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BACI PERUGINA - with love messages inside. Gluten Free
The company dates back to the early 12th century, 143gr These are the famous chocolates with love messages wrapped inside the foil and a whole hazelnut, wrapped in deep dark chocolate. Talk about romantic....
Black summer truffle oil - UK only
The Black summer truffle is the only edible truffle found in the summer as all others are winter truffles. Whilst not as highly regarded as the white, it is still has a good lingering flavour which goes...
Black summer truffle slices - UK Only
This is one of those products which goes such a long way as the slices are in oil and so long as they are kept covered, will keep. Ideal served with cooked foods Polenta, risotto, tomato sauces, with fried...
Black summer truffle tree - Mainland UK - were £30, Limited time £20
Mainland UK ONLY. Tuber Aestivum Vittad. - Commonley called Scorzone Truffles in Italy, black summer or English truffles. Found in Europe, but most commonly Italy, France and Spain. The easiest of all...
Cauliflower Of Jesi
V24 - An early variety from near Venice with a cream coloured, spiraling florets, similar to the Romanesco variety but slightly less pronounced. Approximately 80 days to maturity Approximate seeds quantity:@1050...
Cauliflower of Macerata AKA Cimone
V22 - An unusual green cauliflower with compact head from Macerata. Keeps it's colour when cooked. Mid early variety that produces mid-sized head with large outer leaves. Harvest in the winter is approx...
Cima Di Rapa Maceratese
Mid-Early. upright plant which is easy to grow. Long, slightly serrated leaves which doesn't produce florets - it's utilised for it's tasty leaves which are used in pasta and soups. Sow Apr-Aug. @1500
Cucumber melon Tortarello Abruzzo Save 46p
S13 - A long, light green ridged cucumber variety from the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy. The odd fruit has a tendency to become 'hairy', but they are few and far between !! Indoor. Approximate seeds...
Four black Summer truffle trees - UK only
FOUR Black summer Truffle Trees on Hazelnut. Normally 120 for 4 of these trees, but buy 4 and save 21. Mainland UK ONLY.
Lentil of Colfiorito, Umbria 350g PACK. UK Only *CROP FAILURE* Order for Autum..
Crop Failure for 2019 Spring Buy two or more for 4.75 . Produced ONLY in the high plains of Colfiorito in Umbria in the fertile earth once a lake which slowly dried leaving a unique micro climate and soil...
Organic Raw Hony Sunflower 400g produce in Le Marche - UK only.
From Cingoli in Le Marche, Sunflower honey is sweet, tasting of sweet straw. Compact crystallisation. A great sweetener as it will not change flavours. A wonderful honey, full of sunshine! 400g jar Pasturised...
Pair of truffle trees - UK only
Pair of Truffle Trees (Hazelnut). A black Summer and a white Bianchetto certified truffle tree on Hazelnut. Normally 80, but buy a pair for 60. You get two harvests - summer for the black and winter for...
Poppy ‘Rhoeas Semplice Rosso’ - Papaver rhoeas
The red poppy is found in profusion all over Europe and North Africa. In U.K it became a symbol of remembrance after World War 1. Incidentally in France it is La Bluette (the corn flower) and in Italy...
Beautiful old travel poster, Abruzzo. Available in A5
The most wonderful art deco stylised poster of Italy and the vintage aircraft flying over it. A5
Sliced White Bianchetto Truffle - UK Only
The Ultimate aphrodisiac. This is one of those products which goes such a long way as the slices are in oil and so long as they are kept covered, will keep. You only need a little because white truffles...
Sunflower ‘Alto Giallo’ Helianthus annuus
In Tuscany youll find field after field of brilliant yellow sunflowers, swaying in the summer breeze, framed by rows of Italian cypress and olive groves. Sunflowers are the flowers of summer, loved by...
Tartufata - UK ONLY
A mixture of Champignon mushrooms, olives, a little Anchovy and black truffle in a large 170g jar it is great value mostly because it goes such a long way. It can be used straight from the jar so is perfect...
Three white Bianchetto truffle trees - mainland UK only
Depending on the season. Three White bianchetto Truffle Trees on Hazelnut. Bought individually, they would cost 120, so you save 21. UK ONLY Please see 3 images of Bianchetto truffles I found this morning...
Truffle salt from Tuscany UK Only
Sea Salt, simply flavoured with Italian black summer truffle. Use it with any egg dish, stews, red meat, with pasta, gnocchi, risotto or polenta, with asparagus and a host of other dishes or a romantic...
White Bianchetto truffle tree - UK only - on hazelnut
see 3 attached pics of 2 bianchetto truffles i found in my garden in Harrow from a 6 year old tree Paolo. Tuber Borchii Vittad - Commonly known as Bianchetto or Marzuolo truffles. One of the easiest truffles...
White Truffle Butter 45g Jar *UK ONLY*
We've been supplied for years by Terre Nobili in Aqualagna because they do really good quality products. We present to you this truffle butter for putting on pasta, fried eggs, asparagus, polenta and risotto...
White truffle honey - UK Only
Miele di Tartufo is wonderful served with cheeses as is the tradition in Italy and it is simply a marriage made in heaven. This is a 100g jar of local Italian honey infused with Italian white bianchetto...
White Truffle oil - UK Only
One of the most versatile condiments in the kitchen, used for drizzling onto pasta, into risotto, onto eggs (egg mayonnaise, fried eggs, omelette's etc) and roasted potatoes or over asparagus especially...