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"What to sow now" Collection October & Novembre
This collection is specially create with 5 varieties you can sow now, for a special price of 10. It contains: - Broad bean - Spinach - Pea - Cress - Speronella (Delphinium) If you want to see more varieties...
*SHORT DATE* Green French Bean ‘Ferrari’
Expiry date: December 2018 This early variety of French bean is a fast grower, hence the name! It is stringless, tender, juicy and nutritious, and matures over a short period, making it one of the best...
*Short Date* Lentils ‘Lenticchia’ - Lens culinaris
Expiry Date: December 2018 Lentils are one of the oldest domesticated crops, originating in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean around 8,000 years ago. The Romans called them lens (now the scientific...
*SHORT DATE* Pea ‘Petit De Provence’ - Pisum sativum
Expiry Date: December 2018 This top quality petit pois from Provence has intense colour and real sweetness. They are superb on their own and in dishes like the Venetian risi e bisi which is a risotto made...
Achillea Filipendula Yellow
Online Only. Rustic perennial which reaches a height of around 120cm. Easy to grow, it produces umbrella shaped clusters if intense yellow flowers. Blooms throughout the summer in containers or in the...
Acrolinium Double multicolour
This is an annual variety that produces numerous colourful flowers with thin branching sterns. It is a very decorative flower and it can be grown in container or directly in the ground. Suitable for drying....
Alisso/Alyssum Dwarf "snow carpet"
With a sweet fragrance, this annual Alyssum variety is a mixture of cream, purple, pink, rose and white flowers. The flowers are about 20cm high and they are ideal for creating white carpet of flowers....
Alisso/Alyssum Dwarf Violet Queen
ALISSUM VIOLET QUEEN Perennial Variety which is 15cm tall and flowers all over the summer. 1g. Horticultural name: Lobularia maritima Approximate seeds quantity:@3000 Sow: from Spring This variety is perfect...
SC1 Allotment Collection: Carrot Berlicum, Onion Ramata of Milano, Courgette Verde d'Italia, Turnip of Milano, Climbing Green French Bean S.Anna, Mixed Lettuce Pack, Salad Tomato Marglobe. Lovely gift...
Aster - Astro Unicum multicolor
ASTER UNICUM Annual 50cm tall with mixed colour feathery flowers for beds and cutting. 2g. 1.99 Horticultural name: Callistephus chinensis This variety is perfect for cutting Approximate seeds quantity:@900...
Aster Piuma di Struzzo
Aster 'Ostrich Feather' in mixed colours of deep purple, reds, pinks and whites. 50cm. Sow Feb-end May Horticulticultural name : Callistephus Chinensis Approximate seeds quantity:@900 Sow: from April -...
Astro/ASter dwarf Merveille mix
This is an annual variety that produces lots of large different coloured flowers, ideal for borders and rocky gardens. The flowers are tall about 25cm. Sow from March to June Blooming from June to October...
Black summer truffle tree - Mainland UK - were £30, Limited time £20
Mainland UK ONLY. Tuber Aestivum Vittad. - Commonley called Scorzone Truffles in Italy, black summer or English truffles. Found in Europe, but most commonly Italy, France and Spain. The easiest of all...
Broom - Saggina
An annual with very long stems which are then used to make traditional brooms. large 100g box. It is sometimes used also as a food source for some animals and has flat leaves with red flowering. Sow Spring...
Buon Gustaio Gourmet Collection: Courgette Romanesco, Cavolo Nero di Toscana, Black Radicchio of Treviso Svelta, Borlotti Bean Lamon, Wild Rocket Restaurant Quality, Cauliflower Romanesco, Long Red Onion...
Campanula a grandi fiori
Mixed colour Campanula Bell flower. A favorite on Italian balconies. 60cm. Horticultural name: Campanula medium This variety is perfect for cutting Approximate seeds quantity:@8000 Sow: from April - May...
Carnation of Nice
Carnation of Nice in mixed colours. Medium sized flowers in a variety of colours. Also suitable for cutting. 50cms. Online only. This variety is perfect for cutting and can be grow in pot Sow: from July...
SC13 Contains: 5 packs, yellow for colour, long for chilli con carne and heat, round for stuffing, Jalapeno for Mexican and sweet frying 'chilli' peppers (with no heat). Price 11.50 SAVE 95p. Lovely idea...
Cobea scandens climbing mix
Annual, easy to grow bell shaped flowers 250cm tall. Ideal for pergola's and walls. Sow Mar to Jun. This variety is climbing Approximate seeds quantity:@7 Sow: from March - June
Varieties from the alpine region of Lombardy - Turnip of Milano, Onion ramata di Milano, Chicory Bianca di Milano, Courgette nero di Milano, Pepper Lombardo and Borlotto bean of Vigevano. Lovely gift idea...
