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Beetroot - Rote Beete Tonda Chioggia Leben
From the dolomites, this beetroot is earthy and sweet. Sow in spring and early summer. Approximate seeds quantity:@ 360
Beetroot Of Chioggia Of Venice
V9 - From the Venice region and used on the 23/10/07 on Jamie at Home. Round red root with alternate white and red stripes on the inside. Approximate seeds quantity:@600 Sow: from March - June
Black Eye Bean Dolico Dell'Occhio Veneziano UK only
B11a Dell'occhio: This is a dwarf variety, very productive. The plant is 50-60 tall and the green pods are long about 10-12 cm. Plant one seed 2 3 cm deep every 3 4 cm after the soil has warmed up from...
Cauliflower Of Verona Precoce
Early variety that produces large head with a cream colour. Ready to be harvest already from November till about the end of January. Approximately 80 days to maturity Approximate seeds quantity:@800 Sow:...
Cauliflower Verona Tardivo
V25 - Cream coloured head of good dimensions and good resistance to cold. This variety is only found in and around Verona. Approximately 80 days to maturity Approximate seeds quantity:@6000 Sow: from May...
Celeriac Del Veneto
V27 - This Celeriac come from the Venice region. It's a late variety that produces medium sized plant with big leaf and large white root with white flash. Perfect to be eat row in salad or c ooked in soups...
Chicory Catalogna A Foglia Stretta del Veneto
R98 - Variety names never change language, just like peoples names, and this one is long !! Basically it is a 'puntarella' type chicory which is upright, good sized head, white stalk and very long smooth...
Chicory Catalogna Gigante Chioggia Save 46p
R22 - Upright Chicory with long 'serrated' leaves from near Venice. 'Giant of Chioggia'. Approximate seeds quantity:@6000 Sow: from Sow mid March -mid August . Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel,...
Chicory Zuccherino Of Trieste
R9 - We recommend this simple chicory 'Sugar of Trieste'. Small, green leaves which grow again after cutting. Approximate seeds quantity:@6600 Sow: from March - end September and Harvest mid April - end...
Say Venice and you think of Gondola's, St.Marks Square, Canals and the famous Carnevale with streets full of people wearing the distinctive white Venetian painted masks. Venice is a city of culture, art,...
Cornetti Meraviglia Di Venezia Climbing
B17 - Wide, meaty yellow French Bean. Stringless. Great hot as a vegetable, but really comes into it's own in a bean salad dressed with Olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Modena. Weight: 35g Sow: from...
Courgette Rugosa Friuliana
As seen on BBC Gardeners World TV on the 15th of Sept. This very ugly courgette variety has one of the best flavours, and is virtually the only variety you will find in the local shops and markets in the...
Dwarf French Bean Meraviglia Di Venezia
B20 - Previously called Romax. Wide, meaty yellow French Bean. Stringless. Great hot as a vegetable, but really comes into it's own in a bean salad dressed with Olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Modena....
Garlic bianco veneto Soft Neck - UK only
G1. UK only - 'Venetian White'. A small-regional mid sized white garlic with excellent flavour from the coldest region of Italy which is not by accident! Its all about provenance and you will have a variety...
Illy coffe dark roast, single tin - UK Only
Dark roast Illy coffee 250g tin, 100% Arabica. Bright, rich and energetic, it gets straight to the point. Marked counterpoints of flavours with pronounced chocolate aroma, blending with toast and caramel....
12 x 250g tins of illy coffee beans sent directly from the distributors. Mainland UK only
Illy Decaff Coffee beans case - mainland UK only
Illy decaffeinated beans just in and by popular demand. 250g pressurized tins x 12
Illy ground coffee regular case - UK Only
12 x 250gr tins of ground illy coffee for use in espresso machines and percolators. Mainland UK only.
Illy one tin of medium and one of dark roast coffee - UK Only
One tin of each of 250g Medium Roast and 250g Dark Roast, both ground and pressurised.
Melon Zatta
Called 'Brutto ma Buono' in Italy, or Ugly but good. Scalloped, scaley skin, but sweet orange flesh from Padua. Described by Giaccomo Castelvetro in 1614 in his book The Fruits, herbs and vegetables of...
Grado is on the Adriatic Riviera, a beautiful coastal town with lovely beaches and we loved this art deco stylised poster. A5 or choose from a larger A3.
Stylised art deco poster by the Italian tourist board probably 1930's and part of a whole series. A3
Pumpkin Marina Di Chioggia
One of the oldest pumpkin culativars in Italy. C2 - Very old, rustic pumpkin from near Venice. Thick, knobbly skin and sweet yellow/orange flesh. Rich in Vitamin A which helps keep eyes and skin healthy....
Radicchio – Blattzichorie Rossa Treviso 2 Leben
Just down from the German speaking part of Italy you'll find Treviso chicory. Sow summer and harvest through winter. The cold makes it sweet and tender. Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel, Lettuce,...
Radicchio Di Treviso Black Svelta
R4 - A rare special selection Radicchio of Treviso called 'Awake or Alive' because of it's upright leaves which are also very dark red, hence the name. Approximate seeds quantity:@2400 Sow: from July -...
Radicchio Of Treviso 'Svelta' Precoce Restaurateurs Pack 12g
LM12 - Upright Treviso red and white chicory specially selected. 12g pack. @90,000 seeds. Sow from Jul-Aug and harvest till end Nov. Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel, Lettuce, Pepper, Tomato. What...
Radicchio Palla Rossa Of Verona
R11 - 'Red Ball of Verona'. Compact, round red head. Resists sub zero temperatures. Approximate seeds quantity:@6000 Sow: from June - end August and harvest January - end of March. Partnership plant: Carrot,...
Radicchio Rossa Di Treviso
R2 - An Italian favourite and the first Italian vegetable to be issued with DOP status like Champagne. Upright Red and white striped leaves. Needs the cold to turn it red. Use the hearts raw in salads,...
Radicchio Rossa Verona Sel Arca
R26 - Medium sized head with good sized red leaves with white central rib. Approximate seeds quantity:@2400 Sow: from Sow mid July - end August and harvest mid November -mid February. Partnership plant:...
Radicchio Rosso Di Treviso Tardiva
R3 - An Italian favourite from Northern Italy and the first Italian vegetable to be issued with DOP status like Champagne. Needs the frost to turn red and easily resists sub zero temperatures. Compact...
Salame Levonetto Rustico from Mantova *UK ONLY*
Gluten and lactose free, a really good salame flavoured with wine, sweet, flavoursome, delicate with an old fashioned courser grind and made from only Italian pork. 250g. A good quality salame from Levoni...
Variegated Chicory Of Castelfranco - Endangered variety*
This variety is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' which means it is endangered. By using Franchi seeds your are supporting Biodiversity
Variegated Chicory Palla Rossa Of Chioggia
R16 - A round, 'Palla Rossa' red ball type chicory, variegated with red and white speckles. Approximate seeds quantity:@5400 Sow: from June - end August. Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel, Lettuce,...
Variegated Radicchio Of Lusia
Mid-Late plant with medium-sized head. It's tightly wrapped green and red mottled leaves are both tasty and very crunchy. Good resistance to low temperatures. Sow: from June/July to end September and harvest...
Winter Greens - Brokoli Friuliana
From the Dolomites, this broccoli is sown in the summer and harvested in the Autumn and winter. Sow from Apr to June, harvest after about 150 days. Approximate seeds quantity:@1500