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65% Calabrian Orange jam with fondant chocolate 240g *UK only*
65% fruit mixed with dark chocolate. I think that is all the description this product needs. The oranges are grown locally in Calabria and once open it should be kept in a fridge. This is not a mass produced...
Apero' Cherry Tomato 'Sugo' in classic Beer Bottle 330g from Foggia
In the old days, people were far more practical than we are today. In the south of Italy, it was tradition for the passata and tomato sauces to be put into used (cleaned!) beer bottles. What goes around,...
Aubergine Prosperosa
V5 - Mid-early variety from Southern Italy and particularly in Sicily. This variety produces round, large, light mauve eggplant, the one you often see at the greengrocers. This aubergine is very productive...
Broccoli Of Calabria
V12 - Compact and mid sized with several lateral sprouts. Delicate flavour. Smaller florets will grow back after harvesting. Approximate seeds quantity:@1800 Sow: from May - end July
Calabrian organic citrus 'Fruit Cheeses' Jam 350g *82% fruit* UK only
These jams BURST with flavour. If you can taste a region, then it is in this product. They are outstanding in that they specialise in Clementines, oranges, bergamot and lemon and of course, liquorice and...
Calabrian Red Onion Marmalade - Dolcezza alla cipolla rossa 230g *UK Only*
Calabria has some of the sweetest red onions in the world and this is a high fruit jam which is brilliant to eat with cold meats or cheeses, with roasted veg or even just spread on hot toast.
Chicory Catalogna Of Pugliese
R23 - Upright chicory with long 'serrated' leaves with white white ribs. Early. Approximate seeds quantity:@6000 Sow: from March - mid August and harvest April - end October. Partnership plant: Carrot,...
Chicory Puntarelle Of Brindisi
R24 - As seen on 2 greedy Italians 16/5/12 catalogna chicory from Brindisi upright with long stems and the pointy crunchy 'puntarelle' which it is grown for. Small jagged leaves. Approximate seeds quantity:@6000...
Chilli Piccante Calabrese DB
Chilli Pepper Ciliegia Piccante (Bacio di Satana) 'Satans Kiss'....beware. This is a med-hot, cherry chilli, so called by its round shape 2cms. It loses about 60% of it's heat when cooked making it great...
Cima Di Rapa 40
V72 - '40 Days'. Very early turnip top, used to make the famous pasta dish 'Orecchiette e Cima di Rapa'. This is a rustic plant that produces many tender sprouting broccoli florets. 40 days to harvest!!...
Cucumber Melon Carosello of Manduria - Endangered variety*
This variety is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' which means it is endangered. S12 - Melon Cucumber. Grown since Roman times, this...
Cucumber Melon Carosello Pugliese - Endangered variety*
This variety is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' and is endangered S11 - Dual Purpose - picked young it is eaten as a cucumber....
Long Red Onion Tropea Rossa Lunga Short Day
Featured on BBC Gardeners World by Monty Don, 22/12/06 and The Hairy Bikers 4/1/18 This onion is a speciality of Calabria where the seed is still produced and the onion itself has DOP status like Champagne...
Nduja Hot Calabrian Salame 450g+ **UK Only**
as seen on The Hairy Bikers 4/1/18 Made in Mandatoriccio (CS), this is the traditional Nduja used now even by some chain restaurants on pizza and pasta. Calabria is known for its chillies and they eat...
PEPERONCINI RIPIENI - Traditional Tuna stuffed Calabrian Chillies 314g jar UK ..
NEW format a speciality of Calabria! Chillies have been eaten by humans since at least 6,000 years BC in Ecuador, the Romans certainly used them and Cristoforo Colombo brought them to Europe in 1493, straight...
The most wonderful art deco stylised poster of Italy and the vintage aircraft flying over it. A5
Santa Cesarea R.R.Terma, Lecce, on the coast, an art deco poster in A3 or A5.
Red Onion ‘Tropea Rossa Lunga’ - Allium cepa
as seen on the Hairy Bikers 4/1/18 This is probably the most famous onion in Italy. The area it comes from is perfect for onion cultivation, and it is said that Tropea onions are so mild that they can...
Red Onion Tropea Rossa Tondo short day
A very well known and highly prized red onion from Calabria and the best red onion in Italy. Good sized round red bulb. Approximate seeds quantity:@840 Sow: from March - May and July - September Horticultural...
Regional Italian Pasta - Orecchiette, Trofie
UK ONLY - The highest quality Organic regional Pasta shapes still made using traditional bronze cutters and age old techniques. When you boil this pasta, the whole kitchen will be filled with the smell...
Salad Onion Barletta
S10 - Small round 'Cipolline' white salad onion which is suitable for pickling. Horticultural name: Allium cepa Approximate seeds quantity:@840 Sow: from March - June
Squid Ink Spaghetti 500g from Bari*UK only
From Bari, this pasta is rich, being flavoured with local squid ink and a delicacy in Italy. Not easy to find so we're pleased to be able to offer it to you as new for 2017. Serve with tomato sauce with...
Swiss Chard ‘Liscia Barese’ - Beta vulgaris L
Chard is used throughout Italy where it is highly prized due to its reliability, ease of cultivation and flavour. Harvest it by cutting and new shoots will spring up. Chard makes a great tart filling along...