cope with their invisible wounds....
Pea – Erbsen Lavagna large pack Leben
Peas can be sown in the spring for the same year and autumn for the following year. Easy to grow. 80g packet. @300 seeds.
Pea ‘Petit De Provence’ - Pisum sativum
This top quality petit pois from Provence has intense colour and real sweetness. They are superb on their own and in dishes like the Venetian risi e bisi which is a risotto made with cooked peas and diced...
Lentils ‘Lenticchia’ - Lens culinaris
Lentils are one of the oldest domesticated crops, originating in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean around 8,000 years ago. The Romans called them lens (now the scientific name) because of their...
Verbena grandiflora
Mixed colour Verbena flower pack. Horticultural name: Verbena Hybrida Recommended for pot
Poppy ‘Rhoeas Semplice Rosso’ - Papaver rhoeas
The red poppy is found in profusion all over Europe and North Africa. In U.K it became a symbol of remembrance after World War 1. Incidentally in France it is La Bluette (the corn flower) and in Italy...
Orogiallo Spaghetti pasta - UK Only *save 50%, now only £1.49
Classic Neapolitan Spaghetti for Carbonara and tomato based sauce, vegetarian or with meatballs. Really excellent flavour enhances your dishes. Each packet comes with a recipe. Proper pasta from Salerno,...
Tall Mallow ‘Malva Sylvestris’ - Malvia sylvestris
This beautiful Mediterranean plant grows to a metre tall and carries a profusion of bright mauve-purple flowers marked with dark veins. The flowers can last from April to October, making it a great plant...
Carnation of Nice
Carnation of Nice in mixed colours. Medium sized flowers in a variety of colours. Also suitable for cutting. 50cms. Online only. This variety is perfect for cutting and can be grow in pot Sow: from July...
Swiss Chard ‘Liscia Barese’ - Beta vulgaris L
Chard is used throughout Italy where it is highly prized due to its reliability, ease of cultivation and flavour. Harvest it by cutting and new shoots will spring up. Chard makes a great tart filling along...
Radicchio with Blue Chicory Flower ‘di Treviso’ - Cichorium intybus
With its tall stature and clusters of bright blue flowers, chicory makes a beautiful garden plant. Treviso chicory is also delicious to eat (if you sow from July to September for harvesting the leaves...
Tobacco Ornamentale
Perfumed flowers which open at sunset. Nice mix including yellow. Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:@20,000 Sow: from March - May Horticultural name: Nicotiana Affinis.
Marigold patula dwarf
Dwarf Tagete Patula Marigold in mixed colours. Long lasting flowers ideal for creating coloured spots in the garden. 30cm. Recommended for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@300 Sow: from April - mid...
Morning glory - Ipomea blu
Climbing plant reaching 250cm with many leaves. Bell shaped flowers fading to white centre. Ideal for balconies, pergola's and wall covering. Recommended for climbing Sow: from March - end June
Extra Copy Of Our New 2018 Catalogue UK Only
Get your first copy free by emailing your address to for you, your friends or family and if you would like extra copies just order your additional copies here. 60...