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Ariosto Carni Arrosto E Ferri - Meat Roasts/Grills 80g UK Only
Ariosto is the seasoning brand in Italy from the stylish city of Milan, made using only fresh herbs with absolutely no additional ingredients or preservatives.Simply sprinkle on a cook and a spoonful will...
Beef Tomato ‘Red Pear Franchi’ - Solanum lycopersicum
This is one of Franchis own cultivars from the hilly countryside of Bergamo. It is large, sweet, succulent, and a prolific fruiter one of the best beef tomatoes around. Slice with local creamy Taleggio...
Chicory Bianca Di Milano Of Summer
Mid early. Long, Full, closed heart. Ample, rounded, light green leaves. Sow from March to May, harvest from May to October. Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel, Lettuce, Pepper, Tomato. What to sow...
Chicory Bianca Di Milano Save 46P
R7 - Upright green Chicory with tightly packed, large head. A very good summer chicory for shredding. @6000 seeds. Sow Approximate seeds quantity:@6000 Sow: from June - August and harvest October - mid...
Chicory Bianca Of Bergamo Sel. Franchi
Mid-early plant with round closed head, medium dimension. leaves are light and green, tender and crunchy with the white borders. Sow from May to July . Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel, Lettuce,...
Chicory Of Mantova
Early. Plant with round, consistant, compact head of medium dimensions. Light green leaves which are tender and compact. Sow from April to September. Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel, Lettuce, Pepper,...
Climbing French Bean Anellino Of Brescia
Prawn shaped bean, meaty and curved. Sow in spring and harvest in late summer. UK ONLY. Approximate seeds quantity: @300 Weight: 100g Sow: from A pril - July. Partnership plant: Chard, Cauliflower, Cabbage,...
Climbing French Bean Stortino Di Trento UK only
A curved French bean from the dolomites, Stortino is in height and produces stringless, meaty pods which are green with red splodges on - very attractive yes, but a good flavour also. B12d Approximate...
Varieties from the alpine region of Lombardy - Turnip of Milano, Onion ramata di Milano, Chicory Bianca di Milano, Courgette nero di Milano, Pepper Lombardo and Borlotto bean of Vigevano. Lovely gift idea...
Courgette Nero Di Milano
C14 - 'Black of Milan'. This variety has a very dark green skin, making it look almost black. Regionally found in the Lombardia area of Italy. Productive plant with open plant habit making it easy to harvest....
Dwarf Borlotto Di Vigevano
B1 - Classic dwarf Borlotti variety. The pod is discarded for the mottled reddish/brown and white bean inside, which is used for risotto and thick warming winter soups etc. This variety is good to freezing...
Fennel Mantovano
Mid Early vigorous plant with empty cane. white pods with good dimension, crispy and profumed. Horticultural name: Foeniculum vulgare Miller Sow: from March - May and harvest June - August. Partnership...
Galatine Milk Sweets *Gluten Free* 80% Milk from Cremona 125g
Iconic milk tablet sweets by Sperlari of Cremona, about 35 or more in each packet individually wrapped. Crunch or suck them, they are like eating hot sweet milk, a little malty. Made with 80% milk, honey,...
Gluten Free Dietetic Penne Rigate 250g by Misura of Brescia
Pasta is Italian and this is Italian made Gluten Free Pasta 250g packet (two portions) made from 80/20 Mais flour and Rice flour. I've had some awful gluten free pasta, but there are good and a healthy...
Italian Knife Sharpener Wooden Handle by Rigamonti. Boxed *UK ONLY*
Made in Italy by Rigamonti, these handy knife sharpeners are the easy way to sharpen your knives quickly and regularly. Don't spend loads for expensive gadgets. You'll use this daily!
Lettuce Rossa Of Trento
A lettuce from the alpine city of Trento. Large green lettuce with red outer leaves. @5600 seeds. Sow Mar-mid Sept and harvest till mid Nov.
Misura 'Dolcesenza' Cereal Biscuits *without added sugar or palm oil* 300g UK ..
Really good no added sugar biscuits from Milano. -70% less saturated fats in comparison to the next leading similar brand. Contains naturally occurring sugars. Excessive consumption may have a laxative...
Mostard of Cremona Frutta Mista Traditional Fruit Mustard *UK only
A tradition of Cremona in Lombardia, this mustard was traditionally served with 'Bollito misto' and is indeed very good with any cooked meats. Candied in mustard syrup - peaches, kiwi, clementines, pears,...
Onion Piatta Di Bergamo
V37 - A local onion from the home of Franchi Seeds - Bergamo. This is a flat, white onion which stores well too. Horticultural name: Allium cepa L. Approximate seeds quantity:@840 Sow: from February -...
Onion Ramata Di Milano
V38 - Very big golden onion from fashionable Milan. Neither round nor long, but 'Egg' shaped. Stores well. Horticultural name: Allium cepa L. Approximate seeds quantity:@1400 Sow: from Spring - Autumn
Pepper Dolce Di Bergamo or 'Sigarette Di Bergamo'
Also known as cigarette of Bergamo. Long red thin sweet peppers. Ideal for grilling. Approximate seeds quantity:@260 Sow: from February - May
Pepper Of Lombardia
V45 - Very long, thin sweet green peppers native to the Lombardia region of Italy. Usually cooked whole. Approximate seeds quantity:@300 Sow: from Spring
The home of Franchi seeds, Bergamo, reproduced in this wonderful art deco poster print. A3.
Rovagnati Cotechino from Monza *Gluten Free*
Traditionally eaten at Christmas, Cotechino is a type of cooking salame . These come pre-cooked and are traditionally served with mashed potatoes (puree') or polenta , and lentils. Boil in the bag for...
Rovagnati Zampone from Modena UK Only
Traditionally eaten at Christmas and the new year, Zampone is a kind of salame you cook and serve hot - pigs trotter basically. It is precooked and can be heated in 45 mins boiled in the bag. Traditionally...
Savoy Cabbage Of Mantova
V59 - Late variety with a good production of very large head with thick, blistered , dark green leaves. This variety is cold resistant. Approximate seeds quantity:@1800 Sow: from My - end July Partnership...
Turnip Of Lodi
V71 - White turnip from Northern Italy. Traditionally used only in this region, sweet and meaty. Fry in olive oil with pancetta bacon. Approximate seeds quantity:@5400 Sow: from April - July
Turnip Of Milano
V70 - Early variety from Milan. Good sized flat root with a white top and pink neck. The flesh is white, tender and consistant. Great flavour. Approximate seeds quantity:@ 5400 Sow: from April - end J...
White Bianchetto truffle tree - UK only - on hazelnut
see 3 attached pics of 2 bianchetto truffles i found in my garden in Harrow from a 6 year old tree Paolo. Tuber Borchii Vittad - Commonly known as Bianchetto or Marzuolo truffles. One of the easiest truffles...