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(All products are UK Only). An Agriturismo is a farm which opens itself up to passersby offering them a fixed menu at a fixed price but using only their own home grown or local regional ingredients and then home cooked. So in this year’s catalogue, we have decided to focus on a very few but very special regional foodstuffs from only the best quality producers and tell you their amazing stories, the story of traditions forged through nature, through toil, dedication, passion but overall with pride. And we too are proud, proud to be able to introduce you to these artisan products and we hope you will be proud to serve them to your family and friends.


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Illy Decaff Coffee beans case - mainland UK only
Illy decaffeinated beans just in and by popular demand. 250g pressurized tins x 12
12 x 250g tins of illy coffee beans sent directly from the distributors. Mainland UK only
Illy Ground dark roast case *mainland UK only*
Same Illy quality now in a dark roast ground coffee miscela, which is proving to be a best seller. 12X 250g.
Illy ground coffee regular case - UK Only
12 x 250gr tins of ground illy coffee for use in espresso machines and percolators. Mainland UK only.
Balsamic vinegar PGI gift set in a wooden presentation box. UK Only
Pedroni are based in Modena and they do things properly, the way things have been done for over 150 years. This 150th anniversary set contains 1 bottle of their 150th 'Anniversario' Silver aged IGP balsamic,...
Balsamic vinegar DOP 'Italo' in a Giugiaro bottle - UK Only
Only Real DOP vinegar made in Modena can and must be sold in the GIUGIARO Italian car stylist designed bottle but it is also what is inside that is so special. The vinegar lays in oak and then chestnut...
'Vegetables' by Antonio Carluccio + one seed packet to grow
UK ONLY Seeds of Italy are pleased to be sharing with you Antonio Carluccio's new book full of Italian vegetables with recipes, including many Franchi varieties so can make the most from your seeds from...
Ariosto potatoes 1Kg Catering Pack *UK only*
UK ONLY. All natural with no MSG's or anything artificial, use 1 tbsp of seasoning per 1kg of potatoes.
Ariosto 1Kg for fish UK Only
Made using only fresh herbs with absolutely no additional ingredients or preservatives. No need to use any salt. Use 10g of seasoning per 1/2kg of fish sprinkle inside and out before cooking (for grill/bbq...
Ariosto carni 1kg Arrosto/Ferri Catering Pack *UK Only*
The same natural ingredients with no MSG's or anything artificial in a catering 1kg pack. For Roasts and grills.
smoked Napoli Salame 900g by Levoni *UK only*
Hard to find smoked Napoli course cut salame by Levoni
Aceto Pedroni 'Sigillo Oro' Gold PGI Balsamic Vinegar 250ml *UK only
Save 1 The finest of all the IGP balsamic vinegars signed Giuseppe Pedroni whose family has been making fine balsamic the traditional way, aged in barrels since 1862. The finest gift, a bottle will last...
Aceto Pedroni Anniversario Balsamico Vinegar IGP. 250ml *UK only
Real Balsamic Vinegar is made with love and with good ingredients and with time, lots of time. It is not cheap vinegar which is thickened but instead the thickness comes with age in barrels. This IGP vinegar...
Ligurian Organic extra virgin olive oil by Ghiglione 75cl - UK Only
Ligurian oils are considered to be some of the best in Italy and this is just typical of the classic Ligurian style of olive oil, fruity grassy with a slight bitterness. Produced Organically in Dolcedo...
Il Tartufaio - Truffle cheese from Forli’ 410g minimum - to 440g UK Only
Reflecting the passion we have in Italy for the truffle, this fresh cheese (ripened for about 20 days) will lead with firstly with a fine tang but it is the truffle which will linger. Truffles are usually...
Rovagnati Zampone from Modena UK Only
Traditionally eaten at Christmas and the new year, Zampone is a kind of salame you cook and serve hot - pigs trotter basically. It is precooked and can be heated in 45 mins boiled in the bag. Traditionally...
Ghiglione 'Ligurian riviera PDO Organic extra virgin olive oil 0.25L *UK only
SAVE 1 Founded in 1920 in the Medieval village of Dolcedo, this is the creme-de-la-creme of Ligurian oils. Not only typical of the region, but at the top end as being both a PDO (Protected Domination of...
Illy one tin of medium and one of dark roast coffee - UK Only
One tin of each of 250g Medium Roast and 250g Dark Roast, both ground and pressurised.
Centonze organic sicilian extra virgin oilve oil 50cl -retro tin- *UK only
An outstanding oil, outstanding. The trees are ancient, growing from in between Etruscan stones and the oil is truly unique, not to mention the beautiful tin. The best olives are harvested by hand in the...
Montalbano Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Tuscany 500ml *UK Only*
New season's Olive oil in stock. Mainland UK only Whilst we were at Expo Milan this year we bumped into Montalbano. Not the detective from Sicily but actually the Olive oil cooperative of Montalbano PGI...
Pecorino Cheese with Chianti DOCG
This is a top end cheese, marrying 2 traditions of Tuscany and it is a marriage made in heaven by an artisan. The must of the wine comes through but whilst the alcohol has gone, the flavour remains. UK...
