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Both the Romans and ancient Greeks hunted for truffles and they are as highly prized now as they were then and Acqualagna is the most prestigious truffle area in Italy along with Alba in Piemonte, with its rolling hills, forests, valleys and perfect cool truffle climate. Traditionally female pigs were used but they always tried to eat the truffle but for over 200 years the Italians have trained and used truffle dogs to find them.

Terre Nobili who are based in this small town are producers of wonderful artisan truffle products, made by hand with truffles that are hunted with dogs, one by one. The amount of work to find them is considerable and their reputation and flavour is unique in the world and the famous Alba truffles can fetch thousands of pounds if not tens of thousands of pounds each. Truffles make excellent foodie gifts, they are perfect for dinner parties and romantic meals and a little bit goes a long way so we’ve chosen a small selection to suit every budget and use in the kitchen.

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Black summer truffle oil - UK only
The Black summer truffle is the only edible truffle found in the summer as all others are winter truffles. Whilst not as highly regarded as the white, it is still has a good lingering flavour which goes...
Black summer truffle slices - UK Only
This is one of those products which goes such a long way as the slices are in oil and so long as they are kept covered, will keep. Ideal served with cooked foods Polenta, risotto, tomato sauces, with fried...
Italian Knife Sharpener Wooden Handle by Rigamonti. Boxed *UK ONLY*
Made in Italy by Rigamonti, these handy knife sharpeners are the easy way to sharpen your knives quickly and regularly. Don't spend loads for expensive gadgets. You'll use this daily!
Sliced White Bianchetto Truffle - UK Only
The Ultimate aphrodisiac. This is one of those products which goes such a long way as the slices are in oil and so long as they are kept covered, will keep. You only need a little because white truffles...
Tartufata - UK ONLY
A mixture of Champignon mushrooms, olives, a little Anchovy and black truffle in a large 170g jar it is great value mostly because it goes such a long way. It can be used straight from the jar so is perfect...
Truffle salt from Tuscany UK Only
Sea Salt, simply flavoured with Italian black summer truffle. Use it with any egg dish, stews, red meat, with pasta, gnocchi, risotto or polenta, with asparagus and a host of other dishes or a romantic...
White Truffle Butter 45g Jar *UK ONLY*
We've been supplied for years by Terre Nobili in Aqualagna because they do really good quality products. We present to you this truffle butter for putting on pasta, fried eggs, asparagus, polenta and risotto...
White truffle honey - UK Only
Miele di Tartufo is wonderful served with cheeses as is the tradition in Italy and it is simply a marriage made in heaven. This is a 100g jar of local Italian honey infused with Italian white bianchetto...
White Truffle oil - UK Only
One of the most versatile condiments in the kitchen, used for drizzling onto pasta, into risotto, onto eggs (egg mayonnaise, fried eggs, omelette's etc) and roasted potatoes or over asparagus especially...