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(All products are UK Only). An Agriturismo is a farm which opens itself up to passersby offering them a fixed menu at a fixed price but using only their own home grown or local regional ingredients and then home cooked. So in this year’s catalogue, we have decided to focus on a very few but very special regional foodstuffs from only the best quality producers and tell you their amazing stories, the story of traditions forged through nature, through toil, dedication, passion but overall with pride. And we too are proud, proud to be able to introduce you to these artisan products and we hope you will be proud to serve them to your family and friends.


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Cheese la tentazione del frate - The monk's temptation
A semi-seasoned sheep cheese with delicate and very agreeable taste which goes well with pears or honey. It is paler, drier and more crumbly, the interior open-textured with many cracks. It smells of cheesecake...
Chick Pea Flour from Borghini of Arezzo Gluten Free *UK ONLY
By Borghini of Arezzo (Tuscany) this is top end Chick pea flour and a different product to Indian Garam flour. Used to make recipes like Farinata, Crepes, Gnocchi and more, this is a large 500g bag and...
Chickpea piccino del Chianti, Tuscany 350g Pack - UK Only
A very old regional variety grown ONLY in the Tuscan hills of Chianti, Valdarno and Pratomagno, it is of small size, harvested by hand with exceptional flavour characteristics and balance of proteins,...
Chilli and Meat Seasoning Grinder Set from Sicily *UK only
Not only a wonderful gift packaged as it is, but also great to have in your own home. Indispensable when eating pizza's but can be used on a whole range of other foods from pasta and gnocchi to roasts,...
'Cocchini' Coconut Choc Chip Biscuit Mix *Gluten Free* from Borghini
Following the success of our cake mixes, you've asked us for biscuit mixes. 6-8 portions (250g) you simply mix in the whites of two large eggs, shape your biscuits and bake. Ingredients Grated coconut,...
Colomba Paluani 750g Traditional Easter Cake with Chantilly Cream *UK Only
Colomba (Doves) are the traditional cake served at the Easter table in Italy. Unlike Panettone which are ripped off by every supermarket, Colombe are still pretty much undiscovered and they are also different...
Dried Porcini Mushrooms by Ceruti of Arezzo 100g *UK Only
The king of Mushrooms, the Porcini or Cep or in English the Penny Bun. Strong flavour, meaty and great in a stew or a sauce for pasta, or use with risotto or polenta. Ceruti are based in Arezzo in Tuscany...
Dried Porcini mushrooms by Foresta Oro, Caserta. *UK Only* ISO9001 From 16 Oct
Foresta Oro are based in Caserta, near Naples and for 47 years have based their entire philosophy on the quality of their products. So much so that they are ISO9001 certified. These porcini are enough...
Eat All Natural Edible Fruit Tea Tisane "Flowering Garden"
Now here is something very special. A heaped teaspoon of the NATURAL fruits into boiling water for 7 mins, you can eat the 'tea' with a spoon and also enjoy the tea. The leaves and fruits burst with flavour,...
Eat all Natural Edible Fruit tea Tisane "Tra buoni amici"
The most amazing tea where you eat the fruit pieces after. Juicy, fruity and completely natural, just put a heaped tsp into a cup and steep for 7 mins. When you've tried this tea you will be back for more.........
Edible Cornflowers to enhance your dishes.
The most beautiful purple flowers indicated for use with cheese sauces, risottos, soups and with gnocchi in particular. They add colour and subtly flavour your dishes. You could also add a little to a...
Edible Mallow Flowers 'Malva'
'Fiori in cucina' - flowers for culinary use. These beautiful mauve flowers add delicate flavour and colour to your dishes. Use by 31.12.15 an excellent in soups, omelette's and with red meat in particular....
Edible Orange Flowers Fiori D'arancio 20g Bag
Orange blossom flowers from Tuscany for use in cakes and biscuits, custards and creams, chocolate sauces, with cheeses and in panettone and other pastries including Middle Eastern, Neapolitan, Sicilian...
Edible Rose Flowers
A gentle flavour for use in cakes, risotto and with long pasta shapes, in pastries for aperitivi, Cakes, biscuits, jams and jellies are the best use for the rose flowers and for use in Middle Eastern and...
Fregola / Fregula Toasted Pasta from Cagliari 500g *UK Only*
Fregola is a type of pasta 2-3mm in size which is toasted. It has an amazing nutty flavour and is a hard-to-find ingredient even in the UK. It is similar to North African Berkoukes and Israeli ptitim....
Ghiglione classic pesto genovese from Liguria 130g - UK only
Real Pesto Genovese made in Liguria by olive oil producer Ghiglione of Liguria with Italian pine nuts. Use with our Trofie pasta (Pesto is never eaten with spaghetti, only with Trofie with some cubed boiled...
Ghiglione 'Ligurian riviera PDO Organic extra virgin olive oil 0.25L *UK only
SAVE 1 Founded in 1920 in the Medieval village of Dolcedo, this is the creme-de-la-creme of Ligurian oils. Not only typical of the region, but at the top end as being both a PDO (Protected Domination of...