Cheese Gran cru di grotta 'Cave aged' - UK Only
Gran Cru di Grotta 18 th Century Cave Aged Cheese, Brisighella. The Gran Cru di Grotta cheese is a semi matured Pecorino type cheese which is aged in the restored 18 th Century Cave of Villa Corte where...
Bean Zolfino di Pratomagno - the Noble bean. 350g Pack. UK Only
Almost extinct in the 1970's, Zolfini are considered by some as one of the finest shelling beans in the world, picked by hand in Tuscany and ONLY found in Pratomagno in a given geographical region. You...
Aceto Pedroni 'Dote' Balsamic Vinegar IGP 250ml *UK only
Real Balsamic Vinegar is made with love and with good ingredients and with time, lots of time. It is not cheap vinegar which is thickened but instead the thickness comes with age in barrels. This IGP vinegar...
Barilla Organic Penne Rigate 500g *UK Only* Triple pack 3 x 500g from 16 Oct
Barilla is a well known brand in Italy but their Organic range is hard to find in the UK. We present to you this clean pasta, penne rigate especially recommended to serve with organic tomato or cream sauces....
Filled with Lemon Cream, pandoro means 'golden bread' and has none of the candied or dried fruit you'd find in a panettone. Sprinkle the provided sugar poweder on top and leave it for 30 mins on a radiator...
Filled with a Tiramisu' cream, pandoro means 'golden bread' and has none of the candied or dried fruit you'd find in a panettone. Sprinkle the provided chocolate icing sugar on top and leave it for 30...
Cheese la tentazione del frate - The monk's temptation
A semi-seasoned sheep cheese with delicate and very agreeable taste which goes well with pears or honey. It is paler, drier and more crumbly, the interior open-textured with many cracks. It smells of cheesecake...
ULIVO OLIVE LEAF **Award winning cheese** – from Brisighella
Over 150 judges from 24 countries awarded Ulivo 1st prize Gold (semi hard cheese category) in the World Cheese Awards in 2009, organized by the Guild of Fine Food UK. The sheeps milk is poured into ancient...
Really soft, melt-in-the-mouth, full of quality candied fruits (not like cheapo pretend Panettone!), sweet and fragrant. 1kg cake by one of the most famous brand in Italy "BALOCCO", perfect for your C...
Panettone 'Glassuvetta' NO Candied fruit 750g only raisins, Sugar crust *UK ONLY
UK ONLY Panettone is the traditional Christmas cake of Italy and Verona where it was said to be invented, by a baker called Toni for a rich client but he only had bread dough, dried fruit and some sugar...
Organic raw honey Lime Tree Tiglio 400g, from Emilia Romagna. UK Only.
The majestic Lime Tree produces one of the most perfumed flowers and is found commonly in Emilia Romagna. The aroma is intense with irregular crystallisation. 400g jar Pasturised honey is not safe for...
Organic raw honey Woodland - UK Only. Piemonte and Emilia produced.
A deep honey, tones of caramel, intense from the woodland of Piemonte and from Emilia Romagna. 400g jar Pasturised honey is not safe for small children, but raw honey is because it contains 2 enzimes Acelilcolina...
Caputo Sourdough starter dry yeast 1Kg *UK Only*
Antico lievito Madre - Sourdough starter dry yeast 1kg. It is a starter rather than brewers yeast and you still need to use yeast, but it will give your bread a great old fashioned flavour and finish,...
Organic Raw honey From Emilia Romagna - Acacia *UK only*
Quality acacia honey from the alpine hills of Piacenza and Rimini in Emilia Romagna. Clear, sweet, ideal for drizzling, for yoghurt, baklava, or fruit salad. 400g jar Pasturised honey is not safe for small...
Organic raw honey Coriander 400g - UK only. Produced in Romagna, Italy *Gluten..
Naturally Gluten Free Intense flavour of honey sweets with a light minty fennel tone finishing with coriander leaves. Fine crystallisation and spreadable. 400g jar Pasturised honey is not safe for small...
Pandoro means 'golden bread' and has none of the candied or dried fruit you'd find in a panettone. Sprinkle the provided sugar poweder on top and leave it for 30 mins on a radiator to slightly warm through...
Nduja Hot Calabrian Salame 450g+ **UK Only**
as seen on The Hairy Bikers 4/1/18 Made in Mandatoriccio (CS), this is the traditional Nduja used now even by some chain restaurants on pizza and pasta. Calabria is known for its chillies and they eat...
Organic Raw Hony Sunflower 400g produce in Le Marche - UK only.
From Cingoli in Le Marche, Sunflower honey is sweet, tasting of sweet straw. Compact crystallisation. A great sweetener as it will not change flavours. A wonderful honey, full of sunshine! 400g jar Pasturised...
Rare Organic Tuscan Beach Honey - Miele Di Spiaggia 250gr
This is one of the most unique and sought after organic honeys and the production is very small. This honey is collected from bees that feed on flowers found on the coastline in the clean, protected National...