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Beef Tomato ‘Red Pear Franchi’ - Solanum lycopersicum
This is one of Franchis own cultivars from the hilly countryside of Bergamo. It is large, sweet, succulent, and a prolific fruiter one of the best beef tomatoes around. Slice with local creamy Taleggio...
Bio Tomato Ace VF55
Climbing Salad tomato with increased resistance to disease. Originally need by the Campbell soup company. Approximate seeds quantity:@450 Sow: from February - May
Bio Tomato San Marzano - Endangered Variety*
This variety is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' which means it is endangered featured 19/2/14 on The Restaurant Man "THE...
Fumasi 1935 Professional Metal Transplanter *UK ONLY*
Metal trowel with an ABS non- slip handle. Trapiantatore in acciaio a lama larga con manico bicomponente in ABS e antiscivolo.
Giant San Marzano Tomato 'Redorta'
T7 - A huge regional plum tomato used for cooking, named after a mountain in Bergamo, the home of Franchi seeds. Fruits weight: up to 350g. Growing habit: Indeterminate (cordon) Approximate seeds quantity:@100...
Linea Chef - Spain, Tomato With Recipe For Spanish Gaspacho
Ingredient - Tomato Marglobe. Recipe - Gazpacho (Spain). Sow in Spring. 15% of all packets sold will go to Gardening Leave to help soldiers cope with their invisible wounds.
Plum Tomato San Marzano ‘Scatolone Di Bolsena’ - Solanum lycopersicum
San Marzano, a town near Naples, is famous for its plum tomatoes. This variety is a superb cordon-type tomato from Bolsena in Lazio (near Rome) with an excellent flavour and good size which stores well....
Tomato Astro Scipio F1 San Marzano Nano
T20 - Featured in BBC GW Magazine - Pippa Greenwoods favourite tomato Mar 2008. Classic bush plum variety 85-100g in weight. Resistant to rot, Verticillium and Fusarium. Excellent production. Indicated...
Tomato Baby Plum Muscato F1 Ideal for Indoor Gardening Systems
T24 - A typical Piccolo baby plum tomato translated as 'small date' and commonly called Datterini in Italy. Juicy, full of flavour and reliable. Used by Theo Randall on Saturday kitchen 23/6/12. Growing...
Tomato Beefsteak
T5 - Lightly ribbed beef tomato. Very meaty and heavy, but not as mishapen as the Costoluto Fiorentino. Vigorous plant. Indeterminate. With resistance to Verticillium, Fusarium and Alternaria. Fruits weight:...
Tomato Black Cherry @150 seeds
You asked for it and here it is, a black cherry tomato. Ideal for containers because the plant is determinate (bush) and it produces a good number of small round fruits which are quite sweet. Sow in the...
Tomato Black Crimean
New for 2015 - This is a Classic tomato from the island of Krim in Crimea. It has a very dark skin and flesh and a slight tartness which makes it superb in salad. Sow: From February to May Growing habit:...
Tomato Caliendo Ex Tondo Piccolo F1
T25 - Tomato small round Caliendo produces a tomato larger than a cherry but smaller than a salad tomato each, juicy and reliable. Fruits weight: up to 50g. Approximate seeds quantity: @50 Sow: from February...
Tomato Costoluto Fiorentino Florence RHS AGM Winner
T2 - Medium-large, old-fashioned, mishapen, heavy, ribbed beef tomato from Florence. Indeterminate (cordon - not a bush as stated by some other seed companies). Very meaty and ideal for slicing. RHS AGM....
Tomato Costoluto Of Parma
Featured on BBC GQT 2/3/12 - T26 - A classic tomato from Emilia Romagna, a 'proper' tomato, old fashioned with a lovely 'lost' flavour for you to rediscover. Superb with Parmesan cheese from the same region....
Tomato Cuor Di Bue / Coeur De Boeuf Of Liguria
T10 - Recommended By Raimond Blanc (Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons) on BBC Gardeners World 20/04/07. "Superb tasting and fleshy" - Joy Larkcom, The Guardian Weekend 15/03/03. 'Ox Heart' beef tomato, so called...
Tomato Golden Boy F1
T8 - A round, sweet, yellow, hybrid salad tomato for eating. Adds a touch of colour to your salads. Fruits weight: up to 140g - 160g. Growing habit: Indeterminate (cordon) Approximate seeds quantity:@30...
Tomato Lilliput F1
T6 - Hybrid Cherry tomato. Heavy cropper with small round tasty fruits. . Good for growing in containers and baskets too. Resistant to Verticillium, Fusarium and Alternaria. Fruits weight: up to 20g -...
