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Endive Escarole Scarola Verde
L42 -Scarola Verde a Cuor Pieno: Classic escarole. This is one of the better cooking varieties, in my opinion, and has a large head with a golden heart that melts in the mouth. The most widely known scarola...
Endive Escarole Bionda
L43 - A good sized 'blond' head. Tie up before harvesting. @4800 seeds. Sow Jun-end Aug and harvest mid Sept-mid Dec. Partnership plant: Tomato , Leek. What to sow after: Cauliflower & Cabbage, Cucumber,...
Easy Escarole Bionda
You see those frisee' type endives on the continent and in your mixed salad packs. They are cold loving and utterly delicious for winter salads. Sow in the summer and harvest in the winter. There's no...
Bio Escarole Bionda
Large open head, quite hardy outside till Dec and protected can go through till Mar. Very crunchy leaves that snap when bent. Sow: from June - end August and harvest till December
Endive Scarola Bubikopf
LSCARBUB - Good sized 'escarole' winter lettuce with large, crunchy, tender leaves. Sow from Jun-mid Sept and harvest till the end of Dec. @3000 seeds. Partnership plant: Tomato , Leek. What to sow after:...
Endive Cuor D'Oro Pancalieri
L41 Endive Pancalieri: Pancalieri is near Turin. This is a classic frisée type of endive with serrated, tough leaves. They have a pleasant bitterness about them, which is tempered by using a nice sweet...
Endive Riccia Cuor D'Oro
Endive Cuor dOro : Similar to Pancalieri but with a tighter head and a larger golden heart once blanched. Sow from June to end of August and harvest until the end of December, although they will usually...
Endive Romanesco Save 46p
L40 - Endive Romanesco da Taglio: Roman cutting endive with thin, jagged upright leaves that grow in small bunches. This is a very easy variety to grow and use and it has a long sowing season. Dont be...
Endive Scarola Cornetto Di Bordeaux
L44 - Upright winter escarole lettuce with very crunchy leaves. @4800 seeds. Sow Jun-end Aug Harvest mid Sept-mid Dec. Partnership plant: Tomato , Leek. What to sow after: Cauliflower & Cabbage, Cucumber,...
Varieties from Italy's (and England's !!) next door neighbour. Carrot Parisier Market, French Bean la Victoire, Corn Salad Verte De Cambrai, Courgette of Nice Rond tondo, Thyme of Provence, Lettuce Rouge...
Endive Scarola Gigante Di Bergamo - Endangered variety*
This variety is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' which means it is endangered Gigante di Bergamo: A regional variety from Franchi's...