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UK MAINLAND ONLY. 12 X Large 1 litre jars with lids. Ideal for for larger items like pickled onions, gherkins and a superb larder storage jar.
Easy Basil
EASY13 - The classic sunny windowsill herb which can be grown all year inside (you can buy it in your supermarket every month of the year!) and sown outside when it is warm. A pinch in a pot, keep soil...
Easy Batavia Lettuce
A very good loose headed lettuce that you'd buy in the shops, but yours will taste better, saving you a fortune and be fresher of course. Crunchy, good sized leaves - they make great salads, especially...
Easy Beetroot
I had never grown beetroot before but was pleasantly surprised at how it easy it was to grow, directly into the soil and water in the spring when the soil had warmed up. Tastes so much better than packet...
Easy Courgette
A green courgette delicious roasted, in stir fry and ratatouille. Britain is one of the few places in the world that calls courgettes 'courgettes', rather than the Italian 'zucchini' as in America, NZ...
Easy Cut-And-Come-Again Red And Green Lettuce
So easy to grow and when you cut them they grow back. Ideal for an apartment balcony window box or containers on a balcony. Put a pinch every month for a constant supply all summer and into the autumn...
Easy Cutting Chicory
Chicories add different flavours and textures to your salad, grow quickly and grow back again after cutting. That really pleasant slight bitterness they have is really beneficial to your stomach and aids...
Easy Dwarf Green French Bean
Tender and juicy, sow in late spring and enjoy a bean salad in the summer! French Beans - These are beans where you eat the whole pod rather than shelling them. French beans are easy to grow and have a...
Easy Escarole Bionda
You see those frisee' type endives on the continent and in your mixed salad packs. They are cold loving and utterly delicious for winter salads. Sow in the summer and harvest in the winter. There's no...
Easy Green Ricciolina Cutting Lettuce
Makes about 50 of those bags you buy in the supermarket. Grows back after cutting! Cutting lettuces: These are found in green or red varieties and offer convenience and growing ease. They can be grown...
Easy Green Swiss Chard
Chard is related to beetroot so has a really earthy flavour, is really easy to grow sowing straight into the ground in the spring and summer. Use it like spinach or use to make Tortelli by mixing the chard...
Easy Lambs Lettuce
Melt-in-the-mouth leaves which you sow in both spring and autumn. Mixing your lettuce leaves with other leaves adds different textures, colours and flavours to your salads. Corn salad/Lambs tongue - known...
Easy Lettuce Mayqueen
EASY20 - A good traditional open headed lettuce which grows more easily and is ideal for summer salads. Lovely soft leaves which melt in the mouth. Sow in the late spring and early summer. Partnership...
Easy Parsley
Parsley grows very slowly but always seems to be there. It will put up with a bit of cold too and won't croak at the first frost. Use it with fish dishes and anything with garlic, with chopped eggs and...
Easy Pea
EASY7 - Who remembers shelling peas with mum? Sow in spring and again in autumn for 2 crops a year. Simply make a hole with your finger or a pencil about 5cm deep, and pop the pea in. Cover it over and...
Easy Red Lettuce Head 'Canasta'
EASY5 - A crunchy lettuce with red outer leaves. Summer food. Plant 1cm down outside in late spring and in the summer. Take off any slugs you might see on the lettuce otherwise they'll eat more than you....
Easy Salad Bag Mix
A mix of leaves similar to the bags you buy in the supermarket, but yours will be fresher. Cut them, wash and serve immediately. The perfect container salad producing about fifty quids worth of lettuce...
Easy Salad Radish
A good red radish for dipping into salted butter and eating fresh. I like radishes quite a lot, but you don't think of them as being Italian, but then you don't think of roast chicken as being Italian,...
Easy Salad Rocket
Quick to grow (hence it's name) and utterly delicious on pizza and in salad. Rocket - As popular now as it was in Roman times due to it's wonderfully strong and peppery flavour. I often wonder in amazement...
Easy Shelling Beans
Borlotto beans are meaty and great in stews, minestrone and soups. This is a well known speckled shelling bean used widely all over the Italian boot. There are so many varieties, that often you'll find...
Easy Spinach
Full of iron and ideal for planting in the spring and the autumn, so two harvests. Spinach is one of the nicest of all vegetables for me, and a very versatile one too. You can eat it raw (washed carefully)...
Easy Swiss Chard
Like spinach, easy to grow from spring to summer. Swiss ChardNot sure if it does actually have alpine Swiss origins, but it wouldnt surprise me as Swiss chard will die back over even the coldest winter,...
Easy Tender Cima Broccoli
Grows from seed to plate in 60 days. Boil and serve with good olive oil. Go to any Italian restaurant in the US and you'll get 'Broccoli Raab' served, blanched and then seared, but it's traditional use...
Easy Turnip
More peppery than round red radishes, cut them and eat with butter and a little salt or add to a salad. Sow it in the spring and again in the autumn for two crops of juicy, fresh, crunchy radishes.
Easy What To Sow In May Collection
Take the hassle out of sowing with this collection of varieties to sow in May. Contains Pea,cut-and-come-again lettuce, French bean, green chard, Radish, Courgette. All for a tenner with full instructions....
Easy White Tipped Radish
EASY24 - More peppery than round red radishes, cut them and eat with butter and a little salt or add to a salad. Sow it in the spring and again in the autumn for two crops of juicy, fresh, crunchy rad...
Fumasi 1935 Professional Metal Transplanter *UK ONLY*
Metal trowel with an ABS non- slip handle. Trapiantatore in acciaio a lama larga con manico bicomponente in ABS e antiscivolo.
Planet Organic Kitchen Waste Compost - UK ONLY
In a beautiful cycle of waste and renewal, food waste from the organic kitchens and juice bars of Planet Organic stores in London is collected and turned into a nutritious compost for growing more vegetables....