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Fumasi were founded in 1935 in Rome originally making scissors (Which they continue to do this day). The tools are forged in Italy with Italian materials by hand, by artisans with experience handed down through the family for 3 generations and the tools are built to last. Spare parts are available and they make a lovely gift (for yourself or someone else!).
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Fumasi 1935 Professional Light Hedge Shears *UK ONLY*
Professional shears, light, well balanced and able to cut twigs 15mm in diameter. These are quality tools built to last the seasons which can be sharpened. Legnth: 60cm
Fumasi 1935 Professional Branch Cutter For Green Wood *UK ONLY*
A professional standard branch cutter with counter blades and rubber shock protection for comfort.Ideal for the professional gardener or hobby gardener alike and for cutting green wood Legnth: 60cm
Balcony / Patio Greenhouse By Novital on wheels *UK Only* from Mid November
Quality made in Italy. Sanremo is the new greenhouse for balcony, its easy to assemble without any tools; during cold seasons three deep trays let you to grow flowers, veg and other plants in a protected...
Fumasi 1935 Professional Pruners For Green Wood *UK ONLY*
These are tough tools up for the job. Replacement blades are available to order. Not only are they beautifully designed, but they are also up to the job and well calibrated.
Fumasi 1935 Professional Wedge Pruners For Dry Wood *UK ONLY*
These are tough tools up for the job. Replacement blades are available to order. Made by artisans, by hand, in house with carbon steel. Robust and well balanced.
Fumasi 1935 Professional Adjustable Pruners For Green Wood *UK ONLY*
Closable adjustable width budget pruners with ergonomic polypropylene handle. These particular pruners are perfect for green wood but will cut dead twigs too of course.
Fumasi 1935 Professional Metal Transplanter *UK ONLY*
Metal trowel with an ABS non- slip handle. Trapiantatore in acciaio a lama larga con manico bicomponente in ABS e antiscivolo.
Fumasi 1935 Professional Metal Hand Rake *UK ONLY*
Metal hand rake, 5 teeth with an ABS and non-slip handle. Rastrello in acciaio, 5 denti con manico bicomponente in ABS e antiscivolo.