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Anti-Smoke Candles in a Glass by Cereria San Giorgio of Rome
Made in Rome for 110 years and they should know a thing or two about making candles there! This range has two scents: - Sandalwood - Talco d'oriente Perfect to help neutralise the smell in smokey environments...
Chupa Chups Tealights 6 pieces by Cereria San Giorgio 1908 of Rome
Traditionally suppliers of candles to churches and the Vatican originally, Cereria San Giorgio have branched out so to speak and these tea lights are just so much fun and really small of Chupa Chups !...
Juice Candles - Fruit scented Tealight, 12 pack. Made in Rome
Makers of eclesiastical candles based in Rome for over a century, these candles are great fun and I just love the idea that maybe the Pope might have one lit in his kitchen to get rid of that frying odour...
Juice Candles in a Glass 125gr
By Eclesiastical candle makers Cereria San Giorgio in Rome, these fun fruity scented candles will frangrance your rooms and hide odours in the kitchen and bathroom. Scents: - Mapo - Cherry - Blackberry...
Scented Bathroom Lavender Tealights. 12 Pack, made in Roma
Lavender tea lights by Cereria San Giorgio of Rome, makers of Eclesiastical candles. Beautifully scented and ideal for the bedroom or bathroom in particular. Relaxing Tuscan lavender.
Scented Kitchen Candles from Rome 4,5 Cm, H.10 Cm
Made in Rome by Eclesiastica candle makers Cereria San Giorgio, these beautiful free standing kitchen candles will gently mask odours. - Aromatic herbs - Sicilian Jasmine - Sweet Ginger
Scented Roman candles citrus/coconut/ocean or Lavender 4pc in a box. Made in R..
Wonderful free burning scented candles for anywhere in the house to scent the room or hide odours. Great in the kitchen or bathroom Choose from either : - 4 Citrus - 4 Coconut - 4 Ocean - 4 Lavender