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Bio Spinach Gigante D'Inverno
Large upright spinach with smoothish leaves. Recommended for Autumn and winter harvest. Sow: from February - April and August - October
Bio Swiss Chard Costa Bianca
The ever popular and versatile swiss chard. Boil the leaves like spinach and cook the stalks with eggs and parmesan cheese. seeds. Sow Approximate seeds quantity:@ 400 Sow: from Mar - end July Partnership...
Bio Swiss Chard Costa Verde
A later variety than the white stalked chard. Approximate seeds quantity:@ 400 Sow: from May - September and harvest from May - November Partnership plant: Carrots , Cauliflower , Cabbage, Bean, Radish,...
Bio Tomato Ace VF55
Climbing Salad tomato with increased resistance to disease. Originally need by the Campbell soup company. Approximate seeds quantity:@450 Sow: from February - May
Bio Tomato San Marzano
featured 19/2/14 on The Restaurant Man "THE authentic Tomato of Italy" An organic San Marzano tomato - what a find !! These are the toms we find in tins in the supermarket. Dry, meaty, few seeds and thin...
Bio Valeriana. Corn salad, Mache or Lamb’s Lettuce
Franchi tests all organic seeds to ensure they are truly free of pesticides even if certified, so now you can rest assured that they are truly clean. Controlled and certified by the Internationally recognised...
Bio Watermelon Crimson Sweet
This early variety produces large fruit with thick light green stripy skin and a red/pink juicy sweet flesh. Sow protected March - May and plant out in full sun (in the UK in a heated greenhouse). Harvest:...
Bio Wild Rocket
A most popular variety, now also available in Organic. Technically a weed (Easy to grow!!) strong flavour with serrated leaves. Sow: from March - September
Organic Broad Bean
Can be sown in spring for the same year and autumn for the following. Use to make 'ncapriata from Puglia or just boil and serve hot as a vegetable. Sow: from October or March - April for two harvests per...