Ghiglione organic pesto genovese from Liguria 130g - UK only
Real Pesto Genovese made in Liguria by olive oil producer Ghiglione of Liguria with Italian pine nuts. Use with our Trofie pasta (Pesto is never eaten with spaghetti, only with Trofie with some cubed boiled...
Gluten Free Dietetic Penne Rigate 250g by Misura of Brescia
Pasta is Italian and this is Italian made Gluten Free Pasta 250g packet (two portions) made from 80/20 Mais flour and Rice flour. I've had some awful gluten free pasta, but there are good and a healthy...
Gnochetti Sardi Pasta *UK ONLY*
Gnochetti sardi are not gnocchi at all but a small pasta generally eaten with lots of tomato sauce or ragu. Not available in the supermarkets. 500gr. Limited quantity
Il Tartufaio - Truffle cheese from Forli’ 410g minimum - to 440g UK Only
Reflecting the passion we have in Italy for the truffle, this fresh cheese (ripened for about 20 days) will lead with firstly with a fine tang but it is the truffle which will linger. Truffles are usually...
Illy coffe dark roast, single tin - UK Only
Dark roast Illy coffee 250g tin, 100% Arabica. Bright, rich and energetic, it gets straight to the point. Marked counterpoints of flavours with pronounced chocolate aroma, blending with toast and caramel....
12 x 250g tins of illy coffee beans sent directly from the distributors. Mainland UK only
Illy coffee single 250g red tin Mainland UK only.
Medium roast Illy coffee 250g tin, 100% Arabica. Quintessential balance of strength and smoothness, with distinct aromas of chocolate, toast , caramel and light flowers. 250g red tin of Illy coffee. Mainland...
Illy Decaff Coffee beans case - mainland UK only
Illy decaffeinated beans just in and by popular demand. 250g pressurized tins x 12
Specially formulated for filter coffee machines and percolators. 250g
Illy ground coffee regular case - UK Only
12 x 250gr tins of ground illy coffee for use in espresso machines and percolators. Mainland UK only.
Illy Ground dark roast case *mainland UK only*
Same Illy quality now in a dark roast ground coffee miscela, which is proving to be a best seller. 12X 250g.
Illy Medium roast regular groung coffee, single Tin - UK Only
UK ONLY - The 100% arabica beans are selected INDIVIDUALLY and if they don't meet certain specifications, they are discarded. 250 gram pressurised tin with a very low caffeine content of around 1.5% (due...
Illy one tin of medium and one of dark roast coffee - UK Only
One tin of each of 250g Medium Roast and 250g Dark Roast, both ground and pressurised.
Italian Knife Sharpener Wooden Handle by Rigamonti. Boxed *UK ONLY*
Made in Italy by Rigamonti, these handy knife sharpeners are the easy way to sharpen your knives quickly and regularly. Don't spend loads for expensive gadgets. You'll use this daily!
Italian lemon salt from Tuscany UK Only
A Tuscan tradition, Sea Salt, simply flavoured with Italian Lemon. Use it with any fish or seafood, great with mozzarelle or tomatoes, with seafood or fish pasta or risotto and more. This flavoured salt...
Italian Pine Nuts Pinoli 20g Packet
As Featured On Food Unwrapped 02/03/15 & 23/11/15 with Jimmy Doherty (from the Supplier featured in Rome) . Buy 2 or more, pay only 3 each It is almost impossible to find Italian pine nuts in the UK and...
Italian Pine Nuts Pinoli 50g Packet
AS FEATURED ON FOOD UNWRAPPED 02/03/15 AND 23/11/15 with Jimmy Doherty (we buy from the producer shown in Rome) Buy 2 or more for 6 each . It is almost impossible to find Italian pine nuts in the UK and...
Italian Red wine salt - UK Only
A Tuscan tradition, Sea Salt, simply flavoured with Italian red wine. Use it with any red meat or game, in stews and casseroles, with hearty pasta and tomato based sauces, coq au vin and more. This flavoured...
Italian Salt with Basil - UK only
Sprinkle onto tomato with some mozzarella, or put into a tomato sauce, use in a summer salad. Italian sea salt, basil, nothing else, all natural. This is an artisan product. 100g packet
Italian salt with Porcini Mushroom - UK only
Italian salt with 5% porcini mushroom to enhance any mushroom dish, but especially risotto or pasta. Use to lift a steak and mushroom pie or your tomato sauces and a classic of Emilia Romagna. 150g pack...
Lentil of Colfiorito, Umbria 350g PACK. UK Only *CROP FAILURE* Order for Autum..
Crop Failure for 2019 Spring Buy two or more for 4.75 . Produced ONLY in the high plains of Colfiorito in Umbria in the fertile earth once a lake which slowly dried leaving a unique micro climate and soil...
Ligurian capers in salt
A regional caper from the Northern Coastal Ligurian region by olive oil and pesto producers Ghiglione. A 180g jar goes a long way. Small capers which should be washed before use. No ogm. Ingredients: Local...
Ligurian Organic extra virgin olive oil by Ghiglione 75cl - UK Only
Ligurian oils are considered to be some of the best in Italy and this is just typical of the classic Ligurian style of olive oil, fruity grassy with a slight bitterness. Produced Organically in Dolcedo...