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Juicing seed Collection
We get an organic juicing box each week, and it is not cheap. So why not get our juicing seed collection and just grow the same varieties, and save a fortune! The varieties have been chosen specifically...
Golden onion set 500g -PRE-ORDER FOR AUTUMN 2018
UK ONLY. A good storing onion also called Stuttgarter Reisen. Strong, flat. Sow now. 500g of onion sets in this value pack on a first come first served basis. Available from mid Sep. Horticultural name:...
Preserving Funnel for jars with reducer
A wide neck with attachable refining nozzle at the base allows you to fill large jars with even thick liquids and sauces with no spillage. Simple but practical. 5.99 including VAT
'Green Paradise'. This deliciously scented 150g soap bar is crafted in the stylish city of Milan and free from colorants and SLSs. Wrapped in Eco-friendly paper. You can choose between six different messages...
Sweet Williams single
Simple Sweet William flower which is suitable for borders and for making small bouquets. Mixed coloured in pink and white and white and pink..... 30cm tall. Sow Jul-end Aug Recommended for cutting Approximate...
Tall Mallow ‘Malva Sylvestris’ - Malvia sylvestris
This beautiful Mediterranean plant grows to a metre tall and carries a profusion of bright mauve-purple flowers marked with dark veins. The flowers can last from April to October, making it a great plant...
Pepper Giallo Of Asti
V50 - Classic square yellow pepper from Piemonte in Northern Italy. Large, meaty, sweet flesh and considered to be one of the finest Italian peppers. Approximate seeds quantity:@260 Sow: from February...
Swiss Chard ‘Liscia Barese’ - Beta vulgaris L
Chard is used throughout Italy where it is highly prized due to its reliability, ease of cultivation and flavour. Harvest it by cutting and new shoots will spring up. Chard makes a great tart filling along...
Radicchio with Blue Chicory Flower ‘di Treviso’ - Cichorium intybus
With its tall stature and clusters of bright blue flowers, chicory makes a beautiful garden plant. Treviso chicory is also delicious to eat (if you sow from July to September for harvesting the leaves...
*SHORT DATE* Pea ‘Petit De Provence’ - Pisum sativum
Expiry Date: December 2018 This top quality petit pois from Provence has intense colour and real sweetness. They are superb on their own and in dishes like the Venetian risi e bisi which is a risotto made...
*Short Date* Lentils ‘Lenticchia’ - Lens culinaris
Expiry Date: December 2018 Lentils are one of the oldest domesticated crops, originating in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean around 8,000 years ago. The Romans called them lens (now the scientific...
*SHORT DATE* Green French Bean ‘Ferrari’
Expiry date: December 2018 This early variety of French bean is a fast grower, hence the name! It is stringless, tender, juicy and nutritious, and matures over a short period, making it one of the best...
Sunflower Nano Dwarf Giallo Fiore Pieno
This Dwarf puffball sunflower is ideal for windy gardens and containers. Sow from February to June. Horticultural name: Helianthus annuus Recommended for cutting Height: 60 cm
Papavero Poppy Shirley Ornamental
Annual plant about 60 cm tall. Easy to cultivate with upright stems. Slightly serrated, light green leaves. Cup-shaped flowers and large brightly coloured petals. Ideal for flower beds and gardens. Sow...
Piretro Pyrethrum Robinson's Multicolor
Annual rustic plant. It produces many colourful flowers. Ideal for cutting, flower beds and borders. H 80cm. Sow Mar-May.
Scabiosa Flower
Scabiosa Atropirpurea Rustic plant with rose bud shaped leaves. Mixed colour flowers which blossom through the summer only if the dead headed. Recommended for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@50 Sow:...
Achillea Filipendula Yellow
Online Only. Rustic perennial which reaches a height of around 120cm. Easy to grow, it produces umbrella shaped clusters if intense yellow flowers. Blooms throughout the summer in containers or in the...
Fiori Gialli - Yellow Annual Flowers
Annual yellow flowers of all different shapes, shades and sizes. The varieties are perfect for cutting Sow: Spring and Summer height: 80 - 90 cm
Rudbeckia Gloriosa
Upright plant with green leaves and beautiful, mid sized golden coloured flowers. Ideal for borders and prefers a sunnier position. 90cm tall. Annual. Recommended for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@...
Aster Piuma di Struzzo
Aster 'Ostrich Feather' in mixed colours of deep purple, reds, pinks and whites. 50cm. Sow Feb-end May Horticulticultural name : Callistephus Chinensis Approximate seeds quantity:@900 Sow: from April -...
