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(All products are UK Only). An Agriturismo is a farm which opens itself up to passersby offering them a fixed menu at a fixed price but using only their own home grown or local regional ingredients and then home cooked. So in this year’s catalogue, we have decided to focus on a very few but very special regional foodstuffs from only the best quality producers and tell you their amazing stories, the story of traditions forged through nature, through toil, dedication, passion but overall with pride. And we too are proud, proud to be able to introduce you to these artisan products and we hope you will be proud to serve them to your family and friends.


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Squid Ink Spaghetti 500g from Bari*UK only
From Bari, this pasta is rich, being flavoured with local squid ink and a delicacy in Italy. Not easy to find so we're pleased to be able to offer it to you as new for 2017. Serve with tomato sauce with...
Tagliatelle pasta with Porcini mushroom *UK Only
The king of mushrooms the cep, penny bun or Porcini mushroom is impregnated into this pasta. Tagliatelle are light and easy to eat (very easy!) and Orogiallo is not like supermarket pasta - this is artisan,...
Truffle salt from Tuscany UK Only
Sea Salt, simply flavoured with Italian black summer truffle. Use it with any egg dish, stews, red meat, with pasta, gnocchi, risotto or polenta, with asparagus and a host of other dishes or a romantic...
ULIVO OLIVE LEAF **Award winning cheese** – from Brisighella
Over 150 judges from 24 countries awarded Ulivo 1st prize Gold (semi hard cheese category) in the World Cheese Awards in 2009, organized by the Guild of Fine Food UK. The sheeps milk is poured into ancient...
'Vegetables' by Antonio Carluccio + one seed packet to grow
UK ONLY Seeds of Italy are pleased to be sharing with you Antonio Carluccio's new book full of Italian vegetables with recipes, including many Franchi varieties so can make the most from your seeds from...
Wild Fennel pesto from Sicily - UK Only
The only ingredients are Sicilian locally grown wild fennel, sunflower oil and salt. Pour over pasta, it is excellent with fish and on pork Roman style, in minestra and in sauces. 180g. It contains absolutely...