Tomato Marasca F1
A tondino type round cherry tomato, compact and a high resistance to disease. The perfect container tomato. New 2.49
Tomato Marglobe - Save 46p
T14 - Round, smooth, red eating tomato. Seen in markets due to its 'perfect' tomato shape. Fruits weight: up to 140g - 150g. Growing habit: Indeterminate (cordon) Approximate seeds quantity:@390 Sow: from...
Tomato Marmande
T15 - Featured on BBC Gardeners World with Raymond Blanc 20/04/07 and BBC Radio 4's Food Programme 10/6/12. Flat, scalloped beefy tomato with thick flesh and sweet flavour. A favourite of many gardeners....
Tomato Montecarlo Professional
T17 - Round, smooth, red eating tomato, but more vigorous and productive than Marglobe. Fruits of 200-230g with some resistance and this variety is from our professional range. Fruits weight: up to 200g...
Tomato Pantano Of Roma
T18 - Tall beef tomato from Rome - vigorous and productive with large semi scalloped fruits with few seeds and tasty, thick flesh. Fruits weight: up to 250g. Growing habit: Indeterminate (cordon) Approximate...
Tomato Pomona F1
T12 - A good sized, F1 hybrid, mid-early tomato variety. This is a juicy eating tomato, ideal for use in salads. @60 seeds. Fruits of over 200g with resistance to verticillium, fusarium and nematoids....
Tomato portugues F1 Professional Range
Mid-early variety that produces large beef tomatoes which can weight about 300g and they are heavily scalloped. The flesh has an excellent flavor and the skin has a green and red colour. This variety is...
Tomato Principe Borghese da Appendere or Eternal tomatoes
T1 - Pull the whole plant upside down at the end of the season and pull the tomatoes all winter. Indeterminate. Small egg shaped fruits with few seeds. Ideal for salads or for using sliced with mozzarella,...
Tomato Red Cherry Also Ideal for Indoor Gardening Systems
T21 - Open pollinated variety producing many small fruits - 'Pomodorini'. Oblong 'plum' style cherry. Bush, so ideal for containers and balconies too. Fruits weight: up to 20-30g. Growing habit: Determinate...
Tomato Red Pear Franchi Of Bergamo
T9 - As seen on BBC GW 21/9/12. Very good quality, flavoursome, pear shaped with vertical ribs - a must try. Really meaty containing few seeds. Fruits weight: up to 220-230g Growing habit: Indeterminate...
Tomato Reduna F1
T13 - A hybrid vine tomato. Mid-early with uniform, juicy round fruits. Fruits with a long shelf life. Fruits weight: up to 140g. Growing habit: Indeterminate (cordon) Approximate seeds quantity:@60 Sow:...
Tomato Ricciolo F1
Mid-early. Classic Ox Heart shape tomato with light vertical ribbing. A vigorous producer of fruits with slightly green shoulders typically weighing from 250g to 350g. The fruits will change from deep...
Tomato Rio Grande
T11 - Similar in shape to the Roma but more productive. Suited for cooking, sauces and preserving. Fruits weight: up to 70- 80g. Growing habit: Determinate (Bush) Approximate seeds quantity:@450 Sow: from...
Tomato Roma VF - save 46p
T3 - Meaty mid-sized oblong tomato. Versatile as can be used for cooking or eating. Determinate. Quite resistant with fruits typically of 70-80g each in weight. @450 seeds. Sow Feb-end May. Fruits weight:...
Tomato San Marzano Nano Dwarf Naples Ideal for Indoor Gardening Systems *Endan..
The classic Neapolitan San Marzano paste tomato, determinate (bush) producing lots of long tomatoes ideal for cooking and making passata, nice to eat too, not wet, firm, meaty. Leave on the plants till...
Tomato San Marzano Naples - This variety is at risk*
This variety is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' which means it is endangered. T4 -Mentioned on BBC Radio 4's Food Programme...
Tomato Scatolone Of Bolsena
T22 - A superb cordon San Marzano type tomato from Lazio (Rome area) recommended by Pippa Greenwood in BBC GW Mag March 2008 of good size and an excellent storer. Sow Feb-May and harvest the last tomatoes...
Tomato St Pierre
T16 - Featured in BBC GW Mag Mar 2008 by Pippa Greenwood. French salad tomato. Round, good sized, indeterminate (climbing variety) renowned for it's super flavour. Fruits weight: up to 150g - 180g. Growing...
Tomato Supermarzano ex Follia F1
T19 - A bell shaped San Marzano variety for eating fresh. Resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium. Thick flesh and real Italian flavour. Growing habit: Indeterminate (cordon) Approximate seeds quantity:@60...
Tomato Yellow Pear Shaped
Very unusual variety producing small pear shaped sweet yellow fruits. Sow Feb-May. Ideal gift for the gardener and gourmet and adds colour to the salad bowl. @300 seeds