Marigold tall
Giant Marigold with large flowers. Long lasting flowers also suitable for flower beds. In various shades of yellow. 60cm. Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:@750 Sow: from April - mid June...
Statice thrift
A classic cottage garden flower. Upright and mixed colours. Online only. Recommended for dry Approximate seeds quantity:@200 Sow: from February - June Height: 50 cm
Astro/ASter dwarf Merveille mix
This is an annual variety that produces lots of large different coloured flowers, ideal for borders and rocky gardens. The flowers are tall about 25cm. Sow from March to June Blooming from June to October...
Fiori Bianchi - White Flowers
White annual flowers. Differing sizes, shapes and shades. The varieties are perfect for cutting Height: 80 - 90 cm Sow: Spring - Summer
Campanula a grandi fiori
Mixed colour Campanula Bell flower. A favorite on Italian balconies. 60cm. Horticultural name: Campanula medium This variety is perfect for cutting Approximate seeds quantity:@8000 Sow: from April - May...
Alisso/Alyssum Dwarf Violet Queen
ALISSUM VIOLET QUEEN Perennial Variety which is 15cm tall and flowers all over the summer. 1g. Horticultural name: Lobularia maritima Approximate seeds quantity:@3000 Sow: from Spring This variety is perfect...
Rudbeckia Purple red
Upright plant with green leaves and beautiful, mid sized purple coloured flowers. Ideal for borders and prefers a sunnier position. 90cm tall. Annual. Recommended for borders Approximate seeds quantity:@3000...
Cobea scandens climbing mix
Annual, easy to grow bell shaped flowers 250cm tall. Ideal for pergola's and walls. Sow Mar to Jun. This variety is climbing Approximate seeds quantity:@7 Sow: from March - June
Honesty Flower Lunaria
Known in Italy as Lunaria o Moneta del Papa (the Pope's money because he is not allowed to carry any!!). Papery 'flowers' make Honesty very delicate and attractive. 30cm tall. Recommended for cutting Sow:...
Forget me not
F14. Or Forget-me-not in mixed colours of lilacs, pinks and white. Tolerates cooler climates and is suitable for borders. 20cm. This variety is perfect for borders Sow: from April - May and flowers next...
Sunflower Nanissimo Sunsport Dwarf DB
This is an annual dwarf variety of Sunflower. Flowers are only 40cm tall. This variety is ideal for containers and balconies in full sun. Flowers have an intense yellow colour and large head. Recommended...
Gillyflower - Violacciocca
A scented stock Mattiola Incana. This is a bienniel variety to be sown in the autumn. Recommended for cutting Height: 60cm Horticultural name: Matthiola incana
Gypsophila elegans white
GYPSOPHILA ELEGANS WHITE Biennial traditionally used in bouquets and highly decorative. Sow Mar-Sept. 2g. 1.99 Horticultural name: Gypsophila elegans Recommended for cutting height: 60 cm
Ornamental chilli fiesta
Compact bushy plant producing numerous multicoloured ornamental chilli's. 30cm tall so ideal for balconies and window boxes on terrazza's. Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:150 Sow: from March...
Ornamental mais Corn
Kernals range from black to red to yellow and keep their colour when dried. Approximate seeds quantity:@40 Sow: from April - June
Salvia splendens scarlet beauty
SALVIA SPLENDIDA SCARLET BEAUTY Annual 60cm tall. Fire red spikes over green leaves. Easy to grow. 0.5g. 1.99. Horticultural name: Salvia scarlet Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:@150 Sow:...
Petunia nana compatta
Dwarf Petunia in mixed colours, also suitable for flower beds, pots and boxes. Reds, white, peach, some with stripes etc. 20cm. Recommended for pot Approximate seeds quantity:@ 5500 Sow: from January -...
Carnation of Nice
Carnation of Nice in mixed colours. Medium sized flowers in a variety of colours. Also suitable for cutting. 50cms. Online only. This variety is perfect for cutting and can be grow in pot Sow: from July...
Snap dragon dwarf
Mixed colour snap dragon. Height 30cm Perennial. Prefers sunny position and lovely for cutting. Recommended for cutting Sow: February - May Antirrhinum majus
Tobacco Ornamentale
Perfumed flowers which open at sunset. Nice mix including yellow. Recommended for pot Height: 70cm Approximate seeds quantity:@20,000 Sow: from March - May Horticultural name: Nicotiana Affinis.