A selection of Neapolitan varieties - Pumpkin lunga di Napoli, Basil Bolloso Napoletano, Tomato San Marzano, Parsley Gigante di Napoli, Pepper Friggitello, Courgette Striato di Napoli. Lovely gift idea...
SC15 Enhance flavours, attract insects or deter pests. Basil, Chervil, Chives, Marigold, Lemon Balm, Nasturtium. Price 11 SAVE 64p. Lovely gift idea for the persons who loves anchance flavours, Click Here...
Classic varieties wrapped in a professional outer to make a nice gift. Contains: Tomato San Marzano, Flat Parsley of Naples, Courgette Genovese, Borlotti bean of Vigevano, Basil Bolloso of Naples . Lovely...
Dahlia semplice
Mixed coloured simple Dahlia's with spectacular, vivid flowers in reds, yellows and whites with yellow stamen. 90cm. Sow Mar-mid Jun and flowers mid Jul-end Oct. Horticultural name: Dahlia pinnata This...
Contains: Sweet frying pepper of Bergamo, Beetroot of Chioggia, Salsify, Corno Rosso bulls horn pepper and Tomato red cherry. Lovely gift idea for the person who loves sweet and tasty food, Click Here...
Double sweet William
Biennial Sweet William with double flower. Grows to about 30cm tall. Recommended for cutting Sow: from July - end August Horticultural name : Dianthus Barbatus
4 Varieties for you to grow for your summer Pimm's - Cucumber, Borrage, Mint and Strawberry. Sow all in the spring. Price 7.50 Save 96p. Lovely gift idea for the persons who loves summer, Click Here for...
Fiori Bianchi - White Flowers
White annual flowers. Differing sizes, shapes and shades. The varieties are perfect for cutting Height: 80 - 90 cm Sow: Spring - Summer
Fiori Gialli - Yellow Annual Flowers
Annual yellow flowers of all different shapes, shades and sizes. The varieties are perfect for cutting Sow: Spring and Summer height: 80 - 90 cm
Fiori Rossi - Red Annual Flowers
A collection of lovely red flowers of different sizes, shapes and shades. The varieties are perfect for cutting Height: 80 - 90 cm Sow: Spring - Summer
Forget me not
F14. Or Forget-me-not in mixed colours of lilacs, pinks and white. Tolerates cooler climates and is suitable for borders. 20cm. This variety is perfect for borders Sow: from April - May and flowers next...
Four black Summer truffle trees - UK only
FOUR Black summer Truffle Trees on Hazelnut. Normally 120 for 4 of these trees, but buy 4 and save 21. Mainland UK ONLY.
Foxglove - Digitale multicolor
FOXGLOVE DIGITALE MULTICOLOUR Biennial 1m tall. Cottage garden favourite in yellow, pink, red, orange. 1g. 1.99. This variety is perfect for cutting Sow: from April - August Horticultural name: Digitalis...
A selection of Alpine varieties: Spinach Merlo Nero, Broad bean, Lettuce parallela verde, Bis of chicory, Fennel montebianco, Sugar Pea Caruby. Lovely gift idea for a person who loves Neapolitan products,...
Varieties from Italy's (and England's !!) next door neighbour. Carrot Parisier Market, French Bean la Victoire, Corn Salad Verte De Cambrai, Courgette of Nice Rond tondo, Thyme of Provence, Lettuce Rouge...
Friday 28th Sep - Garlic and Onion / Allotment open day - 1000 - 1600
With freshly arrived bulbs for sowing Oct-Feb. Advice, recipe ideas and discounts. Italian coffee and biscuits too and a warm (if not stinky) welcome. NO BOOKING REQUIRED, JUST TURN UP!
Giant daisy Carinatum
MARGHERITA CARINATUM Perennial Giant multicoloured daisy in stunning colours. 70cm tall. Resists low temps. 1.99 Recommended for cutting and pot Sow: Spring and Autumn Horticultural name: Chrysanthemum...
Gillyflower - Violacciocca
A scented stock Mattiola Incana. This is a bienniel variety to be sown in the autumn. Recommended for cutting Height: 60cm Horticultural name: Matthiola incana
'Green Paradise'. This deliciously scented 150g soap bar is crafted in the stylish city of Milan and free from colorants and SLSs. Wrapped in Eco-friendly paper. You can choose between six different messages...
Gypsophila elegans white
GYPSOPHILA ELEGANS WHITE Biennial traditionally used in bouquets and highly decorative. Sow Mar-Sept. 2g. 1.99 Horticultural name: Gypsophila elegans Recommended for cutting height: 60 cm
Displaying results 1-40 (of 78)
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