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Red Onion ‘Tropea Rossa Lunga’ - Allium cepa
as seen on the Hairy Bikers 4/1/18 This is probably the most famous onion in Italy. The area it comes from is perfect for onion cultivation, and it is said that Tropea onions are so mild that they can...
Long Red Onion Tropea Rossa Lunga Short Day
Featured on BBC Gardeners World by Monty Don, 22/12/06 and The Hairy Bikers 4/1/18 This onion is a speciality of Calabria where the seed is still produced and the onion itself has DOP status like Champagne...
Red Onion – Zwiebel Tropea Rossa Lunga Leben
as seen on The Hairy Bikers 4/1/18 Really sweet long red onion. Sow in spring and again in the autumn for the following year. Horticultural name: Allium cepa L.
Red Onion Tropea Rossa Tondo short day
A very well known and highly prized red onion from Calabria and the best red onion in Italy. Good sized round red bulb. Approximate seeds quantity:@840 Sow: from March - May and July - September Horticultural...
Borlotto Bean ‘Saluggia’ - Phaseolus vulgaris
Borlotti beans, from northern Italy, are shelled before eating. For freezing, shell when the pods are still leathery, for drying, shell when the pods are completely dry. The beans are used in a variety...