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Artichoke Violetto
V2 - Purple/Violet coloured with a delicate artichoke flavour. Likes a rich-heavy soil. Artichokes are a classic of Rome - ask for them on your next visit there. They are heavenly. Approximate seeds quantity:...
Aubergine Tondo Bianca White AKA 'Romanesco'
V7 - Large white variety with slight pink tinge, by popular demand. Also called Romanesco. Approximate seeds quantity:@25 Sow: from February - May
CALAMINTHA NEPETA or Roman "Mentuccia" - available from Feb2018
This is a perennial plant, rustic and easy to grow. Also known as Mentuccia. Can grow to around 50cm in height and it has characteristic oval leaves and an aroma similar to mint. It is used to flavour...
Cauliflower Romanesco
V21 - This is a green cauliflower from Rome with unusual spiral patterns over each floret forming an unusual head. Early variety that Requires fertile soil and frequent even watering to grow well. Approximately...
COLLEZIONE ROMA - selection of Roman seed varieties
Say Rome and you think of the Colloseum, Tiber and Trevi fountain, not to mention the Roman civilisation which changed the world we live in. Rome is a city of history, art, culture, style, and of course...
Courgette Romanesco
C13 - Small/mid sized lightly ridged zucchino from Rome, of good quality and flavour. Nutty flavour, restaurant quality courgette. Highly recommended. Growing habit: Bush Approximate seeds quantity:@45...
Endive Romanesco Save 46p
L40 - Endive Romanesco da Taglio: Roman cutting endive with thin, jagged upright leaves that grow in small bunches. This is a very easy variety to grow and use and it has a long sowing season. Dont be...
Fennel Romanesco
V28a - Mid/early. Intense green leaves and full cane forming a crunchy large closed head with strong aniseed flavour yet juicy. Horticultural name: Foeniculum vulgare Miller Approximate seeds quantity:@1260...
Fumasi 1935 Professional Pruners For Green Wood *UK ONLY*
These are tough tools up for the job. Replacement blades are available to order. Not only are they beautifully designed, but they are also up to the job and well calibrated.
Fumasi 1935 Professional Wedge Pruners For Dry Wood *UK ONLY*
These are tough tools up for the job. Replacement blades are available to order. Made by artisans, by hand, in house with carbon steel. Robust and well balanced.
Italian Pine Nuts Pinoli 20g Packet
As Featured On Food Unwrapped 02/03/15 & 23/11/15 with Jimmy Doherty (from the Supplier featured in Rome) . Buy 2 or more, pay only 3 each It is almost impossible to find Italian pine nuts in the UK and...
Italian Pine Nuts Pinoli 50g Packet
AS FEATURED ON FOOD UNWRAPPED 02/03/15 AND 23/11/15 with Jimmy Doherty (we buy from the producer shown in Rome) Buy 2 or more for 6 each . It is almost impossible to find Italian pine nuts in the UK and...
Lentils ‘Lenticchia’ - Lens culinaris
Lentils are one of the oldest domesticated crops, originating in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean around 8,000 years ago. The Romans called them lens (now the scientific name) because of their...
Mix of Romaine Lettuces
Misticanza of Romaine Lettuces a nice mix to sow from Spring to Summer containing both green and red varieties. Sow Spring and Summer. 2.29
Plum Tomato San Marzano ‘Scatolone Di Bolsena’ - Solanum lycopersicum
San Marzano, a town near Naples, is famous for its plum tomatoes. This variety is a superb cordon-type tomato from Bolsena in Lazio (near Rome) with an excellent flavour and good size which stores well....
Red Romaine Lettuce ‘Rossa’
Red Romaine Lettuce Rossa from Rome, these red varieties are much more rustic than the more well known green ones. They look stunning in the salad bowl. Sow Spring and Summer and they make a great change...
Regional Italian Pasta - Orecchiette, Trofie
UK ONLY - The highest quality Organic regional Pasta shapes still made using traditional bronze cutters and age old techniques. When you boil this pasta, the whole kitchen will be filled with the smell...
Romaine Lettuce ‘Bionda Colloseo’ - Lactuca sativa
These crunchy, upright lettuces are the mainstay of summer salads in Rome. They are the hallmark of Caesar Salad', invented by the Italian-American Cesare Cardini, with its creamy trademark dressing made...
Romaine Lettuce Bionda
L5 - Classic Romaine lettuce used for making Caesar salads. Upright, green head. @4800 seeds per packet. Sow Mar-mid Sept.
Roman Gardens and Their Plants by Claire Riley
Written by Claire Riley of Fishbourne Roman Palace, this book is really easy to understand and covers all the varieties showing clearly if they were native already, introduced by the Romans or via Italy...
Sicilian finocchietto - wild fennel seeds
Based in Mussomeli between Corleone and Caltanissetta in Sicily, Calogero Bonfante grows these local herb varieties which burst with sunshine and flavour to enrich your dishes in the most genuine way....
Sunflower ‘Alto Giallo’ Helianthus annuus
In Tuscany youll find field after field of brilliant yellow sunflowers, swaying in the summer breeze, framed by rows of Italian cypress and olive groves. Sunflowers are the flowers of summer, loved by...
Tomato Pantano Of Roma
T18 - Tall beef tomato from Rome - vigorous and productive with large semi scalloped fruits with few seeds and tasty, thick flesh. Fruits weight: up to 250g. Growing habit: Indeterminate (cordon) Approximate...
Tomato Roma VF - save 46p
T3 - Meaty mid-sized oblong tomato. Versatile as can be used for cooking or eating. Determinate. Quite resistant with fruits typically of 70-80g each in weight. @450 seeds. Sow Feb-end May. Fruits weight:...
Tomato Scatolone Of Bolsena
T22 - A superb cordon San Marzano type tomato from Lazio (Rome area) recommended by Pippa Greenwood in BBC GW Mag March 2008 of good size and an excellent storer. Sow Feb-May and harvest the last tomatoes...
Wild Fennel pesto from Sicily - UK Only
The only ingredients are Sicilian locally grown wild fennel, sunflower oil and salt. Pour over pasta, it is excellent with fish and on pork Roman style, in minestra and in sauces. 180g. It contains absolutely...