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Borlotto Bean ‘Saluggia’ - Endangered Variety* dating from at least 1535
This bean is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' which means that it is endangered. By using Franchi seeds, you are supporting Biodiversity
Borlotto Bean Of Saluggia Dwarf UK only
B4c - UK ONLY. Famous borlotto shelling bean from Saluggia used for making 'Panissa' (half way between a risotto and a soup) from Vercelli, the rice producing capital of Europe. Mid-Early variety that...
Brezzo Piemontese Chestnut Honey 250g *Gluten Free*
Gluten Free Dark with a deep, pleasant bitter caramel flavour, highly prized. A really excellent honey for milk and honey, glazing gammon or lamb, baking and superb in Greek yoghurt . Produced in Piemonte...
Cardoon Gobbo Di Nizza Monferrato - Endangered Variety*
This variety is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' which means it is endangered. By using Franchi seeds you are supporting Biodiversity
Cauliflower - Blumekkohl Palla di Neve
A traditional variety of cauliflower from Alto Adige in the Dolomites. Sow in the summer and harvest in the winter. Approximate seeds quantity:@ 750 Approximately 80 days to maturity. Partnership plant:...
Celery - Sellarie Dorato D'Asti Leben
Alpine celery, blanched by wrapping newspaper around. Sow spring for summer Approximate seeds quantity:@ 6000
Dwarf French Bean Merveille De Piemonte Save 46p
B21 - Mottled pod turning yellow when cooked. A meaty French bean, stringless and juicy. Piemonte is in the Alpine North of Italy. Weight: 40g Sow: from April - July Partnership plant: Chard, Cauliflower,...
Endive Cuor D'Oro Pancalieri
L41 Endive Pancalieri: Pancalieri is near Turin. This is a classic frisée type of endive with serrated, tough leaves. They have a pleasant bitterness about them, which is tempered by using a nice sweet...
Fennel Montebianco
V28 - 'Montblanc'. Mid-late variety that produces large round bulb, well closed and crunchy. Vigorous plant with intense green leaves. Good to be eaten raw or cooked. Horticultural name: Foeniculum vulgare...
The Iconic Fiat 500, in a metal sign 30x40cm.
A selection of Alpine varieties: Spinach Merlo Nero, Broad bean, Lettuce parallela verde, Bis of chicory, Fennel montebianco, Sugar Pea Caruby. Lovely gift idea for a person who loves Neapolitan products,...
French white garlic - UK only
G3. UK ONLY White hard neck garlic bulbs from the Rhone-Alps region of France in 500g (1/2kg) bags (about 5-6 large bulbs). French garlic is the most renowned and my mum still tells me stories when she...
KAKI TREE PERSIMMON DIOSPYROS KAKI *Mainland UK only* 2 year old potted trees.
MAINLAND UK ONLY. The kaki tree is an ancient variety originating from China, it expanded out to Japan and even into some European countries including Italy. The Caco or Kaki is also called the lotus of...
Organic raw honey Woodland - UK Only. Piemonte and Emilia produced.
A deep honey, tones of caramel, intense from the woodland of Piemonte and from Emilia Romagna. 400g jar Pasturised honey is not safe for small children, but raw honey is because it contains 2 enzimes Acelilcolina...
Pepper Carmagnola
V48 - Vigorous plant of good production from Piemonte in the Alpine north of Italy. Large fruits with 3-4 'lobes' and sweet meaty flesh. Approximate seeds quantity:@300 Sow: from February - May
Pepper Giallo Di Cuneo
Large, square, yellow pepper from alpine Northern Italy. Previous RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Online only. Approximate seeds quantity:@260 Sow: from February - May
Pepper Giallo Of Asti
V50 - Classic square yellow pepper from Piemonte in Northern Italy. Large, meaty, sweet flesh and considered to be one of the finest Italian peppers. Approximate seeds quantity:@260 Sow: from February...
Pepper Rosso Of Asti
V52 - The most prestigious capsicums in Italy come from the Asti region in Piemonte. This variety is a large, squared red pepper with sweet, thick flesh. Approximate seeds quantity:@260 Sow: from February...
Peppermint Also Ideal for Indoor Gardening Systems
Perennial plant that can be sown from March to May and can be harvest when the plant is about 30/40cm tall. Peppermint has a lot of uses, not least in drinks, ice cream, with lamb, as a garnish or to make...
The most wonderful art deco stylised poster of Italy and the vintage aircraft flying over it. A5
Art deco poster of skiing in the Valle d'Aosta. Default is A5 or choose the larger A3
Sliced White Bianchetto Truffle - UK Only
The Ultimate aphrodisiac. This is one of those products which goes such a long way as the slices are in oil and so long as they are kept covered, will keep. You only need a little because white truffles...
Spinach ‘Merlo Nero Astigiana’ - Spinacia oleracea
This variety is typical of the alpine region of Italy in Piemonte. Spinach is not considered to be Italian, like the tomato or basil, but Italians love it and use it with ricotta, to make ravioli and cannelloni...
Three white Bianchetto truffle trees - mainland UK only
Depending on the season. Three White bianchetto Truffle Trees on Hazelnut. Bought individually, they would cost 120, so you save 21. UK ONLY Please see 3 images of Bianchetto truffles I found this morning...
White Bianchetto truffle tree - UK only - on hazelnut
see 3 attached pics of 2 bianchetto truffles i found in my garden in Harrow from a 6 year old tree Paolo. Tuber Borchii Vittad - Commonly known as Bianchetto or Marzuolo truffles. One of the easiest truffles...
White Truffle Butter 45g Jar *UK ONLY*
We've been supplied for years by Terre Nobili in Aqualagna because they do really good quality products. We present to you this truffle butter for putting on pasta, fried eggs, asparagus, polenta and risotto...
White truffle honey - UK Only
Miele di Tartufo is wonderful served with cheeses as is the tradition in Italy and it is simply a marriage made in heaven. This is a 100g jar of local Italian honey infused with Italian white bianchetto...